Improvement Works at the Village Hall starts Monday

Over the next two weeks decorators will be at the Hall repainting & re-varnishing internally.

Whilst work is taking place there will be no activities. Weekly evening activities will resume Monday 5th August.

Then during the rest of August work will take place to install external CCTV, improve lighting over the car park and along the entrance plus installation of a projector, sound system and media player.

The CCTV installation & operation will be fully compliant with relevant legislation & ICO guidelines, the Village Hall policy will be available on the village website on the Village Hall web page.

This Autumn we will see the start film nights and afternoons. Full details in the next FVCA newsletter.

Over the car park low energy, LED, lights will now come on automatically when it goes dark, remaining on until it becomes light. This will improve Hall User safety.

Nextdoor Neighbour Website

We have been contacted today by a couple of residents that have received letters from Nextdoor Neighbour, asking them to join their networking site. 

Earlier this year we were contacted by two other residents who also received similar letters.

There is a social media site called Nextdoor Neighbour that allows residents to share local information within a closed group; incidents, events, good news stories, etc.

We understand that if you register with the site you will join an online community that is wider than Fairfield, it includes Bournheath, Clent, Hagley & Belbroughton. 

We also understand that if you sign-up you will agree to the collection of your data for marketing purposes that will be shared with third party organisations. 

Searching the internet, there are complaints about “SPAM” letters from Nextdoor Neighbour, and people are claiming that letters are being sent to their neighbours from them but they were not aware that they had given their consent – this was the case earlier this year, the person that received the letter passed it on to FVCA and when we spoke to the person whose name appeared on the bottom of the letter, that person said that they had joined the site but was unaware that letters were being sent out in their name.   Nextdoor Neighbour have challenged these comments by saying:

“The invitation you have received is from a neighbour that has verified at their address and chosen to send invitations to other residences in their neighbourhood to grow their Nextdoor network.”

“To be clear, we will never send out neighbour invitations on behalf of the member without the explicit permission of the member. Members are presented with the option to invite their neighbours when they join and through emails from time to time, however, members may choose to either ‘skip’ this step or choose not to click on the ‘send postcards” button in the email. There is additionally an option to cancel postcards from the email if the member has accidentally sent invitations they no longer wish to send. “

“We are deeply committed to the privacy and security of our members, if this member doesn’t believe they have sent invitations from their account, we would like to review their account with them directly and are available on”

FVCA encourages people to think carefully before joining sites and to do their research before subscribing and sharing personal information.

Traffic Enforcement Update

We have received the following message from our County Councillor, Shirley Webb:

“I have been advised by Safer Roads Partnership that the current motorcyclist who is off sick is just waiting for clearance to go back to riding from his specialist. The new recruit is yet to be fully trained, we are looking at mid August at the earliest to start.

In the meantime i have asked our Safer Neighbourhood team when time allows, to spend time monitoring around my division.”

Fairfield First School Expansion

Fairfield First School has been chosen by the Local Authority (LA) to expand to a 1 Form Entry (1FE) School, to help ease the pressure on school places, across the town of Bromsgrove.

To do this the LA allocated funds to build one additional classroom. During the Feasibility Study it quickly became obvious that it would be cost effective to also replace the ageing mobile classrooms, currently in their 35th year on site!

As such, plans have been created to build 3 additional classrooms, on land belonging to the LA, to the rear of our school.

The Headteracher, Scott Smith, said “This, as I am sure you can imagine, is a very exciting prospect for everyone associated to Fairfield First.”

A ‘drop in’ session has been arranged where you will be able to view the current plans and speak with the design team. These plans will also go on display within school, when they return in September.


Place Partnership Ltd have been working with Worcestershire County Council to develop proposals to extend and alter the existing buildings at Fairfield First School.  A pre-planning consultation will take place at the school on 6th August 2019 from 2:30pm to 6:30pm where the proposed plans will be available to view and make comment on.

The session will be a ‘drop-in’ arrangement so you can call in at any time between 2:30pm and 6:30pm.  Plans will be available in the school after this date, should you wish to view them at the school, then arrangements are made direct with the school.

Storm Drain Update

We have received the following message from Worcestershire County Council:

“Just to keep you informed regarding the emptying of the gullies along Stourbridge Rd, there is a project in place to dig back the verges along Sandy Ln and jet the whole system, we will look to cleanse all the gullies along the Stourbridge Rd from the main island that joins Sandy Ln up to the motorway bridge (by the nursery) at the same time.”

“As you can appreciate it wouldn’t be cost or time effective to do these at separate times.”

If no action is seen by the end of September, FVCA will be chasing.

Smokers, make the pledge to Bin the Butt

Smokers please #BinTheButt. Don’t #FlickIt.

Our community litter pickers have noticed an increase in cigarette ends on the Recreation Ground and along the Village Roads.

As well as plastic, cigarette filters are comprised of thousands of chemical ingredients, including arsenic, lead and nicotine, all of which can leak into marine environments. According to studies, just one cigarette butt per litre of water is highly toxic to fish.

Toxins from the filter seep into the ground killing microscopic & small insects that are valuable to the food chain. Plastics also harm our local biodiversity.

Our #BinTheButt campaign aims to raise awareness amongst smokers and highlight the link between the cigarette butt they drop on the street, on the Rec. or down the drain and the impact it has on the our environment.

Residents Adopt A Smart Approach to Deter Burglars

This week, with the support from Sgt. Ram Aston and Community Volunteers, more properties have received their SmartWater Property Marking kits.

To date, our rollout has been fantastic, most properties have received their kits. If you have not received a FREE property marking kit (worth £25.00) and you live in Fairfield, Wildmoor or Stoneybridge do get in touch, email

Don’t forget to put your SmartWater sticker in the window, front door, porch, back door, etc. When a criminal is looking for a property to target he/she will know not to bother with you as your property will have been marked.

Recreation Ground Car Park Extension

Three years’ ago, residents suggested, and the Parish Council agreed in principal to extend the Recreation Ground car park, to relieve congestion on the road and on the footpaths.  Planning advice was sought and, after receiving incorrect advice, it would appear that the Parish Council does not need planning permission to expand the car park.

At the residents’ meeting on Saturday 6th July, residents were consulted as to their thoughts on the size and fabric of the extension.

Prior to the meeting, two residents had expressed to the Chair that they were against any expansion. 

Other residents, not present, had indicated that they are in favour of an expansion by extending the car park in the direction of the Millennium Garden, stopping at the utility pole adjacent to the gate to the garden of 122 Stourbridge Rd.

The meeting agreed to the following proposals, that will be put to the Parish Council:

  • The car park is extended in the direction of the Millennium Garden, stopping at the utility pole adjacent to the gate to the garden of 122 Stourbridge Rd. 
  • A lattice surface is adopted, to aid drainage.
  • The creation of a wildflower area around the Community Orchard and behind the Millennium Garden, including a wet area taking water from areas that are prone to flooding.

Operation Smartwater Mop Up

Volunteers needed to help the police & SmartWater staff to rollout property marking kits to dwellings in Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge that have yet to claim their FREE SmartWater kit.

Please donate an hour on Tuesday 9th July and/or Thursday 11th July, meet Village Hall 7pm.

The more properties that sign up to Smartwater the greater the deterrent for any would be criminals, we may be eligible for other crime prevention strategies if we can increase oiur take up rate.

Are You An Online Champion?

Could you be an online champion?

Volunteers needed to help support members of our community to become familiar with everyday technology, thereby reducing social isolation.

Can you volunteer two hours a month?

Talk, Tea & Tech takes place at Fairfield Village Hall on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, or you could help people in other areas.

Get in touch with Jo Hughes, details below.