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Village Hall Covid-19 Update (23rd June 2020)

The Prime Minister has announced (Tuesday 23rd June) that Community Centres may reopen from 4th July.
The trustees at Fairfield Village Hall are currently considering guidance that they have recently received from their  Village Hall Advisors and they are expecting further guidance from the Government.
As a responsible Village Hall, the Hall trustees want a safe venue for all, which will require strict management protocols that they will have to follow and rules that users and visitors will have to abide by.
Some regular users have indicated their desire to restart using the Village Hall.  For now, no one can use the Hall without the trustees’ approval.  Approval will be given based on a risk assessment of the activity, vulnerability of users and that control measures are in place to reduce the likelihood of Coronavirus transmission.  
As soon as is possible, a further update will be provided.  It could be that the Village Hall will operate a phased return, with some groups being able to use the group from 4th July and others at a later date.  If the trustees do adopt a phased return, this will help monitor and evaluate delivery in ensuring that they have the control measures to deliver a safe Village Hall for all.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Hall Chairman