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Flooding and Its Impact on the UK Housing Market

As the risk of flooding increases for many homes in the UK, it’s crucial that homeowners understand how to protect their property from potentially irreversible water damage. Since 2020, there’s been a 58% increase of weather-related property insurance claims, and with the government spending some £800 million on coastal defences alone each year, it seems flooding is a problem that’s not going away any time soon.

Installing preventative safety measures is a far more cost-effective way of dealing with torrential rain and unprecedented extreme weather than being unprepared and paying out to try and restore your home in the aftermath of a flood. And with many homeowners unaware that their properties are flood-prone, there’s no time like the present to start proactively safeguarding against flooding – especially if you live in coastal areas or near large bodies of water.

This detailed resource from Avrillo explores 30 key facts about flooding, with a focus on how flood risk can impact the housing market, both in terms of influencing property prices and demand. Whether you need tips and advice on how to safeguard your home against flooding, help after suffering a flood, or want to know more about how the value of your home may be affected – be sure to give this guide a read-through. With in-depth statistics about the impact of flooding on UK real estate and useful links to help those concerned, this is a great resource for anyone interested in future-proofing their home: 

The guide covers: 

  • In-depth statistics on the impact of flooding on UK real estate
  • Tips on protecting your home from flooding 
  • Advice on recovering from a flood
  • Useful resource links on flooding in the UK, recovery, and community support

Their research has uncovered that:

  • 67% of homeowners are scared of the impact of climate change; however,  23% have not checked to see if they lived in a high-risk flood area. 
  • Although 57% of SMEs believe climate change will have an impact on their business in the next ten years, only 38% have a dedicated flood insurance plan in place–and only 18% have carried out flood prevention measures.
  • The UK risks losing a total of 167 million homes in 20 years because of climate change.