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Give Your Community A Voice

With only two people representing Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge on the Parish Council, volunteers are needed to help speak up for our community.

Belbroughton & Fairfield Parish consists of two wards, Belbroughton and Fairfield, each with their own representatives that meet at least once a month to discuss issues affecting each area and managing devolved matters.

Currently there are some big issues that affect Fairfield and we need your voice to give extra weights to our community’s needs.

Interested? Visit the Parish Council’s website and email the Parish Clerk

Community Coffee Morning at Bournheath

You are invited to a coffee morning at Bournheath Village Community Centre (Claypit Lane) between 10.30 and 12 on Wednesday 15th September. Catch up on news with the neighbours, enjoy coffee/tea and home-made cakes, or borrow a book from the Book Bank. Just drop in or stay for the whole time.

This is our first coffee morning since March 2020 so it would be great to see people developing a sense of a real community again. If you haven’t been before, please come along to say hello.

Also, between 7.30 and 8.30 on Wednesday 15th September, social table tennis will take place at the Community Centre. It’s free and all are welcome, regardless of standard. (We’re playing singles at the moment to help with social distancing).

Barney on the Move

After many years working as a Safer Neighbourhood Officer for the Bromsgrove North & Rural area, which includes Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge, PC Barney Kelso has moved to new challenges within West Mercia Police force area. The Community Association has thanked Barney for his work and have wished him well for the future.

Gully Update: Swan Lane & Wood Lane

Recently two more gully grids along Swan Lane have been unblocked, leaving one grid and one gully to go. A reminder has been sent to Worcestershire County Council.

After chasing, an update has been provided regarding the gully grid on Wood lane that has been blocked for far too many years, “have made a site visit and raised a 4 week work order to clear it.”

Protect yourself from doorstep crime

A crime prevention message from PCSO Hyder

Protect yourself from doorstep crime. Be aware of people who turn up unannounced, most genuine callers will have a pre-arranged appointment. If in doubt, keep them out!

Doorstep crime can include rogue traders offering home improvement or gardening services, or bogus callers who claim to be the council, police, health carers or energy companies.

Rogue traders may say they are in the area working on another property and they have spotted a problem with your home or garden. They may claim to have materials left over from another job, like paving or tarmac. They may try to pressurise you to buy goods or sign up for services on the spot. Unfortunately all too often they may offer to carry out work cheaply , but charge an extortionate price after the work has been completed.

Bogus callers may claim to be working for the council, water, gas or electric company. They could also say they are a nurse, doctor or even from the police. Bogus callers may say they need to come into your home, or try to get you to go outside. They may try to distract you so they can steal your money. They can be male, female or even children.

A pedlar is someone who calls at your door to sell items that they have to offer, This can often include cleaning or household goods. These goods may be sold at an overpriced value. By law pedlars are required to carry a pedlar’s certificate, which is issues by the police force in the area they operate.

If you are not sure who is at the door, do not open it. Check the identity of any caller. Confirm who they are by calling the company they work for by using the number from the telephone directory or from off one of your bills. Do not call a number provided by them.

If caller does not leave your property when asked to do so, call the police.

A Courtesy Request

Are You Busy?  Do you get distracted?  If answered yes to one or both questions, then you are like many other people.  We live a rush, rush life.

Despite being in a hurry trying to get some where on time and juggling many things at the same time, can you take a few minutes to be:

  • Considerate when parking your vehicle.  Please do not block driveways, park on a junction or double park.  
    • For school traffic, PLEASE utilise the Swan Inn carpark, it is only a few minutes’ walk away. 
    • For non-school event traffic, PLEASE consider parking remotely and walking into the village or use public transport. 
    • Our village is on main road, used by local people, commuters, agricultural vehicles, lorries etc.  Inconsiderate parking leads to increased congestion & pollution levels, restricts legitimate vehicle movements and irritates others.  Considerate parking helps alleviate these issues and provides a stretch of the legs, which is good for physical & mental health well-being, plus the likelihood of damage to your vehicle (e.g. wing mirror gets knocked off) is reduced. 
  • Don’t drop litter.  We live in a village that many people like visiting because it is clean & tidy.  Often litter is dropped by accident or by a child that for a few moments was not thing of their consequences.  PLEASE think about the potential litter that you or your child could be creating.  If you give your child a bag of crisps, ask them to bring the empty bag to you.  If you see a bin that is full, take your rubbish home or to an empty bin.  Easy solutions that keep’s Fairfield a great place for you and others to visit.

Vaccine Scams

Once again, criminals are using Covid-19 to try and scam consumers out of money and personal details. Currently there are many scams circulating regarding to this, pretending to be from different organisations such as the NHS, the World Health Organisation or even your local pharmacy.

These scams may come in the form of text messages, phone calls, websites or even in person. When using text messages, people may be asked to press a number on their keypad or to reply to confirm they wish to receive a vaccine – this may result in a charge being put on the person’s phone bill and a loss of personal information.

Over the phone, criminals may impersonate health officials so they can offer a vaccine in exchange for a fee or requesting bank details to “verify” your details. Emails are making the rounds which often have an attachment or link to book your vaccine. These attachments may contain malware which infects your device and steals information. The links may go to a fake convincing looking vaccine booking forms and may contain some of your personal details to give you confidence in the website – however at the end of the form they will request bank details or further information about you.

With so many different scams relating to Covid-19, it is important to remember the following about the NHS:

• They will never ask for payment – the vaccine is free

• They will never ask for your bank details

• They will never arrive at your home to administer the vaccine unannounced

• They will never ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents such as NHS letters, passports or other identification documents.

Charity Scams

Criminals have been using the Covid-19 pandemic to solicit financial donations by impersonating legitimate charities.With the Covid-19 crisis in India being widely reported globally, it is likely that criminals may use the crisis in India to scam members of the public wanting to help.Key advice from Age UK if you receive a suspicious fundraising email or text message:• Be wary of unsolicited communication from a charity or any organisation you have had no previous contact with.• Think about whether you have donated before. Some scammers try to trick you into paying them by thanking you for a donation that you never made.• Do not click on any links or open any attachments in a suspicious email, text or social media message.• Do not reply to spam or suspicious emails or texts, even to say no.• If you receive a text message asking you do donate via your mobile, please be aware that texts from charities are always send from numbers between 70000 to 70999. You can also confirm the phone number on the charity’s official website.• Beware of spoofed email addresses and phone numbers. Criminals can easily make an email, text or call look like it comes from a legitimate source. If in doubt, verify what you have received is genuine with a known verified point of contact

British Gas Scam

Action Fraud received 537 reports in 48 hours relating to fake emails purporting to be from British Gas. The emails state that the recipient is due a refund because of overpayment and there is a link to a phishing website requesting personal and financial information.

As part of the scam alert, an example of the message has been released by Action Fraud. It states: “Hello, British Gas wants to inform you that you are eligible for a payment refund of £594. “Our records indicate that you have paid more than you should have for your British Gas Service from 2017-2019 and because of this reason, we have decided to refund you the total amount which you have overpaid.”

A link is also included in the email, which leads to phishing websites that are designed to steal personal and financial information, Action Fraud said. As with all potential suspicious or scam emails, forward them to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) via

Energy Scam Calls

There has been a rise in the number of scam calls which are energy-related recently. These may come in the form of calls which promise you a reduced bill if you sign up to their service or the call may be from criminals pretending to be your energy provider and demanding money.

The criminals try to take advantage of people by calling and demanding payment immediately. The scams can use intimidating and aggressive tactics, such as pretending to be a representative of your energy provider and insisting you are behind on your energy bills. If you are concerned it may be a scam, hang up the phone and call back on a number which you know to be genuine. Here are some warning signs that you can look out for:

• Threats to cut your power immediately if you do not pay

• Unclear details about your current agreement with your energy provider

• Requests for money transfers or prepaid debit cards

New fake NHS COVID Pass emails and texts

The NHS COVID Pass was recently launched by the NHS, so people can prove their COVID vaccine or test status. This pass may be asked for when travelling abroad or if you are attending events and venues in England that ask for proof of your COVID-19 status. The pass can come in a digital form via the NHS app for vaccine or test statuses or a paper copy to prove your vaccination status.

The NHS COVID Pass is completely free and can only be obtained via the NHS app or using the online NHS COVID Pass service via the website NHS.UK. For the paper copy version, you can request it via the NHS website or by calling 119.

Criminals have been using this as a tactic trying to get people to part with their money or their details. These have come in the form of emails and texts which invite you to apply for the pass by clicking on a link. The link takes you to a convincing fake NHS website which will capture your personal details. These are the same tactics that we’ve seen previously relating to vaccines.

With so many different scams relating to Covid-19, it is important to remember the following about the NHS:

• They will never ask for payment – the vaccine is free

• They will never ask for your bank details

• They will never arrive at your home to administer the vaccine unannounced

• They will never ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents such as NHS letters, passports or other identification documents.

If you have received any emails or texts, it’s important to report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm. Or online at:

You should also forward any scam emails to the National Cyber Security Centre at and forward any scam texts to your network operator at 7726.

Fairfield Dining Group to Resume

Enough interest has been received, so Fairfield Dining Group (OPEN TO EVERYONE) will resume next month, 18th October, with a lunchtime meal at the Swan, 12 noon. A different pub for November (TBC) and a full schedule for 2022 will be included in the Association’s Winter newsletter and online.

If you would like to join us on the 18th October please contact Pat on 01527 832360, or email

Insulation Scam Alert

Several residents have reported receiving a phone call from a firm offering a Free Loft Insulation Survey.When one resident said that her husband would phone back the firm back, they hung up. The resident has told us that the phone number the caller left was also strange.Another residents reports that the caller did not have an accent and sounded very plausible, asking what type of loft insulation was in her property. The resident, realising that it was scam call, put the phone receiver down.
PLEASE speak to your older and vulnerable neighbours about these cold calls, we do not want them being fleeced of their savings.

Fairfield Cafe for Sale

Sad news – The Fairfield Cafe is up for sale.

Since Kelly & Lydia arrived in our village they have worked hard to deliver a Cafe experience that many have enjoyed, and when they finally do move on will be missed.
A message from Kelly:”As some of you have probably heard I have decided that the time has now come to sell my cafe As you can imagine the last 2 years I’ve been in business have been one hell of a ride, but we came through the other side.We simply haven’t given up, amongst other things my lovely mom is soon to retire and the adventure of the cafe was for both of us and to be honest I can’t see me continuing with anyone else.We have been welcomed into the village since day one, we have the best customers and we want to thank those of you who have continued to support us through the good & difficult times.We have enjoyed our time in Fairfield and that’s down to you, our customers.Please continue to support us until our time in Fairfield comes to an end. I’m sure whoever takes on the business will be as welcomed as were. “

New Interim Priest Licenced

On Wednesday (1st September) our new Interim Priest (Belbroughton with Fairfield) the Revd Canon Wyn Beynon was licenced at a service that was held at Holy Trinity, Belbroughton, led by Rt Revd Bishop Martin Gorick, Bishop of Dudley.

Pictured, Revd Canon Wyn Jones with the Bishop of Dudley and the Archdeacon of Dudley, Venerable Nikki Groarke.

Fairfield Dining Group Update

Several people have enquired when our lunchtime gatherings are to recommence.For those people who do not know, prior to the pandemic, on the third Monday of each month residents visited a different pub each month for a hearty meal and good conversation, it was great opportunity to catch up with and make new friends. People attending were from Fairfield, Bournheath, Dodford and the surrounding area.
Our Fairfield Dining Group coordinator would like to know if there are other people wishing to restart our monthly lunchtime pub visits, starting with a visit to the Swan on Monday 18th October, 12 noon.
If you are interested in joining a lunchtime meal on the 18th October – or at any other time – please contact Pat on 01527 832360, or email

Planning Application – 7 Middle Road

The following planning application is available to view and comment on. Please use this
link to take you to the home page of Public Access which is the tool for
viewing applications and making comment electronically.

• Click on the link above
• Type in the application number and click, this will take you to the summary page of Public
• When at the summary page
• To view the documents you will need to click on the tab, then
the .
• To make a comment click on the tab,
• Fill out your details and make your comment and press submit, this will go straight to the
relevant planning officer and be immediately viewable in the comments tab.
• If you have provided an email you can request a confirmation email.

DATE ACCEPTED:03.08.2021
LOCATION:7 Middle Road, Wildmoor Worcestershire B61 0BS 
PROPOSAL:Single storey side extension to replace detached garage -(Resubmission of 21/00526/FUL)
PARISH COUNCIL:Belbroughton Parish
WARD:Belbroughton And Romsley Ward
TELEPHONE:01527 548241

Autumn 2021 Newsletter

The Autumn 2021 Edition of the Community Newsletter has arrived from the printers, volunteers will be delivering copies to properties across Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge over the coming weeks. Copies will also be available from The Fairfield Cafe, Fairfield Village Hall and other establishments. If you can’t wait for your hard copy magazine you can download from

Have your say…Western Quarry Proposal

A planning application has been submitted to County Hall to extract sand from the Western Quarry and to import inert waste material.

The Western Quarry is at the junction of Madeley Road and Sandy Lane, where Veolia wanted to site their Bottom Ash Recycling Facility.

To view documents visit CLICK HERE and enter reference number 21/000029/CM

Swan Lane Gully Update

The broken Swan Lane gully grid has (finally) been replaced. Fingers crossed work to unblock the other grids plus the ditch at the bottom of the lane will follow.


Job Vacancy: Fairfield Post Office

Part-Time Job Opportunity – Fairfield Post Office is looking for someone to join the team.

For further information pop into the Post Office and speak to Sunny or Kam.

New Website & Email Addresses for Village Hall

The new Village Hall website is live, to view visit

Contact Email addresses are:




Booking Secretary  


Speak Up For Rural Crime

Animals in the wild can’t keep themselves safe from crime. That’s where they need your help.
Criminals make money organising and betting on cruel and illegal bloodsports like hare coursing and badger baiting, whilst bats are at risk from thieves who want to trade them and rogue developers who don’t care about destroying their homes.
By speaking up with information that could stop crime, we can all play a part in keeping the countryside and its creatures protected.
Click Here to learn more about Rural Crime, and how you can talk to the charity CrimeStoppers, 24/7, 100% anonymously.

Protecting Your Bicycle

Some advice from PCSO Hyder

Bicycles are one of the most targeted items by thieves…

Always lock your bike when you leave it, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Look to spend about 10% of what your bike is worth on the lock. For better security use two or more locks of a different type – a D lock plus a robust chain and padlock.

All bike frames are given a unique serial number. This is normally located underneath the bike and should be written down or photographed and kept somewhere safe.

Security mark the frame. You can use a UV Pen or a property marking solution such as Smartwater. When marking your bicycle use your initials, postcode or another mark that is unique to you.

When possible lock your bike at recognised secure cycle parking area. Wherever you leave your bike unattended please ensure that the area is well covered by good lighting and CCTV, ensure both the wheel and the bike frame is secured to an immovable object.

If your bike is kept in a shed, keep the shed secure with good quality locks and ensure the windows are covered and an alarm is fitted. Remember, even if your bike is stored in a shed or garage, be sure to still use a bike lock in order to prevent anyone from riding off with it should they manage to break in and gain access.

Remember to Insure your bike either on your homes contents insurance or on a separate insurance policy. Double check with your insurance company that your insurance policy does also cover your bike.

Fairfield Flicks is Back

After months of darkness, it’s Lights, Camera, Action as Fairfield Flicks, Bromsgrove’s Community Cinema, resumes screening movies, and a brilliant September schedule has been planned.

Starting Wednesday 15th September 7.30 pm, the feel-good movie of 2020, Military Wives, starring Kristin Scott Thomas, a comedy drama about a group of women who form a choir whilst their partners are away serving in Afghanistan, they quickly find themselves at the centre of a media sensation and global movement.

Next up is a Golden Oldie, Citizen Kane, on Wednesday 22nd September at 2.15pm, the 1941 film debut of a 25-year-old Orson Welles who created this enduring masterpiece, considered by many critics and filmmakers to be the greatest film ever made.  The drama centres on the rise and fall of a publishing magnate, Charles Foster Kane.

To end the month, Wednesday 29th September 7.30pm, a film released in June this year, Supernova, starring Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci.  Sam (Firth) and Tusker (Tucci) travel across England in their old campervan visiting friends, family and places from their past, following Tusker being diagnosed with young-onset dementia.

Fairfield Flicks movies are screened at Fairfield Village Hall (B61 9LZ), tickets £5.00 evening screenings and £4.00 afternoon screenings.  For further information and advance tickets sales visit

About Fairfield Flicks

Fairfield Flicks is a voluntary run Bromsgrove cinema experience showing top films for people to enjoy.  Our goal is to bring people together, to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Fairfield Flicks is a member of Cinema For All, Film Hub Midlands and registered with the Independent Cinema Office.

Fairfield Flicks is delivered by Fairfield Village Community Association ( with the support of Fairfield Village Hall.

40mph Buffer Zone Approved

Worcestershire County Council have issued a public notice approving the reduction in the speed limit between Stoneybridge Island and the current start of the 30 mph at the north planter. The Order will come into operation on 12 August 2021.


Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) Worcestershire County Council The County of Hereford and Worcester (Restricted Roads) (No.4) Order 1981 (Variation), Worcestershire County Council Various Roads, Bournheath, Restricted Roads Order 2002 (Revocation) and Various Roads Fairfield, Belbroughton and Bournheath, 30 and 40mph Speed Limit Order 2021

On 22 July 2021 Worcestershire County Council made an Order the effect of which will be to IMPOSE a 40 MPH on the following length of road in Fairfield:-

B4091 Stourbridge Road from a point 81.5 metres south of its roundabout junction with A491 Sandy Lane to a point 298 metres north of its junction with Swan Lane.

The Order will come into operation on 12 August 2021.

Documents in relation to this Order can be downloaded at; or copies supplied by emailing; or writing to me at County Hall.

Thomas Pollock, Head of Commercial Law, Legal and Governance, County Hall, Spetchley Road, Worcester WR5 2NP

4 August 2021

Our News – August 2021

The August edition of Our News, the e-newsletter for Neighbourhood Watch supporters, is ready for you to read.

Read about Lottie, the Neighbourhood Watch winner of the Croods 2 treehouse design competition, how crime trends changed during the pandemic and about summer events for volunteers


Message from PC Lloyd Stone

There has been an increase in the use of eScooters  in the Bromsgrove area. Currently,  the only eScooters which can legally be used on a public highway are Bird hire eScooters, and only in desigated parts of Redditch. All others can only be used on private land with the land owner’s permission. For more information please see below.

What is an e-scooter?

Electrical scooters (also known as e-scooters) come under the category of “powered transporters”. This also covers a range of other personal transport devices which are powered by a motor.

“Powered transporters” fall within the legal definition of a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act 1988. Therefore, the rules that apply to motor vehicles, also apply to e-scooters.

As a motor vehicle, they must comply with various pieces of Road Traffic Legislation, including but not limited to:

·  driving with a licence

·  driving/riding with insurance

·  driving/riding other than on a road

·  need to be taxed

It is not currently possible to get appropriate insurance for privately owned e-scooters, meaning it is illegal to use them on the road or in public spaces.

Rental e-scooter trials

Trials of rental e-scooters are taking place in the UK. Any person who uses a rental e-scooter on a public road or other public space, must comply with the relevant Road Traffic Legislation or they face potential prosecution.

Legal use of an e-scooter

It is legal to use an e-scooter:

·  on private land with the permission of the land owner

·  when the trial comes in, it will be legal to use the rental e-scooters, from specific companies on the road

Enforcement focused on private e-scooters

Prior to and during the trial, enforcement will be focused on private e-scooters. The most appropriate action for the circumstances will be given, these include:

·  a Fixed Penalty Notice for no insurance, with a £300 fine and six penalty points

·  a Fixed Penalty Notice for no driving licence, up to £100 fine and three to six penalty points

Rider behaviour

Police will also take action against rider behaviour, whether private or rental. Offences could include:

·  riding on the footway: Fixed Penalty Notice and possible £50 fine

·  using a mobile phone: £100 and six penalty points

·  riding through red lights: Fixed Penalty Notice, £100 fine and possible penalty points

·  drink driving offences: As with driving cars; court imposed fines, driving ban and possible imprisonment

We would always recommend to wear safety protection such as a helmet when riding these vehicles, and to keep to the speed limit.

Brilliant Fairfield Surgery

Brilliant turnout for Meet the Neighbourhood Team that was held on Monday 2nd August, at the Village Hall.

There were residents, some staying for the hour, others for a few minutes, chatting to PC Stone, catching up with friends and enjoying a cuppa & biscuits.

Thanks to all those who came along. Once again, PC Stone was impressed with the numbers attending and our village hospitality.

And thanks to all those who signed up to Neighbourhood Matters,

Meet Your Neighbourhood Team

Bromsgrove North Safer Neighbourhood officers will be conducting a surgery at Fairfield Village Hall on Monday 2nd August at midday for one hour.  Also present will be a representative of your Community Association & Neighbourhood Watch Group.

Coffee/Tea & Biscuits will be available,

Please pop by and say hello and share any concerns. It would be very nice to see you, even if it is for 5 minutes.

Missing Bench

We have received the below message, does anyone know anything about the benches that are going missing?
“I have been to the secret garden today in Pepperwood close and was so angry because once again someone has stolen a bench that I put there. That is the 3rd one that I put there and has been stolen. I also noticed that the sun dial has been moved . I think Fairfield school should take back their bird bath and sundial before they go missing”.

What 3 Words

Three words for a faster emergency response.

To find you more easily in an emergency, West Mercia Police, Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and many other UK Emergency Services are encouraging you to share your 3 word address.

What is what3words?

what3words has divided the globe into 3m squares and given each one a unique 3 word address. It means everywhere can be located with just three words. For example ///kite.chats.dine will take you to a precise spot in a field next to the River Ouse in York. what3words is available as a free app for iOS and Android and online map at You can find out more about what3words here.

How do I use what3words in an emergency?

  1. Find the 3 word address for your current location on the free what3words app for iOS and Android. It works offline – ideal for areas with unreliable data connection.
  2. Share your 3 word address over the phone to the call handler.
  3. The emergency service can then coordinate a response directly to the exact location where help is needed.

Rural Crime Prevention Message

A rural crime prevention message from PCSO Mark Hyder:

Farms and Rural properties are often in isolated locations and can be vulnerable to crime if not properly secured and protected. A secure perimeter around your property and its outbuildings can help deter would be thieves and burglars from targeting livestock, vehicles and buildings within your boundary.

Regularly check your fences and hedges in order to identity any gaps or weak spots that could help provide unauthorised access by criminals and secure these where necessary. Consider restricting access to your properties entrance with a gate or other form of barrier system, this will help prevent unwelcome guests and vehicles entering onto your land.

You may wish to consider having an infrared passive tripwire system installed. This type of system projects an infrared beam which when broken would alert you to the fact that there may be somebody on your properties grounds. Remember to install this type of system high enough off the ground so local wildlife such as fox’s and badgers do not accidentally set it off.

Install good security lighting around your home, outbuildings and any isolated locations. This can also deter would be criminals as most thieves and burglars would rather remain unseen in order to help prevent them being spotted by the property owner or any possible passersby or police patrols.

Avoid leaving property in isolated locations or in fields – particularly near roadside or any where they can be easily removed without attracting any unwanted attention.

Items such as motorbikes, quad bikes, trailers and sit on lawn mowers are very desirable to thieves. Consider shackling multiple items together or chain items to a sturdy bracket which is secured to the ground or the wall of a building making them difficult to remove.

For further information on all aspects of security Visit

Planning Application – Land At Harbours Hill

The following planning application is available to view and comment on. Please use this
link to take you to the home page of Public Access which is the tool for
viewing applications and making comment electronically.

• Click on the link above
• Type in the application number and click, this will take you to the summary page of Public
• When at the summary page
• To view the documents you will need to click on the tab, then
the .
• To make a comment click on the tab,
• Fill out your details and make your comment and press submit, this will go straight to the
relevant planning officer and be immediately viewable in the comments tab.
• If you have provided an email you can request a confirmation email.

APPLICATION TYPE:Agricultural Notification
DATE ACCEPTED:17.07.2021
LOCATION:Land At, Harbours Hill Madeley Heath Worcestershire DY9 9XE
PROPOSAL:General purpose agricultural storage building
PARISH COUNCIL:Belbroughton Parish
WARD:Belbroughton And Romsley Ward
TELEPHONE:01527 881666

Planning Application – 9 Parish Hill

The following planning application is available to view and comment on. Please use this
link to take you to the home page of Public Access which is the tool for
viewing applications and making comment electronically.

• Click on the link above
• Type in the application number and click, this will take you to the summary page of Public
• When at the summary page
• To view the documents you will need to click on the tab, then
the .
• To make a comment click on the tab,
• Fill out your details and make your comment and press submit, this will go straight to the
relevant planning officer and be immediately viewable in the comments tab.
• If you have provided an email you can request a confirmation email.

DATE ACCEPTED:05.07.2021
LOCATION:9 Parish Hill, Bournheath Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 9JH
PROPOSAL:Two storey side extension
PARISH COUNCIL:Bournheath Parish
WARD:Belbroughton And Romsley Ward
TELEPHONE:01527 534122

Tackling Hare Coursing – West Mercia Joins Operation Galileo

West Mercia Police are pleased to announce they have joined Operation Galileo, a nationwide plan targeting those engaged in illegal hare coursing, by working with 23 other police forces we will endeavor to curtail this cruel and, quite frankly outdated so called ‘sport’. By working with other forces across the country, we can share information and intelligence on offenders who cause the greatest harm to our rural communities. Prevention will be the focus of Operation Galileo, supported by more sophisticated prosecution and intelligence gathering capabilities.

Hare coursers do not just have a negative impact on farming communities. The people that partake in this cruel pursuit are responsible for other crimes across our rural communities and our road network.

People who live in our rural communities play a vital part in helping us gather intelligence, and we really need your support.

What is hare coursing?

Hare coursing is a bloodsport where dogs are used to chase, catch and kill hares.

It is illegal in the UK under the Hunting Act 2004, which makes it an offence to hunt wild mammals with dogs. Anyone convicted of the offence can receive a fine of up to £5,000 by a Magistrates’ Court.

Legislation also gives police the powers to seize and detain vehicles until the court hearing. Powers to seize vehicles may also be granted under section 30 of the Game Act 1831.

Hare coursing tends to start after harvest when large areas of land have been cleared of standing crops. It usually occurs at dawn or dusk.

Our rural landscape makes it a popular area for hare coursing. It often attracts coursers from outside of the county.

What to look out for

  • You can help us fight hare coursing by looking out for activity in your area.
  • The most obvious sign is groups of vehicles parked in a rural area, perhaps by a gateway to farmland, on a grass verge, on a farm track or bridle path.
  • They will usually be estate cars, four wheel drives or vans. It will be obvious looking inside whether there is evidence of dogs or not.
  • They often travel in convoy, with vans at the front and rear containing minders.
  • They will often use binoculars to spot hares.
  • Coursers will often walk along the edge of a field to frighten a hare into the open.

Report it

  • If you see hare coursing taking place, or suspect it is happening in your area contact us immediately on 101. We advise that you do not approach the participants.
  • It may help us if you can answer any of the questions when reporting wildlife crime:
  • Are the suspect/s alone or in a group?
  • Are they trespassing?
  • Do they have equipment with them?
  • Do they have dogs or firearms with them?
  • Where are they going?
  • Where have they been?
  • What do they look like?
  • Have they any vehicles?
  • What are the number plates and vehicle models?
  • Can you safely get a photograph?

Village Hall Covid-19 Update – 20th July

The Village Hall has received a letter from Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) regarding the removal of business restrictions that took place on 19th July.

The contents of their letter we must take seriously and it is strongly advisable that their instructions are followed, extracts are below:

  • “case rates in Worcestershire continue to climb with levels not seen since earlier this year, [WRS] expect to see businesses taking reasonable steps to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 infections.”
  • “you are required to risk assess your business activities, and introduce robust controls to prevent risks to health of your employees and your customers, including infection control.”
  • “you may wish to continue with social distancing and the appropriate use of face coverings within your business, as these are proven mechanisms to reduce the likelihood of onward transmission.”
  • “increasing ventilation within your venue, and consideration of applying the Government’s Vaccine Passport scheme as a means for accepting customers who are double vaccinated into your premises, are further appropriate controls that will limit the risk of transmission of the virus.”
  • “the health of the public continues to be of paramount importance and none of us would wish to see a repeat of hospitalisation and mortality levels over the past 18 months, or a return to further restrictions.”

As a Village Hall we take the safety of all users very seriously, and we adopt best practice to protect everyone that uses our facilities.

As users of the Village Hall, we strongly request that you adopt the advice that we have received.  We understand that further advice is due from ACRE to support Village Halls and Community Centres.

Even though the capacity for using the Hall is lifted, please continue to Covid-risk assess your activity/event, it may be that a responsible cap’ should be adopted for the event/activity that is taking place.  Please encourage people who are attending your event/activity to:

  • not enter the Village Hall if they have or display Covid-19 symptoms or when they should be isolating,
  • wear face coverings,
  • use the hand sanitiser,
  • “check in” with NHS Test and Trace Update (or use a register),
  • ventilate the building,
  • wipe down touched surfaces,
  • etc.

Should someone become infected with Covid-19 by attending an event/activity at Hall where the event/activity organisers has not taken reasonable steps to control the spread of a communicable infection, it is possible that the event/activity organiser could be held liable.

The trustees will continue to review our protocols and, should it be required, are not afraid to impose local restrictions for using the Village Hall.  We call on all Hall users to do their part for keeping our Hall safe for all the people that use it.

What3Words – Easy way to supply accurate location information

What3Words is a free app designed so people can easily relay location information without the hassle of having to find GPS coordinates or long-winded instructions such as “across the field with the burnt oak tree near the pond”.
Instead every 3m square in the UK has been assigned a three word address which can be given to emergency service call handlers.
The app is free to use and can be downloaded from your mobile devices app store.
You can also access via the website at

Take Five to stop fraud

Criminals are experts at impersonating people, organisations and the police. They spend hours researching you for their scams, hoping you’ll let your guard down for just a moment. Stop and think. It could protect you and your money.
STOP: Taking a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information could keep you safe.

CHALLENGE: Could it be fake? It’s ok to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.

PROTECT: Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve fallen for a scam and report it to Action Fraud.
Click here to find out more about how to protect against doorstep, mail, online, pension and investment, phone, or romance scams.

Delays to Council Bin Collections

Due to ongoing service and operational issues, bin crews are about a day behind with their collections but are doing their best to catch up. If they have not collected your bin when you were expecting them to, please leave it kerbside in a safe place and they’ll get to it as soon as possible. Bromsgrove District Council thanks you for your understanding. Further updates are available on the Council’s website at

PLEASE share this information with your neighbours, especially the elderly who do not use the internet.

Watch Out for Rogue Traders

Rogue Traders have recently been cold-calling across Worcestershire offering to tarmac driveways. Residents are warned NOT to buy on the doorstep and to report suspicious callers to Trading Standards (Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133 or the Police on 101).