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Wildmoor Quarry Expansion – Briefing 5th Feb 2022

In early January, Wildmoor Quarry requested a Scoping Opinion with regard their intention to extend existing mineral extraction, to quarry adjacent land and to import inert material. For the scoping notice CLICK HERE

Responses to the Scoping request have been given by FVCA, the Parish Council, District Councillor May and others.

Below, presentation given at the Social Saturday community gathering on 5th February 2022, outlining the proposal as detailed in the Wildmoor Quarry’s Scoping Request, plus images taken by FVCA to help residents understand what could be happening.

At present, there is not a full planning application and so there is currently no consultation. The purpose of this presentation is to make residents aware of what could be happening, and should a full planning application be submitted that they have the information to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to support or oppose the planning application.

It is the intention of FVCA to hold a meeting once the full planning application has been published, and FVCA will request an extension to the consultation deadline.

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Photos of Wildmoor Quarry – 2nd February 2022