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Floral Art Competition

Competition open to residents, non-residents and community groups; Saturday 20th July 2019

Your challenge is to create a work of art using flowers, the theme is Super Heroes.


  1. Children:              Under 9 yrs
  2. Children:              9yrs – 13 yrs
  3. Children:              13 yrs – 16 yrs
  4. Adults
  5. Community Groups


  1. Entry fee per work art of art, £1.00 for Adults & Community Groups classes and Free for Children’s classes.
  2. The maximum size of the work of art is 1 sq. metres.  The maximum height should not exceed 1 metre.
  3. Entries must be placed on display at St. Mark’s church by 11.00am on Saturday 20th July, the church will be open from 9.30am.
  4. All exhibits must be the unaided work of the competitor.
  5. An exhibit is composed of natural plant material with or without accessories.
  6. Natural plant material to predominate in all classes.
  7. The use of aerosols, paint and other sprays, glue guns and other electrical equipment in the Church is prohibited,
  8. Exhibits cannot be removed before the close of the show.
  9. Exhibits and competitors’ property will be at the entire risk of the competitor.
  10. The decision of the Judge is final.
  11. Gold & Silver Star Certificates will be award to deserving works of art for each category
  12. If it is deemed necessary by the Judge, these rules can change without notice;
  13. Even though this is a competition, it is a bit of fun.

Public viewing of entries will be from 1pm, winners will be announced at 3pm.