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Share the road: cyclist and pedestrian safety awareness for drivers

UK roads are governed by the Highway Code. This extensive list of rules ensures the safety of every road user, not just drivers. The code is constantly being revised and updated, which is why it’s vital for all drivers – regardless of how much experience they have – to stay abreast of the latest rules. It’s important that everyone plays their part in keeping our roads a safe place for all, and this starts with educating ourselves about the rules of the road. 

This informative guide produced by Compare the Market is a great resource to refer to for anyone looking to understand more about how we can interact with each other more safely on the streets. It includes practical advice on how drivers can be more considerate to horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as outlining the latest rules around the hierarchy of road users. According to 2020 data, more than 4,000 cyclists were seriously injured on UK roads. Minimising this number by following recommended safety advice is important to helping everyone to feel safer whether you’re getting behind the wheel or on the saddle. 

Whenever we take to the roads, we’re not only responsible for our own safety, but also for that of anyone we share the space with. By following government guidelines and adopting good driving habits, motorists can play their part in reducing the number of road collisions and injuries we see each year.