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Statement from Chief Constable Anthony Bangham

Chief Constable Anthony Bangham has released a public statement around the force’s response to the national restrictions, following the changes which came into force today (5 November, 2020).

He said: “The last eight months have been incredibly challenging for everyone. We are extremely grateful that the vast majority of people in Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire have been supportive and adapted well during the previous lockdown, which meant we only had to take minimal enforcement action.

“I ask everyone to continue with this approach, following the new rules that are in place for everyone’s safety during this next phase of the pandemic.

“We will continue to be out and about, providing a visible presence and engaging with the public as we all adjust to the new rules.

“We will continue to take a sensible and proportionate approach to the Covid-19 laws with our aim always to ensure public safety. If there are clear breaches, where people choose to put lives at risk by knowingly breaking the law then we will take positive enforcement action – as the public would expect.

“In many areas of our force, we share a border with Wales and we understand that there will be concerns, from both sides of the border, about how the differing rules will be managed, particularly for those who live on the border. I want to be clear that we will not be patrolling the border, however we will continue to work closely with our colleagues in the Welsh forces to police the differing regulations and support the most affected communities.

“Please help us prioritise those who are most in need of our help by reporting non-urgent crime, anti-social behaviour and Covid breaches via our website. This keeps the phone lines free for emergency 999 calls. Anyone who needs a police emergency response will get one.

“We know that many are finding this year incredibly difficult and it has been very challenging but we’re asking you to continue doing all you can to keep yourself, your families and those around you safe whilst we get through this together.”