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Protecting Your Shed From Burglary

Although theft from outbuildings and sheds is uncommon there have been a few over recent months across the West Mercia Police area. Therefore police are asking residents to remain vigilant.

Police have seen a number of sheds and outbuildings across Shropshire being targeted and the Police do need people to take precautions to protect their property. Please ensure you keep Valuable tools out of sight lock buildings, fit good security lights and alarms where possible.

If you have CCTV look at using it to cover your sheds and outbuilding as well as the house.

Whitewash the shed window or put a curtain across to stop any one looking inside the shed.

Fit good locks and attach the fittings with bolts. Cover the screw heads on hinges so they can’t be taken out.

Remember, sheds that are not attached to homes or are out of sight at the bottom of a garden can be quite vulnerable. Look at making sure that your boundary fences and hedges are in good condition and grow shrubs such as Firethorn or Hawthorne in your hedges. Don’t make it easy for the thief.

Put tools away and out of sight after use and don’t forget to lock the shed up before popping off to the shops.