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Rural Crime Prevention Message

A rural crime prevention message from PCSO Mark Hyder:

Farms and Rural properties are often in isolated locations and can be vulnerable to crime if not properly secured and protected. A secure perimeter around your property and its outbuildings can help deter would be thieves and burglars from targeting livestock, vehicles and buildings within your boundary.

Regularly check your fences and hedges in order to identity any gaps or weak spots that could help provide unauthorised access by criminals and secure these where necessary. Consider restricting access to your properties entrance with a gate or other form of barrier system, this will help prevent unwelcome guests and vehicles entering onto your land.

You may wish to consider having an infrared passive tripwire system installed. This type of system projects an infrared beam which when broken would alert you to the fact that there may be somebody on your properties grounds. Remember to install this type of system high enough off the ground so local wildlife such as fox’s and badgers do not accidentally set it off.

Install good security lighting around your home, outbuildings and any isolated locations. This can also deter would be criminals as most thieves and burglars would rather remain unseen in order to help prevent them being spotted by the property owner or any possible passersby or police patrols.

Avoid leaving property in isolated locations or in fields – particularly near roadside or any where they can be easily removed without attracting any unwanted attention.

Items such as motorbikes, quad bikes, trailers and sit on lawn mowers are very desirable to thieves. Consider shackling multiple items together or chain items to a sturdy bracket which is secured to the ground or the wall of a building making them difficult to remove.

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