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Grocery Home Delivery Services

Looking for home delivery?

A list of know FVCA & Here2Help suppliers are listed below.

If you know of any other local businesses that are offering home delivery please email details to

David Withers Butchers (Romsley) is doing home deliveries – phone orders 01562 710 422 Payment can be taken by card over the phone.

Butcheress (Stoke Prior)- Meat boxes are available from £20 available in the shop or for free delivery 6 days a week within Worcestershire – order online

Rowberry’s (Chaddesley Corbett)- Free delivery service within a five-mile radius, includes fresh veg, fruit and fresh meat from our butchery department. Tinned goods and other items can also be supplied subject to availability.  To place your order please telephone the farm shop on 01562 777003 or email at  Payment can be taken by card over the phone or cash on delivery although the former is preferred.

Partridge’s Butchers (Bromsgrove) – Free Delivery, phone 01527 872386

Worcester Produce – Produce boxes can be delivered across Worcestershire – order online

Lee’s Cheese – Sells cheeses, Bacon, Pies. Delivery is free. 07724067138

Kate Hutchins – Potatoes, Eggs, cheese, fruit, vegetable pack, meat and butter, £3 delivery. 07740516178 or 0788961616054


With warming weather, many people are out tending to their gardens, hanging washing on the line and leaving windows open around the house for ventilation.

Smoke from garden bonfires can prevent your neighbours from enjoying their garden, opening windows or hanging washing out and can be an irritant for those people that have health conditions, such as asthma.

With the Romsley Recycling Centre closed and the District Council not currently emptying brown bins, more residents are lighting bonfire to get rid of their garden waste, this is causing many complaints.

Is that bonfire necessary?

Householders are therefore urged to consider an alternative method of disposing of garden waste e.g. composting, which can provide a useful soil enricher for your own garden.  Compost heaps/bins also provide a home for many insects, voles and even slow worms.

How to prevent smoke nuisance

If it is essential to burn material in the open air, please follow the advice below:

  • Light your fire when your neighbours are not likely to be in their gardens, having windows open for ventilations or washing on their line.  Speak to your neighbours and liaise with them.
  • All material to be burnt should be as clean and dry as possible
  • Bonfires should be sited as far as possible away from any houses
  • Check the wind direction to prevent smoke from being blown into your neighbours’ property or onto roads
  • Never burn plastics, oil, rubber, electrical components or other chemicals as these materials produce toxic and offensive fumes
  • All bonfires should be closely supervised, since they are potentially dangerous. Do not leave a fire smouldering – put it out using soil or water

What do I do if my neighbour is regularly having bonfires and I think it is a nuisance?

If you wish to make a complaint about a neighbour’s bonfire, please contact Bromsgrove District Council.

Planning Application – 11 Parish Hill

The following planning application is available to view and comment on. Please use this
link to take you to the home page of Public Access which is the tool for
viewing applications and making comment electronically.

• Click on the link above
• Type in the application number and click, this will take you to the summary page of Public
• When at the summary page
• To view the documents you will need to click on the tab, then
the .
• To make a comment click on the tab,
• Fill out your details and make your comment and press submit, this will go straight to the
relevant planning officer and be immediately viewable in the comments tab.
• If you have provided an email you can request a confirmation email.

DATE ACCEPTED:03.03.2020
LOCATION:11 Parish Hill, Bournheath Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 9JH
PROPOSAL:Raising of the side of the dwelling to be in line with the ridge of the main house
APPLICANTS NAME:Mr Andrew Washbrook
PARISH COUNCIL:Bournheath Parish
WARD:Belbroughton And Romsley Ward
TELEPHONE:01527 534122

We’re going on a Bear Hunt…

Keeping to the spirit of social distancing, the Teddy Bears are not having a picnic in Pepperwood and are staying at home.

As you wander around the village for your daily exercise, wave to the teddies.

Please place a teddy in your window and share, message to Facebook or email

Lorry Blocking Wood Lane

A fertiliser lorry is blocking Wood Lane at Wood Lane Farm, the cabin has driven into the ditch and so far all attempts to get the lorry moved has failed.

Whilst work is going on today to get the lorry moved please avoid the area.

Government issue guidance on Volunteering

Volunteering will be crucial in the response to coronavirus and people have not been stopped from doing this.

However, volunteering that requires going out of the house is now only permitted in certain circumstances. If you are well and are not at risk from coronavirus you can undertake essential activities including:

Delivering food

Helping people with their medical needs, such as picking up prescriptions

Providing essential care or to help a vulnerable person or person(s), including through essential public and voluntary services, such as food banks, homeless services, and blood donation sessions

Voluntary organisations are supporting people across the UK in this time of high need, providing practical, emotional and social support.

You can find local volunteering opportunities by visiting Do-IT, Volunteering Matters, or Reach Volunteering.

You could approach your local volunteer centre, or find your local member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action.

Government Issue Guidance on How to stay safe when accepting help from others

If you are receiving voluntary help do not share financial details like credit/debit card numbers or personal information.

If someone you don’t know calls at your home, always ask for ID and always ensure you are comfortable sharing details like your phone number or address. Only provide information on a need to know basis and if you have seen ID. Do not feel pressured into providing information. If you have doubts about those who are approaching you, and are concerned, it is advised that you don’t engage, and report serious suspicious behaviour to the police.

Remember that genuine volunteers have been instructed not to enter your home.

Suspicious Volunteers Doing the Rounds


Over the last few days, social workers have reported a number of suspicious volunteers targeting vulnerable people in Worcestershire.

The County Council’s advice is to take normal precautions but don’t be afraid to accept offers of help from those you know and trust.

We advise people ask to see identification, and not allow anyone in their homes unless they are certain they are genuine.

Anyone who believes they have been visited by a bogus volunteer should contact the police.

Remember you can also apply for genuine help via Worcestershire County Council’s website for by giving them a call 01905 768053.