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The Swan is Raising Money for Prostate Cancer

The Swan Inn are running a raffle to help raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK.

Any donations are greatly appreciated. If you are interested feel free to pop in.

There are two hampers up for grabs for the winning tickets.

Pauline Wilkes

It is with sadness that we share the news of the death of Pauline Wilkes, wife of Ron Wilkes and former resident of Fairfield.

Pauline was born locally and grew up around Clent, Holy Cross and Fairfield. As a young married couple Ron and Pauline lived in one of the cottages opposite the village hall in Fairfield where their two children Melanie and Jeremy were born. Many years later Pauline and Ron returned to Fairfield and spent many happy years of their retirement living once again here in Fairfield.

Pauline died on Sunday 12th May at the Great Western hospital in Swindon. Details of the funeral arrangements to follow.

Skills and Crafts for Heritage Open Day 2024

For this year’s Heritage Open Days we want to promote skills and crafts, whether that be spinning wool, flower arranging, crochet, or anything else that can be demonstrated and that can also can get people involved.

Initially, demonstrations/skill sharing will take place inside St. Mark’s church, Fairfield, on Saturday 14th September, 10am to 1pm, if there is the demand, we could be looking at the village hall, if it is available. If you have a skill or interest that you would like to share, please be part of this year’s national event.  Email

Bromsgrove District Plan Update – Consultation Summer 2024

See below update that we have received:

The Bromsgrove District Plan is now ready to move onto the next stage. The plan has continued to be developed over recent years with the Strategic Planning teamworking to develop the evidence base and assess all 400+ sites previously submitted to us. The Council is now in a position to announce that we are expecting to publish a consultation document this summer which will set out the planning strategy for Bromsgrove District for the next 15-20 years. The full details including the summer consultation dates will be confirmed shortly.

The Council is still awaiting further information on how the plan making reforms included in the Levelling up and Regeneration Act are to be enacted. Following the summer consultation the Council expects to then progress its plan using the‘new30 month system.’ Once we have this information a full timetable will then be published showing all the stages up to adoption. Please check regularly on the Council’s website for more updates, we would ask kindly that you do not contact the Council requesting further updates – updates will only be provided via the website and emails sent to those registered on our database. This ensures all stakeholders receive the same information at the same time.

Traffic Confusion Starts The Week

An overnight resurfacing of the Stourbridge Road mini-island and the approach roads, which should have started at 7.30pm on Monday 25th March, was brought forward 12 hours, with the road being closed from 7.30am, causing early morning traffic confusion, and increased traffic using narrow lanes across our community.

The Community Association was contacted by several residents, and after liaising with Worcestershire Highways, an update was providing say that the road would reopen at 4pm, in time for evening commuter traffic, and a further closure at 7pm for lines to be painted.

All Smiles at a Challenging AGM

18 residents attended this year’s Community Association AGM & inaugural Community Challenge on 20th March. 

On arrival, residents were given a complementary glass of wine or a glass of beer. The Community Challenge testing their knowledge about Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge, and observation skills with a Screen Test round(films/tv programme clips were Lady & the Tramp, Allo Allo and Blackadder Goes Fourth).

In between the two rounds there was alight supper of cheese and nibbles.

After a very brief AGM, which saw the committee elected for the year ahead, everyone enjoyed a game of Rock n Roll Bingo, the category TV theme tunes.

Thank you to those residents who came, supporting the community where they live.

The Committee elected for the year:

The committee shall consist of a chairman, treasurer and secretary and up to three other members with power toco-opt up to three other members to the committee as and when it sees fit.”

Chairperson:  Conrad Palmer

Secretary: Carole Morris

Treasurer: Yvonne Watton      

Officers: Mary Gibbs, Sue Wilkes, Geoff Cotterill

Co-option: Carol Brogan

There is space on the committee to a co-opt a further two people, if you would like to join us, do speak to us or email  There are 4 committee meetings a year.

To view the minutes, and the 2023 annual report & accounts visit

FVCA Annual General Meeting 2024

Are you up for our Community Challenge?

Three fun rounds, prizes, wine & nibbles, plus a 10 minute AGM, on Wednesday 20th March 7.30pm at the Village Hall

During the very brief AGM, annual report and accounts will be presented, and the committee for the year ahead will be elected. If you would like to help shape our community and deliver social activities, why not join the team?

For documents relating to this year’s AGM, CLICK HERE

Anonymous Letter Received

The Community Association has received another anonymous letter.  If residents wish to raise issues within the community, it would be appreciated if they do not make the letter anonymous.

In a letter received in February, the sender raises issues with parking and wreaths at the War Memorial.

The Community Association continues to ask for considerate parking.  The Community Association can only encourage and not enforce.  Any illegal parking or obstructions to the footpath (at the time when you are using the footpath) is a policing matter.  Parking in general, relating to the highway, is a County Council responsibility, and should be addressed to the local Divisional County Councillor, who for Fairfield, Widmoor & Stoneybridge, who is Cllr. Shirley Webb.

For approximately 7 years, wreaths at the War Memorial have been removed on 1st January of each year.  Previously, there was uncertainty when wreaths should be removed, and some residents had noted that the wreaths were starting to look weathered and dirty, which some people found disrespectful.

At that time, in response to the comments received, consultations took place at residents meetings, with St. Mark’s church and with the Parish Council.  The Royal British Legion was also consulted, they said:

“There is no guidance as to how long wreaths should remain at memorials after Remembrance Sunday. In some places they are removed after weeks, in others after months.”

A further enquiry with the Royal British Legion suggested removing wreaths after Christmas.

At the base of the War Memorial daffodils grow, to reduce the likelihood of treading on the emerging daffodils, it was agreed by all parties that wreaths should be removed on New Years Day.

It is appreciated that other communities may have adopted other protocols.

The Community Association has a history of respecting and remembering those people who have served this country and all people who have died in armed conflicts.  The Association, in partnership with St. Mark’s, coordinates the Remembrance Sunday service, has cleaned & registered the War Memorial and supports the Commonwealth War Graves Commission when their volunteers visit the village.  The Association also pegs down the wreaths that have been laid; prior to this, wreaths used to blow into the road, and get run over and damaged by passing vehicles.

If the person who has written to us wishes to discuss, or change, local protocols we are willing to listen, any changes would need consultation and agreement with residents and stakeholders.

It would be nice to regularly clean the War Memorial, to stop the buildup of dirt, etc.  If the sender of the letter is willing to assist with this, your help will be appreciated.

Wildmoor Oak Update

STAR PUBS AND BARS, who own The Wildmoor Oak, are working to reopen the venue, and they are advertising for a tenant. A refurbishment of the pub has been planned.

Star Pubs & Bars is part of HEINEKEN UK and the vast majority of our 2,400 pubs are leased out to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

They claim that their ambition is to Build Britain’s Best Pub Company by attracting and retaining the best operators, and investing to create great pubs at the heart of their communities.

When refurbished, the aspiration is that the Wildmoor Oak will offer:

• A high-quality, focused range of drinks including favourite lagers, spirits and wines

• A fantastic food menu

• Coffee and Wi-Fi

• Entertainment as part of the rhythm of the week

The planned complete refurbishment will include a new bar, the addition of a Snug, and a complete redecoration.

The pub exterior, lighting and signage will be refreshed to position it as an attractive community pub. The transformation will enhance site visibility, highlight the pub’s offering and complement the new look of the interior.

A planning application has been submitted to Bromsgrove District for new external signage, including an illuminated, hanging, pub sign.

Oil Buying Scheme

Become a member of Community First’s Herefordshire & Worcestershire Community Oil Buying Scheme!

Great value and convenience.

In 2013, Community First set up a bulk buying group for heating oil for anyone in the two counties.  The scheme keeps money in the local economy, builds a greater sense of community and cooperation and helps tackle fuel costs.  Over the years, with hundreds of members, we have saved many thousands of pounds across both counties. 

How does it work?

At the end of each month we collate orders placed by our members and negotiate with a number of suppliers.  Our savings are often between 2p and 4p a litre against the average English price and can be much more against local individual quotes.  Our prices are the same for 500 as for 1500 litres, which is good for spreading your costs.
To register your interest or ask a question please contact  or ring Richard on 07515 881231.

Membership costs £20 per year.  We are very happy to work with established local groups too for instance by sharing good practice and energy efficiency tips.  Community First will negotiate on your behalf with the oil suppliersThe best deal will be securedYou pay the supplier direct for the oil they deliverDeadlines for orders are approximately around the 26th-28th of each monthTo become a member please contact

Boundary Review for County Council Divisions

A consultation on draft recommendations for division boundaries in Worcestershire has begun

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has today (10th January) published draft recommendations for new divisions, division boundaries, and division names for Worcestershire County Council.

The Commission are now inviting comments on those recommendations.

The consultation closes on 18 March 2024

Draft Recommendations Report

Draft Recommendations Map

Summary of Draft Recommendations

Have your say

You can take part in the consultation by CLICKING HERE or through the Commission’s website, which includes further information about the Commission and the review.

The Commission encourages everyone who has a view on the draft recommendations to contact them, whether you support them or whether you wish to propose alternative arrangements.

The Commission will consider every representation received during consultation, whether it is submitted by an individual, a local group or an organisation.

They will weigh each submission against the legal criteria which we must follow when drawing up electoral arrangements:

·       to deliver electoral equality: where each councillor represents roughly the same number of electors as others across the county;

·       that the pattern of divisions should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities;

·       that the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.

It is important that you take account of the criteria if you are suggesting an alternative pattern of divisions.

If you wish to put forward a view, they would also urge you to ensure that evidence supports your submission.

For example, if you wish to argue that two areas should be included in the same electoral division, make sure you tell them why they should be together, providing evidence about community facilities, ties, organisations, and amenities, rather than simply asserting that they belong together.

The Commission’s website features technical guidance that explains the process and their policies, as well as guidance on how to take part in each part of the process.

Street Watch: Join the scheme today

Would you like to help keep your community safe, get some exercise, and meet new people?

West Mercia Police are looking for more volunteers to join our Fairfield Street Watch scheme.

As a Street Watch volunteer, you will walk your local streets in groups and provide reassurance and engagement with local issues that matter most. While you will have no police powers, you will work directly with local policing teams to report any issues noticed during your walks.

Becoming a Street Watch Volunteer is a fantastic way to help keep your community safe, to meet new people in our community who share the same values, to improve community engagement with the police, and to keep fit and healthy.

If you’re also interested in becoming a Street Watch member you can learn more by clickinghere.

Or email the team directly:

Share the road: cyclist and pedestrian safety awareness for drivers

UK roads are governed by the Highway Code. This extensive list of rules ensures the safety of every road user, not just drivers. The code is constantly being revised and updated, which is why it’s vital for all drivers – regardless of how much experience they have – to stay abreast of the latest rules. It’s important that everyone plays their part in keeping our roads a safe place for all, and this starts with educating ourselves about the rules of the road. 

This informative guide produced by Compare the Market is a great resource to refer to for anyone looking to understand more about how we can interact with each other more safely on the streets. It includes practical advice on how drivers can be more considerate to horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as outlining the latest rules around the hierarchy of road users. According to 2020 data, more than 4,000 cyclists were seriously injured on UK roads. Minimising this number by following recommended safety advice is important to helping everyone to feel safer whether you’re getting behind the wheel or on the saddle. 

Whenever we take to the roads, we’re not only responsible for our own safety, but also for that of anyone we share the space with. By following government guidelines and adopting good driving habits, motorists can play their part in reducing the number of road collisions and injuries we see each year.


Community Falls Silent at Service of Remembrance

A well attended Service of Remembrance this morning, which was held inside the Village Hall.

Wreaths were laid by the Parish Council (Cllr. Gibbs), Community Association (by a child, Miss Jessie Gibson), West Mercia Police (PCSO Cadwallader), Fairfield Women’s Institute (Mrs. Cotterill) & Fairfield First School (child & headteacher, Mr. Scott Smith).

Following the service, members of the community enjoyed refreshments.

The collection raised £134.30, which will be donated to the Royal British Legion

Thanks to all volunteers involved with the service and serving refreshments.

Litter Picks to Continue

Thanks to Keith & Carol, who have volunteered to coordinate litter picks, our Community Litter Picks will continue in 2024.

A deputy is needed for when Keith & Carol are on holiday. Can someone help with this?

The next Community Litter Pick will be on Saturday 13th January 10.30am.

Monthly Litter Picks To Stop

As nobody has come forward to coordinate our Community Litter Picks, and with dwindling volunteers, the last outing for the Fairfield Wombles will be on Saturday (11th November) 10.30am, meet outside the Village Hall.

Everyone is welcome to give our community one last Fight The Grot, it’s only one hour of your time.

It is disappointing, after 7 1/2 years, that litter picking is coming to an end, but we have been struggling for far too long with lack of support, with 3 to 6 volunteers, or is it that people living in the community are content with how it once was, with litter along our roads & open spaces and in our ditches.

Community Meeting: Wildmoor Quarry Expansion

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday evening’s Community Meeting (1st November), we hope you found the information informative.  

The village website’s STOP THE QUARRY webpage has been updated, and now includes a copy of the slides, please make sure your neighbours are aware of what could be happening, and start thinking of your consultation response.

Once the planning application has been published we will make the community aware via our online communication channels.

At the meeting, Residents enquired about the Parish Council and whether the Council will reaffirm its 2018 decision (which is not legally binding) to not sell or permit mineral extraction on Parish Council owned land, something that FVCA has asked for, so far this request has been declined.
An extract from the 2018 minutes is below.  The approved motion is not legally binding and can be revisited after a period of time, i.e. now.
If you want the Parish Council to reaffirm it 2018 decision, please lobby the Parish Council by emailing the Parish Clerk

Belbroughton & Fairfield Parish CouncilMinutes 3rd September2018
244/18 Emerging Minerals Local Plan (4th County Council call for sites)

Council considered the proposals from the owner of Wildmoor Quarry for inclusion of parish council land in order to extend minerals extraction in the locality which had been presented to council in July 2018 and, local quarrying in general and the effects on the local community.

A motion was proposed: ‘’This council refuses to give its consent to quarrying of its land located near to Wildmoor quarry, without any further consideration of the financial and environmental implications of this decision.”

The motion was approved by seven votes in favour and one vote against.The Council further agreed that no further action would be taken on the matter.

Pinches Quarry – Further Consultation

Further Information (Regulation 25) – Extraction of sand and gravel and subsequent infilling with inert waste at Pinches (4) Quarry, Wildmoor – Ref: 19/000056/CM

Re-Consultation on a Planning Application (County Matter)
Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)

Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017

Submission of Further Information in respect of the Environmental Statement relating to the following planning application

Application Ref:    19/000056/CM         Grid Ref:   (E) 396794 (N) 275686

Applicant:             Mr Timmins

Proposal:              Extraction of sand and gravel and subsequent infilling with inert waste to achieve full restoration 

Location:              Pinches (4) Quarry, Wildmoor Lane, Wildmoor, Bromsgrove, B61 0QN

On 7 January 2020, Mr Timmins applied to Worcestershire County Council for planning permission for the above proposal. The County Council sought comments on this planning application from 29 January 2020 until 4 March 2020, from 21 April 2021 until 2 June 2021 and from 4 May 2022 until 8 June 2022.

Following the consideration of the comments that were received on the application and Environmental Statement, the Mineral Planning Authority wrote to the applicant on 9 August 2022, 16 August 2022 and 23 January 2023 requesting further information in respect of the Environmental Statement. On 26 May 2023, 20 June 2023 and 15 September 2023, the applicant wrote to Worcestershire County Council submitting further information in relation to the Environmental Statement regarding a minor amendment to the red line boundary and a number of matters, including: access and highways, landscape and visual amenity, ecology and climate change. The County Council are now seeking comments on this further information.

The further information, together with the planning application, the plans, the Environmental Statement, Non-Technical Summary and relevant documents are available to view on using application reference: 19/000056/CM. When searching by application reference, please ensure that the full application reference number, including the suffix are entered into the search field.

Please email your comments to

I would be grateful for any comments you may have on the above application by 22 November 2023. If this is not possible please let me know. If you have already commented on this application, and if I do not hear from you by this date I will assume your comments remain unchanged.

Please note that all correspondence regarding any planning application will be available for inspection by the applicant and any interested third parties.

Marta Dziudzi-Moseley (she/her)
Principal Planner – Development Management
Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure
Worcestershire County Council
County Hall, Spetchley Road

Fairfield Village Clock Restored

Smith of Derby Clockmakers Proudly Restores Copper Dial for St. Mark’s Church, Fairfield

Smith of Derby is pleased to announce the successful restoration of the copper dial at St. Mark’s Church in Fairfield. The project was led by our Complex Projects Manager, Martin Butchers, who oversaw the refurbishment.

During the initial inspection we discovered that the copper dial had been dislodged by the wind. Traditional wooden plugs and slotted screws were found to have been used originally to attach the dial to the wall, and with weathering over many years these had become loose.

The restoration process involved: a faithful restoration of the dial to its original black colour, with gold leaf and hands; the provision and installation of one of our clock movements, replacing the previous one; and significant improvement to the attachment method of the dial to St. Mark’s Church, ensuring the dial’s stability and safeguarding it against future dislodgment. In response to the desire of the Church’s representatives to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III, as well as the life of service given by our late Queen, Elizabeth II, the Royal cyphers of both monarchs have been painted onto the dial.

“We take great pride in the work we do at Smith of Derby and it has been a privilege to work on the dial at St Mark’s Church” said Martin Butchers. “This project ensures the dial’s longevity and functionality for the future.”

For further information about this project or interviews, please contact us at

About Smith of Derby Clockmakers:

Smith of Derby specialises in the restoration and preservation of historic timepieces. Founded in 1856, our team of horologists is dedicated to safeguarding iconic clocks around the UK and the world.

About the Fairfield Clock

The clock was first installed in 1953, in the coronation year of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with the present reinstallation in the year of His Majesty’s Coronation.  To mark these historical events Royal cyphers have been added to the restored clock.

The restoration work was required as the clock had stopped working and had fallen from its position at the west end of the church.

Often incorrectly assumed to be the Church’s Clock, it is a Public Clock that, like in many communities across the country, is attached to the tallest building, which at the time was often a church.

According to a Bromsgrove Messenger report in 1953 “The Coronation Committee decided that a clock costing £10 be put in the wall of the Church where all could see it”.  A plaque attached to the wall below the clock (below) reads “The clock in this church was installed by the people of Fairfield and District to commemorate the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II June 2nd 1953”.

The cost of the clock refurbishment is over £8000 and has partly been funded by Mrs. Margaret Must in memory of her husband, Chris, however, more money is needed to pay the balance of the refurbishment bill. (above photo, Mrs. Must with Rev. Canon Wyn Beynon at the service of rededication)

Wyn Beynon, Priest in Charge at St. Mark’s, said  “The clock face looking out on to the village is a shared community asset. It may be on the church building, but it was put there by the village for everyone, and indeed was originally paid for by public subscription. We hope you will appreciate the skill of the makers, and those who have beautifully restored the face. It has still got an electric mechanism (it was never clockwork) and this new one is exactly the same type as is installed in clocks in Middle Eastern deserts and Siberian snows… but we hope it’s up to British weather! If you are interested in contributing to the cost – please contact one of the church members or me at”.

Pilates Starting 15 October

Pilates at Fairfield Village Hall with Dance With Nikki

Starting Sunday 15th October 10am to 10.45 am followed by a 15 minute social, this activity is being supported by Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire’s Our Community Can project

See below poster for details.

National Recognition For Fairfield Village Community Association

Earlier this year, Fairfield Village Community Association was nominated for the 2023 Neighbourhood Watch Network National Volunteer Recognition Awards for the category COMMUNITY HEALTH AND WELLBEING.

This category celebrates Neighbourhood Watch groups and Coordinators who have gone the extra mile to look out for the needs of their neighbours and neighbourhood.

On the 1st of September, the Community Association was notified that Neighbourhood Watch had received over 270 nominations and, after being shortlisted, judges had decided that our Community Association is a winner.

This is a huge achievement for our community. Congratulation to all our amazing volunteers and supporters for being part of our success, without you, none of our initiatives could be delivered that helps to enhance community cohesion, reduce loneliness & social isolation, and improve our environment.  So, whether you are a litter picker, tree planter, look after the flower beds, deliver newsletters, serve behind the bar, help with marketing, coordinate one of our initiatives, report suspicious activity or attend one of activities, thank you.

Our thanks also to the trustees of Fairfield Village Hall for use of our community building that allows community events to take place, and to all our partners.

The awards ceremony is being held at The Wellcome Collection in London on Wednesday 20th September.  Alan & Sarah Gormley will receive this award on behalf of our community.

Save Money & Juice Your Apples

It is that time of year again, over the next couple of months, the trees in our gardens will be laden with fruit, but what can you do with your excess apples (& pears)?

Why not juice them?

Do you have some apples with which you would like to make apple juice or cider?

A villager has offered to scrat and to press apples in return for a contribution to Fairfield Village Community Association. If you are interested please call Robert on 07793 307500 to arrange a mutually convenient time when you can have your apples pressed.

The Association needs financial support so please take up Robert’s offer and help the Community Association. Thank you

A search online suggests that it costs at least 60p a litre to have someone squeeze your apples and put the juice in your containers.

Our Community Can – Activity Taster Day

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Activity Taster Day consultation, in total, there were 48 responses.

The suggested activities that scored the highest votes, we have tried to organise a taster session with an instructor. The below image details the activities that will be taking place on the 3rd September.

The sessions are open to EVERYONE, you do not have to live in Fairfield, Wildmoor or Stoneybridge.

Our thanks to Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire for organising this day for you.

You can attend the whole day, or for a session or two. You could just pop along for the HOMEMADE CAKES.

At the end of the Taster Day, YOU will decide which activity or activities should continue and when.

In addition to providing activity suggestions, some people used the consultation to leave comments, to prove that we do read your comments, we have provided some responses, please do get in touch, and help us deliver the solution:

“More distribution locally of flyers detailing whatsoever. Too many people do not know about Fairfield Village Hall events.” 

As community events & village hall activities are mentioned in the FVCA newsletter, which is delivered to approximately 380 homes in our community every quarter, what additional information would you like to see in the event flyer?  Is it a reminder flyer, and how often should it be delivered?  If additional flyers are to be printed & distributed, we would need to recruit more volunteers.

“Daytime Activities cannot be attending by a lot of people who work. Looking at photos that appear on facebook etc. it would appear that most of the people who attend are retired.”

Every evening at the Village Hall activities take place, as well as increasing number of Wednesday afternoon activities.  We also have cover bands & some of the region’s best indie artists perform at our village hall every month on a Saturday night, movies on a Sunday evening, plus event cinema, with screenings on the same day & time as the major UK cinema chains.  It is true, most of the people that we attract are either Over 50 who live locally or young adults (25 to 35 yrs) that live outside our area.  To increase the number of local 25- to 45-year-olds is something that we can encourage and would like, perhaps if local younger adults could get involved, others will also join in.  If there is an activity that you would like to see that would attract young adults, please suggest and help organize. Facebook does not show photographs for all activities that take place, and the people attending.  Some activities are delivered by third party organisations.

“We need extra social gathering for the elderly as there are none in Fairfield on a daily basis.”

We would love to have more activities for all age groups, but venues are limited.  We are hoping that the Taster Day will help us identify more than one additional activity that we could deliver in our community, hopefully reaching out to all age groups.  Please pop along to The Wednesday Social, and encourage other older people to do the same, tell us what you want (we note you not did tick any of the boxes) and what you will support. 

Heritage Open Days

As part of this year’s Heritage Open Days, St. Mark’s will be opening its doors & hosting a musical performance, and in the village hall a film charting the history of Bromsgrove will be screened. In neighbouring Dodford, there with be guided tours of the Charterist Cottage, Rosedene.

Saturday 9th September

St. Mark’s will be open from 9.30am, and there will be a special performance at 10am by the Roaming Villeins, something not to be missed.  

Sunday 10th September

St. Mark’s will once again be open for two hours from 3pm, and at 5pm there will be a special screening of “Looking Back At Bromsgrove” in the village hall. 

The film explores the origins of the town and follows its growth from a thriving medieval market centre, an important stage coaching town, the nail-making capital of Britain, to the bustling residential town of today.

The town’s more recent past is brought to life with stories from the archives of Berrows Journal and the Bromsgrove Messenger, which provide a unique commentary on local events – as they actually happened – and a rare insight into the everyday lives of local people in times gone by.

The film contains a wonderful collection of old photographs, a unique map of 18th century Bromsgrove, archive film, and up to date footage. This entertaining journey through time is produced by Britain on Film.  Admission to the see the film is free, as seating limited, booking is advisable to avoid disappointment

Guided Tour of Rosedene

Rosedene, Victoria Road, Dodford, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 9BU

Join a guided tour of Rosedene, a mid 19th-century Chartist cottage in Worcestershire.

Born out of social injustice, Rosedene is a peaceful symbol of working class political and social aspirations. The cottage and its four-acre plot are the only surviving example of the Chartist dream of land ownership and therefore the vote for men.

Discover the history of Rosedene and the stories of the people that lived there on a tour with a knowledgeable guide. Tours last for one hour and take visitors around the cottage, followed by a gentle stroll around the garden and orchard with one of Rosedene’s gardeners.

Event Times
Friday 8 September: Tour 1400
Sunday 10 September: Tour 1100 & 1300
Wednesday 13 September: Tour 1100 & 1300
Friday 15 September: Tour 1100 & 1300
Sunday 17 September: Tour 1100 & 1300

To book a place on one of the tours CLICK HERE

Introducing the “8 Hills” Regional Park

The National Trust is working on proposals for the creation of a 12,000 hectare (47 square mile) ‘regional park’, centred along the 8 Hills between Clent and Weatheroak in North Worcestershire.

Bromsgrove District Council are being encouraged, by heritage & wildlife groups, and other stakeholders, including Fairfield Village Community Association, to include 8 Hills in their local plan, which is currently being reviewed. BDC are now actively considering 8 Hills for inclusion and are engaged in the development of a spatial framework looking at opportunities.

The overall vision for the 8 Hills Regional Park is to improve access to the countryside for local communities, create additional income opportunities for farmers, and improve wildlife corridors and heritage features.  The regional park would help to ensure that any development doesn’t reduce or cut off access to the countryside for local communities.

Interested in learning more about 8 Hills Regional Park?  Please visit

8 Hills Regional Park survey

The National Trust is exploring the creation of a new regional park within Bromsgrove, creating more spaces for wildlife and for you to enjoy, for background see our article Introducing the “8 Hills” Regional Park

They would like to hear your views on projects for people and nature in the regional park, and how getting around the area could be improved.

They are inviting you to share your views at Lickey Hills Country Park on Friday 11th August, 12 noon – 5 pm, and at The Beaches event, Kings Norton on Saturday 12th August, 10 am – 4 pm to capture your comments and ideas. Please come and visit their stand.

Too busy to attend? You can have your say by completing an online survey and interactive map. You can find this here 8 Hills Regional Park Spatial Framework Consultation ( It will be available until Monday 4th September.

Want to know more about the 8 Hills Regional Park? You can find out more about National Trust’s ideas at

Thank you for taking part.

Our Community Can – Activity Day

We have been approached by Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire to help fund and deliver a new activity in our village hall.

The chosen activity will be for all adult age groups.

The plan is to hold a FREE taster day at Fairfield Village Hall on the 3rd September 2023 to try out a variety of different activities to see what we all like.

We would appreciate your feedback in our online survey. All responses will remain confidential and secure. Thank you in advance for your valuable insights. Your input will be used to ensure that we continue to meet your needs. We appreciate your trust and look forward to serving you in the future.

We have contracted with QuestionPro, an independent research firm, to field your confidential survey responses. Please click on this link to complete the survey:

Please contact with any questions.

Stop The Quarry

An action group is being formed, and we need help to be able to understand the technical bits of the planning application, and to guide us through which planning & mineral extraction points that we can oppose or question. If you have expertise in mineral extraction or planning law, we would value your input. Email:

For further information with regard what could soon be happening visit

Enhancing the Recreation Ground

At Saturday’s Foodie Fairfield parishioners will have the opportunity to view & make comment on the Parish Council’s ideas to enhance the Recreation Ground.

There will be further opportunities to view the recreation ground plan at the recreation ground on:

  • Thursday 6th July at 2pm for a Tai Chi taster session
  • Wednesday 12th July (3pm) at the Walking Rounders taster session and
  • Sunday 9th July at the Community picnic event.

Please do come along to view, discuss and comment on the suggested changes which will be subject to funding availability, views of the parishioners and Parish Council consent.

Belbroughton & Fairfield Parish Council

Village Picnic 2023

9th July 2pm – 3pm

With Professor Chandler’s PUNCH AND JUDY Show

Plus friendly competitive races and games

The Wednesday Social: Madagascar – Lemurs and Whales

Wednesday 14th June 2.00pm, Fairfield Village Hall
Madagascar is a remarkable place and our guest speaker, Ian Johnston, will takes us through the central and eastern region of this Indian Ocean Island, as he treks in the rainforest to spot some of the 100+ species of lemurs both in the mountains and down to the coast.
Ian will also take you to a small island off the east coast to see the humpback whales performing their spectacular breaching.
The Wednesday Social is FREE admittance and is open to anyone.

Fairfield Court Update

As many of you are aware, the site of Fairfield Court has over one thousand years of history.  Work is taking place to renovate the house and restore the grounds.

The owners of Fairfield Court are in the process of “opening up” and welcoming the community to the grounds, hosting some events and offering volunteering opportunities.

If you are interested in Fairfield Court and what to keep up to date with progress at the house, join the Friends of Fairfield Court Facebook Group

Chris Lewis from Fairfield Court said ‘The Advert Window event late last year was a great first step for the old house and as mentioned that night, and now the weather is improving, we are kern to push on with welcoming more people to Fairfield Court and opening up this beloved project to those that want to get involved and leave their own footprints in the Houses great history.

We will be organising some open house and garden events, so please join our “Friends of Fairfield Court” group and stay tuned. We believe the house and grounds are wonderful spaces to come and spend time and enjoy the fruits of any labour and expertise our local community can offer!

In particular, we would dearly love to reconnect previous visitors, friends and workers from Fairfield Court with the house and grounds, especially as we try and piece together the estates recent and distant history.

So, please join our group, stay tuned and feel free to come and join us whenever you are passing to see just what we are trying to create for Fairfield Court and its local community.’

Fuchsia Roadshow Coming to Fairfield

Hello Fuchsia lovers and gardeners interested in growing these wonderful flowering plants.

The FUCHSIA ROAD SHOW will be visiting Fairfield Village Hall on SUNDAY 23 APRIL 2023.

It is a FREE event and the programme, detailing Times, Topics and Speakers, is below.

For newcomers to this wonderful hobby, this event is promoted by the British Fuchsia Society (BFS); the Speakers are all Top Class not only in their chosen topic but all aspects of Fuchsia cultivation.

There will be opportunity to ask questions ranging from the basics for Beginners to the more advanced queries by Experienced Growers.  It is a great opportunity to learn new ideas and techniques.


10.00 am Arrival.

10.30am Welcome, Introduction, opening address.

10.40 -11.20 Presentation: Geoff Oke: Encliandras.

11.30-12.40 Presentation: Arthur Phillips Fuchsia General

13.00- 14.00 Lunch.

14.00-14.30 Presentation: Nancy Phillips Bonsai fuchsias

14.45-16.00 Presentation: John Nicholass Standard Fuchsias

16.15 Thank You & Raffle.

16.30 Close.

There will be a BFS Sales table with information. Books Leaflets and other items. Plus a chance to join the National Society.

Entry is free open to everyone. Come for the day or just drop in to hear your favourite topic.

For further information Contact Arthur Phillips. 01527 870012 or 07774820146. E mail

Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

Recycle Your Ink Cartridges and Help Support Fairfield Village Community Association
Did you know that you can help us raise funds simply by recycling your ink cartridges via our Recycle4Charity programme?

For each ink cartridge recycled via the programme we will receive up to £2 donation.

To send your cartridges or start collecting for us click here –

The Big Help Out

Lend a hand. Make a Change.

To mark The King’s Coronation thousands of organisations across the country are getting together to give us all the chance to help out in our own local communities.

Starting on Monday 8th May there will be opportunities for everyone to join in. Whether you are a big or small organisation, a community group or an individual, everyone can get involved, with opportunities for helping hands of all shapes and sizes!

From checking in on someone who’d like a bit of company or volunteering for a charity, the more of us who join in, the bigger help we will be.

Help us to do something amazing.

Bring a picnic to the Recreation Ground on MONDAY 8TH MAY 1pm – 3pm and be part of our community project to refresh the millennium garden and to create a wildflower zone. Bring a paint brush or gardening tools.

Join in, Lend a hand. Make a change.

Exercise & Destress with Friends

The first walk of 2023 will be on Tuesday 18th April, then 16th May, 20th June, 18th July. Meet Fairfield Recreation Ground 10am, unless otherwise advertised.

It is hoped that there will be some Evening Walks, dates are TBC.

Walks are an hour to 2 hours long over gentle terrain, many routes are familiar. Wear suitable clothing & footwear. Dogs allowed (on lead where animals are grazing or crops growing).

Dumping of Grass & Other Garden Waste

We often receive complaints from residents regarding other residents who dump their grass cuttings & garden waste in the hedge or in a field.

According to the law, dumping garden waste anywhere, including in hedgerows, grass verges and woodlands is flytipping. Just because it may eventually compost down, does not make dumping acceptable or permissible.

To report flytipping visit

What links Fairfield, ITV and Sainsburys?

We are all TRUSTED PARTNERS of the /together coalition.

The /together coalition, exists to build a kinder, closer more connected communities.

The work that your Community Association does has been recognised, and we are currently the only village group that has been recognised as a trusted partner by the /together coalition, our logo appearing alongside the coalition’s other trusted & corporate partners. Our activities are being used as case studies to hopefully encourage other communities.

Along with the BBC, Bulb energy, HSBC, Scouts and other large organisations, we will be supporting Thank You Day on Sunday 2nd July, and we will be part of the launch on 15th March, so look out for our social media messages.

The /together coalition are coordinating the BIG HELP OUT, a day of volunteering (Monday 8th May) to help mark the King’s Coronation, and the King’s service to our nation. We encourage residents and others in our community to be part of this national initiative and support projects here in Fairfield or elsewhere – details of the Fairfield project will soon be shared.

To see the Fairfield logo appearing alongside other big corporate partners visit

What did you do with your Sunday?

Charlotte donated her time for our community, litter picking Wood Lane, Pepper Wood, Dordale Road, and Brook Lane.
Huge thanks to Charlotte – You are a star!

Community Association On Verge Of Collapse

All Community Association Activities Could Soon Stop

There is less than a month to go, and we still have not had a volunteer step forward to take on the role as FVCA Treasurer – someone to keep a record of our receipts and payments.

If nobody steps forward the Association will close, which will mean all the activities that are delivered by the Association will have to STOP.

If you can help, email
What is at stake?
The purpose of Fairfield Village Community Association is to further community life within the village [Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge] and to support the preservation of the existing and future environment of the village. Initiatives that are delivered include:

Neighbourhood Watch
Keep Fairfield Tidy – Litter Picks & Spring Clean
Dining Group
Foodie Fairfield
Festive Fairfield
Fairfield Walkers
Social Wednesdays
Harvest Festival (in partnership with St. Mark’s)
Remembrance Sunday (in partnership with St. Mark’s)
Pancake Race
Village Picnic
Summer Fete (this year will, hopefully, be our first event)
Events to mark the Coronation of King Charles
Fairfield Flicks
Managing the Village Website & Social Media pages

Annual General Meeting 2023

Fairfield Village Community Association

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 22nd March 2023, 7.30pm

Venue: Fairfield Village Hall

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Approval of AGM minutes 20th July 2022

4. Chair’s Report

5. Treasurer’s Report & Presentation of Accounts

6. Elections

“The committee shall consist of a chairman, treasurer and secretary and up to three other members with power to co-opt up to three other members to the committee as and when it sees fit.”

· Chairperson

· Secretary

· Treasurer

· Officers x 3

Should a constituted committee not be formed:

7. Calling of a Dissolution EGM

“Dissolution: If the committee by a simple majority decide at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise, it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Association, it shall call a meeting of all the inhabitants of the area of benefit of the age of 18 years and upwards, of which the meeting not less than 21 days’ notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be posted in a conspicuous place or places in the area of benefit and advertised in a newspaper circulating in the area of benefit and given in writing to the Charity Commissioners for England & Wales. If such decision shall be confirmed by a simple majority of those present and voting at such a meeting the committee shall have power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of the Association. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be applied towards charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area of benefit as the committee shall decide and as may be approved by the Charity commissioners for England and Wales.”