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Village Hall News – February 2022

Message to Hall Users

In March, after more than 2 years, the monthly evening Bingo sessions resume at the Village Hall, providing a much-enjoyed activity for some of the elderly in our community, and later this month we welcome back WMGA for their committee meetings. We look forward to seeing some bird shows at the hall later in the year.

We really do appreciate the many adjustments you have had to make over the past two years – and continue to make – to help deliver safe activities at Fairfield Village Hall.

Keeping the hall clean and tidy is a chore, especially after delivering an exhausting activity (I know, sometimes I just want to go home). Occasionally we receive comments from hall users regarding the state of the hall when they arrive, usually the floor has not been properly swept. PLEASE sweep and tidy the hall, as well as empty bins, when your session has ended. Please use the large scissor-brook to sweep the hall, then use a dustpan & brush to sweep up the bits.

Towards the end of last year, our gas contract came to an end and as the hall is classed as a business for energy supply, we had no choice but to agree to a three-year fixed contract at a much higher price. Our Treasurer has calculated, over the next three years, our gas bill will increase by £3000, based upon our current consumption. When we review hall hire charges in June/July is it very likely that rates will rise in January 2023. As always, we will do our best to keep our rates affordable and offer good value.

In 2019, it was our intention to refurbish the toilets and cloakroom, and due to the pandemic, work was postponed to 2021, then to 2022. Material prices are currently very high and so work will, once again, be postponed until 2023 (fingers crossed) when, hopefully, the price of materials will have started to come down and be less volatile.

We will still do some minor works & improvements this year, and it is our intention to replace all the radiator fire guards and the broken parking posts in the service road. Other works for the year include replacing the Barton Room fire exit & decluttering the Boiler Room.

We are changing our internet contract to a cheaper and improved package offering ultra-fast broadband speeds, and so a new hub will be needed, with a new password, which I will post on the noticeboard.

Managing the Village Hall is not always easy, and there are many rules & regulations that we have to abide by, some of our policies that we have adopted are on the internal noticeboard, and all are on our website Another policy that we must have – and we are currently drafting – is an Environmental Policy, which will require your support to make it work, Further details will be shared with you in due course.

And finally, thank you for using Fairfield Village Hall, creating a vibrant, multi-use venue that brings people together, provides purposeful activities that reduces social isolation, loneliness and improves mental & physical well-being.


Chairman – Fairfield Village Hall