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Village Hall Covid-19 Update – 20th July

The Village Hall has received a letter from Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) regarding the removal of business restrictions that took place on 19th July.

The contents of their letter we must take seriously and it is strongly advisable that their instructions are followed, extracts are below:

  • “case rates in Worcestershire continue to climb with levels not seen since earlier this year, [WRS] expect to see businesses taking reasonable steps to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 infections.”
  • “you are required to risk assess your business activities, and introduce robust controls to prevent risks to health of your employees and your customers, including infection control.”
  • “you may wish to continue with social distancing and the appropriate use of face coverings within your business, as these are proven mechanisms to reduce the likelihood of onward transmission.”
  • “increasing ventilation within your venue, and consideration of applying the Government’s Vaccine Passport scheme as a means for accepting customers who are double vaccinated into your premises, are further appropriate controls that will limit the risk of transmission of the virus.”
  • “the health of the public continues to be of paramount importance and none of us would wish to see a repeat of hospitalisation and mortality levels over the past 18 months, or a return to further restrictions.”

As a Village Hall we take the safety of all users very seriously, and we adopt best practice to protect everyone that uses our facilities.

As users of the Village Hall, we strongly request that you adopt the advice that we have received.  We understand that further advice is due from ACRE to support Village Halls and Community Centres.

Even though the capacity for using the Hall is lifted, please continue to Covid-risk assess your activity/event, it may be that a responsible cap’ should be adopted for the event/activity that is taking place.  Please encourage people who are attending your event/activity to:

  • not enter the Village Hall if they have or display Covid-19 symptoms or when they should be isolating,
  • wear face coverings,
  • use the hand sanitiser,
  • “check in” with NHS Test and Trace Update (or use a register),
  • ventilate the building,
  • wipe down touched surfaces,
  • etc.

Should someone become infected with Covid-19 by attending an event/activity at Hall where the event/activity organisers has not taken reasonable steps to control the spread of a communicable infection, it is possible that the event/activity organiser could be held liable.

The trustees will continue to review our protocols and, should it be required, are not afraid to impose local restrictions for using the Village Hall.  We call on all Hall users to do their part for keeping our Hall safe for all the people that use it.