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Neighbourhood Watch

Fairfield neighbourhood watch

Fairfield Village Community Association is the verified Neighbourhood Watch group for Fairfield & Stoneybridge.

The Community Association works for a safer neighbourhood for all.

Help fight crime and join our scheme, it costs NOTHING

If you have not already done so, subscribe to the e-Circular for FVCA news & local Neighbourhood Watch notices direct to your email in-box – fill in the form located at the side of this webpage.

Latest Fairfield Neighbourhood Watch notices can be viewed here and on the Fairfield Facebook Page 

Introducing Your local Policing Team

On the Beat Newsletter for North Worcestershire

Help Keep Our Community Safe

Life’s safer when you know your neighbours and the community pulls together.

If you see suspicious activity REPORT IT, online via  or telephone 101.  If safe to do so, share your observations with us  so that we can make others aware.

What is Suspicious Activity?

If a vehicle/person feels out of place please report to the Police as suspicious activity, tel. 101. Even if something seems trivial to you, it’s worth reporting as it could be important/vital information. Please remain vigilant at all times, and not just during anyone incident.


Neighbourhood Matters

West Mercia Police have launched Neighbourhood Matters, their brand new community messaging service!

Through Neighbourhood Matters you can sign up for local alerts, receive information about crime in your area, find out about police events and more.

Sign up now

Smart Water Protecting Our Community From Crime

Free Rollout of SmartWater® Kits – PLEASE ACTION

If you have not yet received your FREE Property Marking Kit, email to arrange a home delivery.

Please tell your neighbours, many do not receive the FVCA circulars, let’s get our community SmartWater covered.

Fairfield Village Community Association has teamed up with Belbroughton & Fairfield Parish Council and West Mercia Police to make Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge a “We Don’t Buy Crime” community by supplying all households with a SmartWater® kit to help protect their property.

To be eligible for your FREE SmartWater® your house MUST be in the Fairfield Ward of Belbroughton & Fairfield Parish. If not, e.g. your house is in Wildmoor, Bournheath, please contact your Parish Council.

SmartWater® is an easy-to-apply liquid that enables the Police to trace valuables back to the owner. Full details of what’s Smart Water is visit  What is SmartWater.

If you already have SmartWater® please do collect a second kit.

The Parish Council have obtained a grant from the Police Commissioner as well as part-funding the cost of the packs to provide them free of charge to all residents.

Our aim is to ensure that every household in Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge is equipped with a SmartWater® pack.

Don’t Be Phished

Avoid links on suspicious text messages or emails. Criminals create genuine-looking websites to steal your login details and your personal or financial info.

Report suspicious emails by forwarding them to and suspicious text messages by forwarding to 7726.

Are You Cyber Aware?  Take This Test

The experts at Virgin Media have created a cyber security safety test to help build awareness around cybercrime, identity theft, malware & phishing to ensure users are better protected online.

Test your knowledge to see if you really are Cyber Aware.

Three SCAMS demonstrated by the Metropolitan Police, where fraudsters obtain your credit/ debit card and access your bank account.

Home & Garden - Crime Prevention Advice

Crime Prevention Advice

Important Crime Prevention information that will help you and your family, just click on the link below.