Why Join Neighbourhood Watch

By registering with Neighbourhood Watch and joining the Fairfield Neighbourhood Watch Group you will be joining other residents working hard to reduce crime and building a stronger community.

As a member of Neighbourhood Watch you will receive national alerts and the Our Watch newsletter, which is produce 6 times a year.  Local Neighbourhood Watch news will be shared via Fairfield Village Community Association’s e-Circular, by posts on the Association’s Facebook Page, at the monthly residents’ meetings and in the quarterly newsletters.  You can subscribe to the e-Circulars by filling in the Subscribe to Newsletter form on the Community Association’s website,

One of the benefits of being a member of Neighbourhood Watch is discounted home insurance.  Some (not all) home insurance providers offer a discount to members of Neighbourhood Watch.  Cooperative Insurance are currently offering a discount of 10% off their Home Insurance policy if you quote NHW10 and buy the policy over the telephone, tel: 0800 781 1390 (t&cs apply).  Some providers ask for you to declare that you are a Neighbourhood Watch member by answering a question contained in their online form and some insurers will ask for proof that you are part of an active Neighbourhood Watch group. Discounts offered will vary and will depend on lots of other factors to do with your home as well. 

Should you make an insurance claim, policy providers may seek evidence that you are an active member of your local Neighbourhood Watch, e.g. displaying Neighbourhood Watch/SmartWater stickers in windows, attending local Neighbourhood Watch (Fairfield Village Community Association) meetings and get involved with crime prevention initiatives, such as property marking – so don’t lie about being an active member of a group if you’re not.

The Fairfield Neighbourhood Watch Group (covers the Village of Fairfield and the hamlet of Stoneybridge) is part of Fairfield Village Community Association, membership is open to all residents.  Unlike many other local Watch Groups, we do not charge a membership fee, operating by fundraising and seeking grant aid.  Please support the Community Association’s fundraising activities.

To join Neighbourhood Watch visit ock

Remembrance Service 2019

This year’s Remembrance Service will be held on Sunday 10th November, commencing at 10.45am.

Fairfield will be hosting the Royal British Legion and members of our community are being asked to join the parade, which is being led by a Piper and Drummer, leaving Fairfield Recreation Ground at 10.30am.

Like previous years, the Community Association would like a young person to lay the Association’s wreath. Please submit nominations to

Charity Coffee Morning & Posh Cake Competition

On Saturday 5th October, there will be a Charity Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support & YANA (You Are Not Alone Mental Health Charity), between 10am- 12pm at Fairfield Village Hall.

At the coffee morning we will be holding a ‘posh cake’ competition (the equivalent of the Great British Bake Off ‘showstopper’). After the judging, the entries will be sold for a small donation.  Entries for this competition will be taken in between 10am -10.30am.

During the morning we will also be holding a raffle. Any items that you are willing to donate will be greatly received.

This event has been organized by Fairfield Village Community Association and Halesowen & Hagley Farmers’ Club with the support of Fairfield Village Hall.

Please come and support this great event.

The Movies Come to Fairfield

A partnership of Fairfield Village Hall and Fairfield Village Community Association have launched Fairfield Flicks, a voluntary run cinema experience showing top films for the community to enjoy.

During August, at a cost of over £7000, a high-quality High Definition projector, media player and sound system has been installed at Fairfield Village Hall; funded by the village Hall and Belbroughton & Fairfield Village Parish Council.  Films will be shown on the Hall’s existing 5 metre wide screen.

To mark the Village Hall’s 40th Anniversary, Fairfield Flicks was launched on the 18th September with a special screening of Fisherman’s Friends. 

The schedule for October and November:

23rd October                    2.00pm                The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (12A)

30th October                    11.00am              Harvey and the Magic Museum (U)

30th October                    7.30pm                Five Feet Apart (12A)

20th November                7.30pm                The Hustle (12A)

27th November                2.00pm                Hidden Figures (PG)

Ticket prices are affordable, all daytime tickets are £3.00 each and for evening shows the price is £5.00 each.   Refreshments will be available, at for a nominal charge.  Doors open 30 minutes before each film showing.

Spokesperson for Fairfield Flicks, Conrad Palmer, said “This collaborative venture to bring the big screen to the village hall will enhance community cohesiveness and reduce social isolation amongst people living within our local and wider community.  We are all excited and we hope the people of Bromsgrove and the surrounding area enjoy our cinema experience.”

Fairfield Village Hall is located on Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, postcode B61 9LZ.  There is free parking behind the Village Hall and at the village Recreation Ground.  Further details can be found on the Community association’s website,

District Plan Review – Meeting Future Housing Needs

This morning the Bromsgrove Advertiser and Bromsgrove Standard published online articles relating to the Bromsgrove’s future housing need and that there will be development within the Green Belt.

Bromsgrove Standard

Below, some background information – hopefully a balanced summary, please read this plus the supporting links/documents: 

As you will have read in the two newspaper articles, the District Council received over 3500 responses to a public consultation that took place last year. 

The District Council is developing a housing plan for the whole of Bromsgrove District, to meet the current and future needs. 

Officers from the District Council attended a Community Association Residents Meeting last October and encouraged residents to take part in the consultation. 

A notice of the consultation, District Plan Review and supporting documentation was placed on the Village Website

In March of this year an update was placed on the website

Bromsgrove is a dormitory district, with more people traveling out of the district to work than working in the district.  District wide there are transport infrastructure issues and a lack of affordable housing for young people.  Average house and property rental prices are the highest in Worcestershire.  There is an aging population and people are reporting that community/village centre are struggling, with hubs (e.g. village shops) closing.  Many people are reporting an increase in social isolation.

At the Residents Meeting, questions were asked, and views expressed.  All liked the rural character of Fairfield and all highlighted the traffic issues in the village.  Some people commented that they would like to see younger families move into the village – children feeding into the school and there being less of a reliance for families driving into the village –  and others the need to increase footfall to sustain village services, e.g. bus service and post office.

The Community Association understands that further consultations will now take place; e.g. if a community in the District that is sited within Green Belt has highlighted a need for 20 affordable houses, there will be a “call out” for sites that may be considered.  It is the intention of the District Council not to take whole areas out of the Green Belt but identified sites. 

The local Neighbourhood Plan, which started a couple of years ago, must conform with the District Plan.  The Neighbourhood Plan, which is being coordinated by the Parish Council with the support of the Community Association, highlights needs and details solutions.  Like the District Plan, there are several strands to a Neighbourhood Plan, one of these strands is housing.  E.g. If a community decides that there is a requirement for 20 affordable homes and a suitable site is found, the Neighbourhood Plan could decide what the dwellings should look like, i.e. in keeping with the surrounding area, and request that the developer undertakes local road improvements, such as traffic calming engineering works.

Fairfield Village Community Association encourages all residents to engage with consultations; details can be obtained on the District Council website and (hopefully) in local newspapers.  When FVCA are aware of further information, we will also share, with notices on the Village website, social media feed and (if possible) newsletter.

We hope the above summary is of help – in no way taking sides.  FVCA’s slogan is Your Home – Your Village – Your Community, so when the next District Council consultation is launched, have your say on shaping where you live, what you want from your community and the future requirements for you and your family. t 5;\lsdp

Fairfield Flicks coming soon

With the help of Cinema for All and Film Bank we will bring some fantastic films to the Village Hall, including some recent releases.

The aim is for two films to be shown each month; third Wednesday at 7.30pm and fourth Wednesday at 2pm. There will be a children’s film during the Autumn half-term break, 11am.

Ticket prices per person: Evenings £5.00; Afternoons & Children’s £3.00 – cheaper than Empire Cinema (Rubery) and the Artrix (Bromsgrove).

Autumn’s films are being finalised with Film Bank and we should be revealing the Autumn schedule in the next few days.

The projector & speakers that are being installed at the Hall are of excellent quality.

Please support Fairfield Flicks.

Further Concerned Residents Querying NextDoor Neighbour Letters

More residents have contacted FVCA querying letters that they have received from Nextdoor Neighbour – please share the contents of this post and our article with your neighbours.

On the 18th July FVCA posted the following article on the village website, which we encourage you to read.

  The Nextdoor Neighbour website was founded in the USA and the operators have expanded to the UK; the site is operated and provided to you by Nextdoor EMEA Limited, an Irish company. As you will read in our article there has been a mixed reception – from our understanding the majority of dissatisfaction is from the sharing of information with 3rd parties, the “local information” posted on the website is often well received. [Local Information – We understand that the Neighbourhood people are joining includes Bournheath, Belbroughton, Clent, Dodford, Hagley and the surrounding area]
  It would appear that residents are signing up to the website and letters are being sent out to their neighbours to encourage them to sign up to the website too. FVCA have spoken to a couple of people whose name appears at the bottom of these letters and they were unaware that these letters were being sent out, Nextdoor Neighbour claim that authority was given (see article).

  Our advice to anyone wishing to join the Nextdoor Neighbour network is to read the site’s Member Agreement, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines. We do not know whether there are privacy settings like Facebook.

Blocked gullies in Fairfield

Blocked gullies in Fairfield

We had previously received the following update regarding the blocked gullies along Stourbridge Road:

“There is a project in place to dig back the verges along Sandy Ln and jet the whole system, [Ringway] will look to cleanse all the gullies along the Stourbridge Rd from the main island that joins Sandy Ln up to the motorway bridge (by the nursery) at the same time.”

On Friday 2nd August we received the following update from Worcestershire Highways:

“Ringway … are looking to have the work completed by the end of September, this is due to the permits needed to be obtained, and the length of notice we need to give to obtain them.”

“Several operations will be carried out, overpainting of the carriage markings (where needed), cutting back of the verges and jetting of the drainage system, plus any other maintenance issues that can’t be done without traffic management.”

Improvement Works at the Village Hall starts Monday

Over the next two weeks decorators will be at the Hall repainting & re-varnishing internally.

Whilst work is taking place there will be no activities. Weekly evening activities will resume Monday 5th August.

Then during the rest of August work will take place to install external CCTV, improve lighting over the car park and along the entrance plus installation of a projector, sound system and media player.

The CCTV installation & operation will be fully compliant with relevant legislation & ICO guidelines, the Village Hall policy will be available on the village website on the Village Hall web page.

This Autumn we will see the start film nights and afternoons. Full details in the next FVCA newsletter.

Over the car park low energy, LED, lights will now come on automatically when it goes dark, remaining on until it becomes light. This will improve Hall User safety.

Nextdoor Neighbour Website

We have been contacted today by a couple of residents that have received letters from Nextdoor Neighbour, asking them to join their networking site. 

Earlier this year we were contacted by two other residents who also received similar letters.

There is a social media site called Nextdoor Neighbour that allows residents to share local information within a closed group; incidents, events, good news stories, etc.

We understand that if you register with the site you will join an online community that is wider than Fairfield, it includes Bournheath, Clent, Hagley & Belbroughton. 

We also understand that if you sign-up you will agree to the collection of your data for marketing purposes that will be shared with third party organisations. 

Searching the internet, there are complaints about “SPAM” letters from Nextdoor Neighbour, and people are claiming that letters are being sent to their neighbours from them but they were not aware that they had given their consent – this was the case earlier this year, the person that received the letter passed it on to FVCA and when we spoke to the person whose name appeared on the bottom of the letter, that person said that they had joined the site but was unaware that letters were being sent out in their name.   Nextdoor Neighbour have challenged these comments by saying:

“The invitation you have received is from a neighbour that has verified at their address and chosen to send invitations to other residences in their neighbourhood to grow their Nextdoor network.”

“To be clear, we will never send out neighbour invitations on behalf of the member without the explicit permission of the member. Members are presented with the option to invite their neighbours when they join and through emails from time to time, however, members may choose to either ‘skip’ this step or choose not to click on the ‘send postcards” button in the email. There is additionally an option to cancel postcards from the email if the member has accidentally sent invitations they no longer wish to send. “

“We are deeply committed to the privacy and security of our members, if this member doesn’t believe they have sent invitations from their account, we would like to review their account with them directly and are available on”

FVCA encourages people to think carefully before joining sites and to do their research before subscribing and sharing personal information.