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Remembrance Sunday 2020 Plans

It is hoped that the annual act of remembrance will take place on Sunday 8th November.

The current plan is to hold a short service outside the Village Hall, starting at 10.45am, with family groups maintaining social distancing.

This year’s event will be coordinated by the Community Association, liaising with St. Mark’s church.  We will be following Government guidance that is applicable at the time of the service. 

To comply with current guidance; as we are highly likely to have more than 30 people attending this act of remembrance, we are unable to hold an indoors service and provide refreshments after the service, please wear suitable clothing. The Village Hall will be open for the purpose of using the toilets (follow displayed instructions).

Of course, if further lockdown restrictions are imposed, the service may have to be cancelled.  Updates will be provided via the FVCA e-Circular, website, Facebook and Twitter.