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Swan Lane Update

FVCA have been chasing Worcestershire County Council regarding the ongoing outstanding work on Swan Lane.

The Council have provided the following responses:

Blocked Gully at bottom of Swan Lane, near gas pipeline

“This has been placed on a list for ditch digging. The drains on the plan do not work just not as efficiently as they should until the ditch is dug out.”

Blocked gully grids

“The drainage team have advised that they have broken connections along this road and that there are few broken lids, as well as the pot holes that have been marked up for repair.

Having inspected the lane, there are a lot of the gullies are covered in mud. In order to get all of the above addressed, the team are looking to put in place a road closure . At present there is not an advised timeframe for this.”

Unsuitable for HGVs sign

“As for the additional sign- we are looking into it. The consideration is for a sign to be in place when coming out of farm.” [FVCA have asked for clarification regarding sign location]

Weight Limit

“It is advised there is no reason for weight limit to be implemented, as these have to be associated with a weak structure.”

Speed Limit Reduction

“Finally, with regards to the consideration of a speed limit reduction, I have been advised that this is not feasible. The location is derestricted, meaning that drivers should be driving at the appropriate speed to the road, and not at the drivers discretion.” 

FVCA have responded as follows “According to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 section 82 traffic authorities have the powers to remove restricted road status – a restricted road being where “there is provided on it a system of street lighting furnished by means of lamps placed not more than 200 yards apart”, Swan Lane has no street lighting.

Swan Lane is a narrow, winding, low light road, that is regularly used by pedestrians, horse riders as well as motorists; pedestrians are mainly older people.  According to Department of Transport guidance Setting local speed limits paragraph 127 it suggests that Swan Lane can be considered for a 40 mph speed limit, due to, and not exclusively to, the bends, landscaping (that provide low light) and vulnerable road users.  We, therefore, request a reduction in speed limit, in accordance with Department for Transport guidelines.”