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Symphony of the Countryside

Please see the below invitation from Live and Local, the organisation that brings rural touring theatre to village halls like ours.

I would like to bring your attention to a fabulous new project that we hope you might be interested in taking part in, as it sounds perfect for Live & Local Promoters. Our friends at Carn to Cove – Cornwall’s rural touring scheme – are introducing a project called Symphony of the Countryside. Their aim is to collect a broad variety of short films and audio recordings from different rural locations around the country to create a record of this unique time in our lives.  

We need people from all over the country to get involved and give a snapshot of their village/home/community during this period, and that’s where you come in. By simply creating a short recording on your mobile phone (help from friends or younger relatives is, of course, allowed) you can create a document of your corner of the world – your little bit of England contributing to the wider mosaic of the project, and adding your voice to the overall symphony. Hence, Symphony of the Countryside!

If you would like to get involved or learn more about the project, please do read on, or feel free to ask me any questions. We hope you are as excited by the idea as we are, and that you’ll enjoy getting involved with a country-wide community project.



We want to create a new digital, collaborative work of art using the national network of rural touring schemes and in particular, the promoters from across the whole country to celebrate the sounds of our country. The Symphony will become an enduring mosaic representative of diversity and unity of rural lives.
The rural performing space is as exciting as the National Theatre and we want to engage new audiences online by using ideas from you, our promoters, and local artists. You can be part of this exciting project to create a brand-new piece of art. We would like you to take part to give the Symphony a national voice.


In taking part you will:

  1. Help to address the break in engagement that COVID-19 pandemic has caused between promoters, audiences and the professional creative community which performs in those rural spaces.
  2. Participate in a huge and exciting digital project to create a distinctive, collaborative set of online artworks which can improve the digital presence of the rural touring creative arts scene.
  3. Help to engage new audiences online.
  4. Be part of a national project marking and documenting this point in our time in history.


All you have to do is record short, 6 x 30-second sounds and images of your community depicting “the countryside” together with an audio file “greeting” or a few lines of poetry from a local person(s) depicting their regional distinctiveness. The poetry could reflect the silver lining which comes out of the dark clouds e.g. community spirit, reaching out, acceptance of others and the benefits to the environment.
The recordings can be done on a smart phone camera or similar device and we are available to assist with this. The recorded files need to have the location identified and be submitted to Carn to Cove via a shared Dropbox or sent to Live & Local who can submit on your behalf. 

You must agree that the content can be used in perpetuity for the Symphony of the Countryside mosaic artwork and obtain the necessary permissions from anyone depicted in the footage.

In addition to contributions from promoters, a similar task is being given to professional artists, for them to create a piece of music or poetry to go along side these recordings.


Carn to Cove intend to employ a Film Maker to select and edit the content. The Film maker will mix content from contributors, which can be enjoyed beyond the project end.

The main output format and platform has yet to be determined but the main work will be hosted online, on the Carn to Cove Vimeo Channel. It is hoped to engage local radio stations to broadcast the final pieces. The decisions will be informed by the final shape of the content when edited. It is intended that there will be a searchable database online where audiences and locals can access all the content by geolocated tags.  

They will then creatively mix their content with the work of their professional rural touring artists recorded material to replace the absence of live events.


DEADLINE 28th August 2020

  • 30th Sept – Post-production complete
  • 9th October – Pre-launch teasers published – Analogue (CD-DVD) requirement from NRTF
  • 15th October – Symphony of the Countryside published and distributed

Kind regards,
Selena Hackett
Technical Event Support Officer, Live & Local

Tel: (01926) 402173