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Suspicious Activity Pepper Wood

With the rise of dog thefts nationally, a dog walker has contacted us to share an experience that made them feel uneasy in Pepper Wood recently.

“It was around 5 and I was walking with two dogs down the centre path towards the car park. When I approached the car park I saw a white van with a couple (could have been two women could have been a man and a woman). They were standing outside the van smoking cigarettes and chatting. As I got closer they started to walk towards the path without any dogs. I was turning around anyway to walk back but something just felt uneasy. The woman was not wearing the type of clothes you associate with walking in the woods. I felt quite nervous so started walking at speed and within around 5 minutes they had turned back.”

There is nothing saying that these people have done anything wrong, they may have just been out for a walk.  This experience highlights the need for vigilance at all times, if you do feel threatened or the activity appears to be suspicious please report to the police  CLICK HERE