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Eight reasons to Shop Local

Here are eight reasons why you should support Fairfield Cafe, Post Office, Salon & Belbroughton Deli:

1. Help local retailers and support the local economy

Shopping at local businesses pumps money into the local economy, and by spending money in their local shop, restaurant, café or pub, shoppers can do their bit to aid our national recovery across the country.

2. Save jobs – and create even more

Supporting our high streets creates jobs in local communities, supporting often young and disadvantaged people to find employment. Helping to grow the number of jobs in our local areas makes for a better place to live and work, which then creates a healthy economy for the community.

3. Great deals

People might be surprised to see just how competitive the prices are in your local shops. Independent retailers often reward regular customers, while others often provide great deals that can’t be found in major outlets – meaning people save money as they spend. Consumers can also save money eating out – the Eat Out to Help Out discount scheme is being provided by the government, saving diners up to £10 per head on eat-in meals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in one of the 73,000 participating businesses.

4. A safe way to shop

Businesses across the country have been following government guidance and implementing a range of measures to ensure people are safe while they shop, such as customer limits inside the store, plastic partitions at tills and hand sanitizing stations.

5. Preserving the heart of the community

A thriving high street is key to boosting the potential of a village or town where people can socialise as well as shop. Local businesses also generate revenue to support council services such as libraries, parks and roads that benefit communities across the UK.

6. Spoilt for choice

Small and local businesses often stock items which are made locally and aren’t available elsewhere else, providing a great range of choice and unique products that bring much-needed originality and variety into communities – including rare finds and items that aren’t mass produced.

7. A better shopping experience

Small businesses are often run by people who live nearby. As the UK continues to recover from the pandemic, the experience of buying locally from a friendly face offers a dose of normality that many people may have missed.

8. Help the environment

Local shops often source their goods locally, helping to reduce their carbon footprint. When shopping local, people are also more likely to walk or cycle to get there – doing their bit to reduce air pollution, reduce traffic and improve the quality of the nation’s high streets.

Romance Fraud

Action Fraud have seen a significant increase in romance fraud during 2020 compared with 2019. A romance fraud is when a criminal creates a fake profile on an online dating or social media platform and targets individuals in an attempt to gain their trust. This eventually leads to requests of money for medical bills, investments, legal fees, travel, or other reasons. The Coronavirus outbreak in the UK has led to more and more people trying to find love online. This is a great way of finding people to share experiences with, so we are spreading awareness of the potential dangers to keep an eye out for. If you are new to this type of social interaction, there are some standard checks and red flags that you should be aware with. 

Please share these with your family, friends and neighbours: 

  • The person contacting you states that they have a career that they can’t talk much about and involves a large amount of travelling such as military, NATO, Greenpeace etc;
  • The person will try and move you away from the dating or social media’s messaging service in order to execute their scam, such as WhatsApp or Google Hangouts;
  • They claim to have poor internet in their location which can lead to them asking you for money as they can’t access online banking;
  • Plans to meet you in person keep on getting postponed due to travel cancellations or work commitments (COVID-19 has played a huge part in forming a legitimate reason);
  • They may have a too good to be true investment opportunity that needs to be invested in straight away in order to maximise returns and need you to move some money around for them. This can be backed up by false documents.

If you think that you have been contacted by someone like this, please report it directly to the website that you are using. If you think that you have been scammed by this type of fraud, report it straight to your bank and Action Fraud. These crimes not only cause financial loss but can have a devastating effect on the individual. The internet is a great tool during these strange times but please remain vigilant, if you see anything suspicious please talk to a someone you trust for help.

Would you like to give something back to your Community, but are busy?

Fairfield Village Hall is looking for people to become trustees.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday evening of each month, but it is not expected that you should attend every single one.  Currently, due to Covid-19, meetings are held via Zoom.

As part of a team, your role will be to manage the Village Hall; scrutinising business operations, ensuring that the Hall is safe and financially sound and to give direction. 

You will not be expected to know everything, we are all learning.  What is important is having an enquiring mind.

The only condition – You must live in Fairfield, Wildmoor or Stoneybridge.


For an informal chat, give Conrad a call, Email or telephone 01527 833583 (evenings best).

Get a discount with the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme

From 3 to 31 August, get a 50% discount when you eat in at restaurants that are registered with the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme.

Use the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme at a participating establishment:

  • to get a 50% discount on food or non-alcoholic drinks to eat or drink in (up to a maximum of £10 discount per diner)
  • every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 3 and 31 August
  • as many times as you like

You do not need a voucher to use this scheme and you can use it at the same time as other offers and discounts. There is no minimum spend.

You cannot claim discount on alcoholic drinks or service charges.

The discount will be automatically available to you at participating establishments. Establishments will then claim a reimbursement from the government for the discount they’ve given you.

Participating establishments include:

Fairfield Cafe
Swan Inn
Nailers Arms
The Gate at Bournheath
Bell Inn