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Is there a footpath that needs improving?

We are on a mission to improve the state of footpaths that are alongside the roads across Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge and we need your help to identify pavements that need repairing or have become difficult to use.

Unfortunately, we do not have the power to make the required improvements, but we will certainly lobby Worcestershire County Council.

You can report pavements that need attention by emailing or pop along to a Social Gathering, 1st Wednesday of each month at the Village Hall, 10am – 12noon.

Community Survey 2022 – Results

Thank you to everyone that responded to the Community Survey, your answers will be used to help shape local policies and, where possible, improve local services.

Some suggestions will need assistance with delivery and people to support so that initiatives can become sustainable.

Below, presentation video of the slides shared at the Community Gathering on Saturday 7th May. Each slide will automatically move on after 7 seconds. Please stop the video if you wish to spend more time reading each slide.

No Mow May returns

Letting the flowers bloom on your lawn, on the side of the road and elsewhere helps to provide a vital source of nectar for bees and other insects. This is why the public are being asked to take on a special challenge to support Plantlife’s ‘No Mow May’ project.
Changing your mowing routine and allowing plants to flower can create enough nectar for ten times more bees and other pollinators. You’re also more likely to spot a greater variety of flowers popping up in your garden.

All you have to do is put your mower away for the month of May and wait to see how many bees, butterflies and other insects come to your garden. What flowers do they like the most?

At the end of the month, you can count the flowers on your lawn to take part in the conservation charity Plantlife’s Every Flower Counts survey. You’ll then get your own Personal Nectar Score, which tells you how many bees your garden is helping to support.

Share your ‘No Mow May’ photos and the wildlife you attract on our Twitter account @Fairfield_Info

Fairfield Post Box Update – 2

Royal Mail have provided the following update:

“I’d like to take this time to inform you that; as part of our regulatory requirements, we must ensure that there’s a post-box within half a mile of at least 98% of all ‘delivery points’ (usually a customer’s letter-box) nationally.

If the current posting facilities in the above-mentioned area [Fairfield] already meet these requirements, the post box may not be relocated or replaced.

If the Manager believes the area warrants the installation of a new post-box, we’ll be required to liaise with the Highway Authority to obtain clearance for the proposed site, as well as contacting the utility companies to ensure that the proposed site doesn’t interfere with existing pipes or cables, etc. This process can take up to twelve weeks should your request be approved.

With the above in mind, if a post box hasn’t been installed within 25 weeks from today, it’s likely that the current facilities in the area already meet our requirements and a new post box isn’t warranted.”

Community Litter Pick Cancelled

The litter pick and Spring Clean organised for Saturday 9th April has been cancelled.
Residents are encouraged to tidy the area outside of where they live; perhaps wash a few street signs.

Fairfield Post Box Update

Last Thursday night/Friday morning, the post box in front of the Salon/Cafe/former Post Office was sealed.

After making enquiries over the weekend & yesterday (Monday 4th April), Royal Mail’s Complaints Team have responded by saying that the post box is being removed at the request of the landowner.

Royal Mail said they would have preferred to have had alternative arrangements in place before sealing the post box, or at least a public notice notifying the removal of the post box. It would appear that the landowner requested a quick closure & removal of the post box, which explains why there was not a notice.

FVCA are now waiting for another telephone call from Royal Mail’s Collections Manager, to discuss alternative sites. Royal Mail prefer post boxes to be half-mile apart; the now nearest post boxes are at Stoneybridge & Hanks Corner (near junction of Bournheath Road & Parish Hill). Planning consent would be required for any new post box.

Suggestions are needed for alternative sites that could be considered; ideally where people can pull up to; perhaps next to the waste bin (on footpath in front of the salon), in front of the village hall or at the entrance to the Recreation Ground, is there anywhere else?

Will you pledge to tidy up our community?

There are two ways to take part in our Community Spring Clean:

All hands-on-deck on Saturday 9th April when we will be giving our community a Spring Clean.  Volunteers are needed to help clean our road signage, tidy the church yard, as well as litter pick those areas that are often forgotten.  Meet up at the Village Hall 10.30am.   To help with washing signage, please bring a bucket and sponge.  Litter picking equipment will be provided.  If we all donate an hour, our community will sparkle.

Alternatively, do your own Litter Pick and signage wash at time that suits you. It would be great if you could email with details & locations of the areas you have litter picked and/or signs you have washed, plus any photos you have taken that we can share.

Yew Tree Lane Dropped Kerbs

Worcestershire County Council will be carrying out the long awaited dropped kerbs on Yew Tree Lane, at the junction with Stourbridge Road, commencing 25th April.

Whilst work is taking pace, diversions will be in place due to road closure.



Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

(U20200 Yew Tree Lane, Belbroughton) (Temporary Closure) Order 2022

Proposed Order: to close that part of U20200 Yew Tree Lane from its junction with U20009 Bournheath Road to its junction with B4091 Stourbridge Road

Reason: Kerb works by WCC

Exemptions: To permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.

Alternative route: U20009 Bournheath Road, U20201 Bournheath Road, B4091 Stourbridge Road and vice versa.

Maximum duration: 18 MonthsAnticipated duration: 3 days Commencing: 25 April 2022

Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial Law (Legal & Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road Worcester

30 March 2022

Village Spring Clean

All hands-on-deck on Saturday 9th April when we will be giving our community a Spring Clean. Volunteers are needed to help clean our road signage, tidy the church yard, as well as litter pick those areas that are often forgotten. Meet up at the Village Hall 10.30am.

To help with washing signage, please bring a bucket and sponge. Litter picking equipment will be provided.

If we all donate an hour, our community will sparkle.

Community Survey Results

The responses to the recent Community Survey will be shared with residents at the Social Gathering on Saturday 7th May 10am.

We will explore comments received, address any points that have been raised and, where needed, start the process of delivery.

Please do join us.

Public Meeting to Consider Reopening a Store & Post Office

Over the past few months a working group consisting of representatives from FVCA, Parish Council & our District Councillor have been gathering information with regard establishing a Community Shop and Post Office.

At the Social Gathering on Saturday 2nd April, the working group will share its findings at a public meeting that will be held at the Village Hall, starting at 10am.

The purpose of the meeting is for the community to agree whether we should take the next steps towards establishing a Community Shop and Post Office, and to ask for volunteers to join the working group. Please do join us.

Jubilee Planning Meeting

At the Saturday Social on 5th March we will be discussing how we can mark this historic occasion and looking for your ideas as to what we should include in our Platinum Jubilee Lunch on Sunday 5th June.

Should we look for entertainment? Should we have a competition?

It’s over to you.

Do please pop along to the village hall, 10am.

Your Views DO Count – Community Survey 2022

Over the next 10 days, all dwellings in Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge (that are in the Parish of Belbroughton & Fairfield) will receive a Community Survey, which we encourage residents to complete and return.

The results of the survey will help make informed decisions, provide evidence to challenge key stakeholders and develop a community that meets the needs of the people that live here.

It is your community, so have YOUR say, and help make a difference that enhances the environment, amenities, and quality of life where you live.

Storm Eunice – Residents Respond to Fallen Tree

During the afternoon of storm Eunice (Friday 18th February), a tree fell down blocking Stourbridge Road, in the holloway between Stoneybridge Island and the Swan Inn.

Thanks to a group of residents, plus assistance from a passing motorist, the fallen tree was cut up, removed, road swept and the highways became passable. There is some debris on the footpath, which we will request is cleared away.

Thanks also to West Mercia Police for managing traffic.

Pepper Wood Extension – Success!

On Friday 18th February, The Woodland Trust completed the purchase of land that will enable an extension of over 125 acres to Pepper Wood.

In an email to FVCA, Paul Jarczewski, The Woodland Trust Site Manager for Central England, wrote “I would like to thank you [FVCA] for the help you’ve given us to reach this point, as I know you have championed this locally.”

“I would be very grateful if you were able to pass on thanks to other local residents who have supported us, through any of your communications. Thank you.”

The Community Association would also like to thank the many residents who have helped promote the Pepper Wood extension and have donated to the fund, it is very much appreciated. In the coming months/years, there will be opportunities for residents, local organisations & school to get involved in the extension delivery.

Village Hall News – February 2022

Message to Hall Users

In March, after more than 2 years, the monthly evening Bingo sessions resume at the Village Hall, providing a much-enjoyed activity for some of the elderly in our community, and later this month we welcome back WMGA for their committee meetings. We look forward to seeing some bird shows at the hall later in the year.

We really do appreciate the many adjustments you have had to make over the past two years – and continue to make – to help deliver safe activities at Fairfield Village Hall.

Keeping the hall clean and tidy is a chore, especially after delivering an exhausting activity (I know, sometimes I just want to go home). Occasionally we receive comments from hall users regarding the state of the hall when they arrive, usually the floor has not been properly swept. PLEASE sweep and tidy the hall, as well as empty bins, when your session has ended. Please use the large scissor-brook to sweep the hall, then use a dustpan & brush to sweep up the bits.

Towards the end of last year, our gas contract came to an end and as the hall is classed as a business for energy supply, we had no choice but to agree to a three-year fixed contract at a much higher price. Our Treasurer has calculated, over the next three years, our gas bill will increase by £3000, based upon our current consumption. When we review hall hire charges in June/July is it very likely that rates will rise in January 2023. As always, we will do our best to keep our rates affordable and offer good value.

In 2019, it was our intention to refurbish the toilets and cloakroom, and due to the pandemic, work was postponed to 2021, then to 2022. Material prices are currently very high and so work will, once again, be postponed until 2023 (fingers crossed) when, hopefully, the price of materials will have started to come down and be less volatile.

We will still do some minor works & improvements this year, and it is our intention to replace all the radiator fire guards and the broken parking posts in the service road. Other works for the year include replacing the Barton Room fire exit & decluttering the Boiler Room.

We are changing our internet contract to a cheaper and improved package offering ultra-fast broadband speeds, and so a new hub will be needed, with a new password, which I will post on the noticeboard.

Managing the Village Hall is not always easy, and there are many rules & regulations that we have to abide by, some of our policies that we have adopted are on the internal noticeboard, and all are on our website Another policy that we must have – and we are currently drafting – is an Environmental Policy, which will require your support to make it work, Further details will be shared with you in due course.

And finally, thank you for using Fairfield Village Hall, creating a vibrant, multi-use venue that brings people together, provides purposeful activities that reduces social isolation, loneliness and improves mental & physical well-being.


Chairman – Fairfield Village Hall

Wildmoor Quarry Expansion – Briefing 5th Feb 2022

In early January, Wildmoor Quarry requested a Scoping Opinion with regard their intention to extend existing mineral extraction, to quarry adjacent land and to import inert material. For the scoping notice CLICK HERE

Responses to the Scoping request have been given by FVCA, the Parish Council, District Councillor May and others.

Below, presentation given at the Social Saturday community gathering on 5th February 2022, outlining the proposal as detailed in the Wildmoor Quarry’s Scoping Request, plus images taken by FVCA to help residents understand what could be happening.

At present, there is not a full planning application and so there is currently no consultation. The purpose of this presentation is to make residents aware of what could be happening, and should a full planning application be submitted that they have the information to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to support or oppose the planning application.

It is the intention of FVCA to hold a meeting once the full planning application has been published, and FVCA will request an extension to the consultation deadline.

Presentation: slides will move to next slide after 6 seconds

Photos of Wildmoor Quarry – 2nd February 2022

Community Gathering 5th Feb 2022 – Summary

  • Good turnout for the Chief Constable’s visit last month, thanks to all that came to the hall
  • Fairfield Dining Group – next lunch 21st Feb. at the Swan, Fairfield, then at The Fox, Chaddesley, on 21st March – different venues to previously published.  Arrive 12.15pm onwards for a 12.30pm lunch.  If you are coming, contact Pat.
  • Next litter pick – 12th Feb, 10.30am, meet outside hall.
  • Swan Lane – work will soon commence to clear ditches and repair gullies.
  • Volunteer needed for southern planter.
  • Volunteer needed to coordinate Platinum Jubilee party on Sunday 5th June.
  • England V Ireland Six Nations Rugby Match at the village hall on 12th March 3pm onwards.
  • Fairfield Flicks doing well, now doing Event Cinema & live music.  Next film: The Courier, 13th March 7.30pm.
  • Overview presentation proposed Wildmoor Quarry extension

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacon

On Thursday 2nd June, a chain of beacons cross the United Kingdom and Commonwealth will be lit to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and her 70 years of service as our monarch.

It has been suggested that a beacon is lit in our community is part of this historic occassion.

Are there any craftsmen/women who can build a Jubilee Beacon Brazier for the village?

At this stage we are after a volunteer and costings.

A location for the brazier has to be greed, and there will be fundraising to cover the cost.

If you can help, get in touch

Love Where You Live

A huge thanks to all our Wombles, fighting Grot & keeping our community tidy, whether volunteering at our monthly litter picks or at other times of the month. Unfortunately littering in our community is an issue, with some grot hotspots where litter is always found, and the same stretches of footpath & verge where dog mess can also be found. Please:

· If you are unable to take part in the monthly litter pick, help fight Grot by litter picking outside your driveway and along the road & hedgerow near where you live.

· If you are a dog walker, please pick up, bag and put in the bin dog waste. There are plenty of dog waste bins in the village, so there is no excuse. And don’t leave the dog pooh bag for someone else to clear up.

And if you are free, the next Community Litter will be on Saturday 12th March. The more people that volunteer, the more we can do to tackle the litter along our village lanes. Meet outside the Village Hall 10.30am, wear suitable clothing & footwear, litter picking equipment will be provided.

Platinum Celebrations

To mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, events are being planned to mark this historic occasion including:

Asking residents to help turn our community Red, White & Blue and waving the flag over the four day bank holiday weekend, 2nd-5th June.

Saturday 4th June – Live stream of the Jubilee Concert at the Village Hall. Free admittance & there will be a licenced bar.

Sunday 5th June – The Jubilee Lunch at the Village Hall. A volunteer is needed to help organise this event. Email

Do you have an idea to help mark this occasion? Email or pop along to our Social Saturday Community Gatherings.

Quarry Expansion Proposal

Wildmoor Quarry seeks to expand its operations by quarrying adjacent land. FVCA will give a presentation at the community gathering on Saturday 5th February, 10am, Village Hall.

Would you like and support a Book Bank in the village?

St. Mark’s have agreed, in principle, for the use of the church’s porch, with shelving on the one side. This location will mean the books, and people visiting the Book Bank, are in the dry.

We need someone to kindly design, for agreement, the shelves and then build them.

There is no budget, so we will be asking for donations.

If you can help, please email

Chief Constable Visits Fairfield

At our afternoon Community Gathering on Wednesday 19th January, residents were joined by PC Lloyd Stone for one of his regular policing surgery plus a very special guest, the Chief Constable, Pippa Mills.

The Chief Constable enjoyed meeting residents and hearing their concerns, which included speeding and parking.

Scoping Opinion – Wildmoor Quarry

Seeking Comments – Scoping Opinion – Wildmoor Quarry, Sandy Lane, Worcestershire

Application Ref:    21/000043/SCO              Grid Ref:    (E) 395000, (N) 276000

Applicant:       Wildmoor Quarry Products Limited

Proposal:       Request for a Scoping Opinion for a consolidation Planning Application to address a Review of an Old Minerals Permission (ROMP), supported by an extension to existing mineral extraction and for the restoration of the site utilising in-situ soils and imported inert restoration material, supported by recycling activities.

Location:        Wildmoor Quarry, Sandy Lane (A491), Near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Worcestershire County Council as the Mineral Planning Authority has received a formal request from Kedd Limited (the agent) on behalf of Wildmoor Quarry Products Limited (the applicant) to adopt a Scoping Opinion for the above proposed development under Regulation 15 of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2017 (as amended). Scoping seeks to ensure that the information to be provided in the Environmental Statement that will accompany the planning application, addresses the key effects of the proposed development and ensures that the principle concerns appropriate to the local area are addressed comprehensively.

The Scoping Opinion and relevant documents are available to view at using the application reference: 21/000043/SCO. When searching by application reference, please ensure that the full application reference number, including the suffix are entered into the search field.

The applicant is seeking the continuation of existing activities at the site and to extend phased quarrying activities on land to the west and south west of the application site, measuring approximately 11.29 hectares, to extract approximately 2.6 million tonnes of sand over a 13 year period, equating to approximately 200,000 tonnes per annum. The applicant is also seeking to facilitate the phased restoration of the site in an anti-clockwise direction utilising both in-situ material and approximately 3,220,000 tonnes of inert restoration material, equating to approximately 210,000 tonnes per annum over approximately 15 years and 3 months.  The proposal also includes a material recycling facility (MRF) to recover approximately 1,071,000 tonnes of recycled materials from the imported Construction, Demolition & Excavation (CD&E) materials, equating to approximately 70,000 tonnes per annum.

The applicant states that not all land would be disturbed and/or operational at any one point in time.

The current permitted extraction area equates to approximately 16.64 hectares of land and the proposed combined application area would be approximately 27.93 hectares of land for mineral extraction. Two existing vehicular access points off Sandy Lane (A491) would remain unchanged.

The Mineral Planning Authority has only 5 weeks to adopt a Scoping Opinion, therefore, I would be grateful for your comments by 27 January 2022 at the latest. If I do not hear from you by this date I will assume you have no comments.

The agent appointed by Wildmoor Quarry Products Limited for this is:-

Kedd Limited

Fox Studio

King Street

Much Wenlock


TF13 6BL

Advent Calendar 2021 Results

And the winner is……

There were an incredible 1873 votes cast in our Best Village Advent Calendar competition. The competition, which was a bit fun, certainly got people fired up, lobbying for votes.

Of course some properties got more votes than others, and only one property – the miserable old codger at 10 Pepperwood Close (aka the Chair of FVCA) – got none. Votes for first and second place were very close. The property with the most votes winning a Luxury Hamper courtesy of Morrisons Supermarket.
The three properties with the most votes are:

FIRST PLACE: 55 Stourbridge Road with “The North Pole” 163 votes

SECOND PLACE: Fairfield First School with “The Snowman and the Snowdog” 158 votes

THIRD PLACE: 5 Wood Lane with “Christmas Tree” 117 votes
Well done and thank you to everyone that took part in our Village Advent Calendar. Get your thinking caps on for our Advent Calendar 2022.

Mark the New Year with a Cheer NOT with a Bang

Fireworks near the countryside can be a concern for farmers and pet owners.

Loud noises can scare animals and the waste from fireworks can harm wildlife. Last months fireworks killed one cow in Fairfield and traumatised others.

When bringing in the New Year, remember to Respect, Protect & Enjoy nature.

Thanks for Advent Calendar 2021

Our thanks to everyone that volunteered to part of our Village Advent Calendar.

24 properties created our village Advent Calendar. On the 24 days leading up to Christmas an Advent Calendar was opened, revealing our fantastic display. Thanks to all properties for taking part.

Here are some of these brilliant Advent Calendar windows

318 Bus Service Rumour Not True

Mr. Kevin Nind, proprietor of Kev’s Coaches, has contacted the Community Association say that one of his drivers, Justin, has told been told by some passengers that they have been informed that the 318 bus service is ceasing after Christmas. Mr. Nind says that there is no truth in this rumour.

Faster broadband for Wildmoor

Earlier this year, Openreach announced that (almost) all of Bromsgrove will be cabled with Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), as part of the national plan to phase out copper wiring for landline telephones and internet connectivity. 

Fibre brings substantially higher speeds, better reliability, and future-proofs the properties.  (Apparently, the second most popular question that house buyers ask is – how fast is the internet).

As part of the roll-out, most of Fairfield village has been cabled.  Catshill is also being connected, including the properties immediately past the motorway bridge on Wildmoor Lane. 

Sadly, most of Wildmoor was NOT included in the Openreach plan for Bromsgrove.   

At the Sandy Lane end of Wildmoor, a Community Fibre Project (CFP) proposal was put forward last year, in conjunction with Superfast Worcestershire (part of the county council).   This proposal, which was successful, means that grants are being made available from central government and the county council, to fund the costs for Openreach to install FTTP to the properties connected to the Rubery telephone exchange. 

This leaves approximately 70 premises – a mix of commercial and residential – in Third Road, Mill Lane, Swan Lane and Wildmoor Lane, excluded from any scheme.  A CFP proposal for these ‘forgotten’ premises was submitted to Openreach in March, supported by Superfast Worcestershire and by Councillor Shirley Webb. 

The outline costing has now been received from Openreach, and it is now down to the occupiers of the premises to decide if they want FTTP.  This requires a simple commitment to take an FTTP Internet package from ANY Internet Service Provider which offers FTTP, for a 12 month period.  The additional costs (i.e. for FTTP rather than copper-based internet) could be as little as £10 per month.

To obtain the grants, and therefore incur no individual installation costs, requires a certain level of uptake to succeed.  This is the best opportunity for Wildmoor to avoid being left behind as technology evolves!

If you are one of the residents in this group, or have a commercial unit in Wildmoor Farm business park, or on Wildmoor Lane, please contact Peter Hunt (, or 07970745487) for more information.

Help with rising fuel bills

Many of you will be aware that Act on Energy provides free and confidential energy advice, but did you know that as part of the Worcestershire Winter 2021/22 Housing Support Fund, Act on Energy will be able to provide additional support to qualifying residents with their energy costs, fuel debt and where required, assistance to replace broken boilers and heating systems?

This support, which has just been made available, includes:

  • Winter Fuel Payment – One off payment of £500 onto your gas/electric energy account for FAMILIES or a One off payment of £300 for SINGLE HOUSEHOLDS / COUPLES who meet the criteria
  • Pre-Payment Fuel Vouchers
  • Debt Relief – help with paying off fuel debt
  • Help with broken heating systems (all fuel types) – includes replacement or repair; installation of first-time heating systems; and servicing.

Further information, including the eligibility criteria, can be found online at: WORCESTERSHIRE HOUSEHOLD SUPPORT FUND – Act On Energy

Residents can apply online or by calling the freephone number 0800 988 2881.

Be s-careful this Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching in the next couple of weeks, we are issuing some crime prevention advice to keep everybody safe this Halloween!

  • Adults should always accompany young children when trick or treating
  • Please, where possible, only knock on the houses of people you know
  • Keep to well lit areas, carry a torch, wear hi-vis clothing and always remember road safety
  • Eggs and flour can cause damage and considerable distress and can also lead to criminal convictions. Any premises selling these items will be more vigilant and will inform the police.
  • If anyone is displaying the “No trick or treating poster” do not visit the address

Stay safe and be sensible

Festive Fairfield’s Advent Calendar

Last year, through online promotion, we organised a Village Advent Calendar. The activity was very successful, and we’d like to repeat the activity. 

What is a Village Advent Calendar?

On a given date, something festive is placed in the window (or garden) of a property in Fairfield, that can be viewed by people passing by.  The display staying in place until the end of Christmas day.  Examples of displays are:

  • Christmas wreaths
  • The whole Nativity Scene
  • Candles
  • Santa & Rudolf in the snow
  • Winter tree wonderland

How can I take part?

Below are listed the 24 days preceding Christmas Day and the addresses of the properties that are taking place.  Email with your address details, your preferred “unveil” date and an outline of your display (to reduce likelihood of duplication – it would be fantastic if we had at least 24 different displays).  We will then confirm your your calendar “unveil” date and update the webpage.

For the Advent Calendar to works, displays must not be unveiled until the stated “unveil” date.

Then, during December, wander around the village, enjoying the festive displays.  We will publish a map of properties taking part in late November, this can be downloaded from this website.

Looking for inspiration, checkout some of last year’s Advent Calendar Windows. CLICK HERE

Vote for the Best Advent Calendar Window

Using a link that will be promoted online nearer the time, vote for the best Advent Calendar window. Voting will take place between 24th and 31st December, the winner will receive a Family Hamper Full Of Festive Goodies, kindly donated by Morrisons…wow!!

Even the voter can win something

Voters will be entered into a prize draw, and one lucky person will win a pair of Fairfield Flicks tickets and 2 glasses of wine.

DateProperty AddressOutline Display
1st DecemberFairfield First School The Snowman and the Snowdog
2nd December2 Yew Tree Lane Star of Bethlehem
3rd December32 Stourbridge Road Illuminated Santa
4th DecemberBarn Owl Cottage, Stourbridge Rd Winter Wonderland
5th December53 Stourbridge Road Christmas Gnomes
6th December 10 Pepperwood CloseSix Geese Are Laying
7th December112 Stourbridge Road  Three Wise Men
8th December20 Yew Tree Lane 
9th December Preschool, Village Hall 
10th DecemberCross Court Swan Lane ‘Stickman’
11th December153 Stourbridge Road Christmas Baubles
12th DecemberCappalea Cottage,16 Stourbridge Road  A penguins Christmas’
13th December186 Stourbridge Road Stained Glass Window
14th DecemberCygnet Barn, Swan Lane Baby Jesus
15th December55 Stourbridge RoadThe North Pole 
16th December5 Wood Lane Christmas Tree 
17th DecemberThe Police House, Stourbridge Road  
18th December 57 Stourbridge Road Candles
19th December1 Stourbridge Road The Grinch
20th December31 Mount Road 
21st DecemberFairfield Dental Practice
22nd December83 Brook Road
23rd December4b Pepperwood CloseMagic Reindeer Food (for the children)
24th December59 Stourbridge Road“24”


Registered Charity Number 234374
Belbroughton United Charities is a group of historic charities which provides grants to support poor or elderly residents of Belbroughton and Fairfield. It owns and runs allotments and the orchard at Belbroughton.

The charity is in urgent need of Trustees, a secretary and a treasurer as the present officers are retiring or moving from the area. They are not huge jobs but essential if the charity is going to continue to support the villages.

If you feel able to be involved please contact Rev Wyn Benyon c/o the church office, Belbroughton.

Post Office News

Fairfield Post Office closes at the end of this week, Friday 22nd October.

Fairfield Cafe remains OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Pepper Wood Appeal Update

Paul Jarczewski, Woodland Trust Site Manager (West Midlands), says “we are getting quite close to our fundraising target, and my fundraising colleagues seem confident that we will reach this fairly shortly”.“We’re not quite there yet, but overall the appeal has gone extremely well.”
If you would like to donate £10.00 to help double Pepper Wood or would like further information about this project visit

Monthly Social Gatherings – Glad to be back

Relaxed, social gathering on Saturday 2nd October, residents were joined by PC Stone from Bromsgrove Police – our local police officer.

Whilst enjoying cake and coffee/tea, residents highlighted parking issues, were updated on community works, and agreed activities to mark Halloween and Christmas. Thanks to all who attended.