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Protecting Your Bicycle

Some advice from PCSO Hyder

Bicycles are one of the most targeted items by thieves…

Always lock your bike when you leave it, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Look to spend about 10% of what your bike is worth on the lock. For better security use two or more locks of a different type – a D lock plus a robust chain and padlock.

All bike frames are given a unique serial number. This is normally located underneath the bike and should be written down or photographed and kept somewhere safe.

Security mark the frame. You can use a UV Pen or a property marking solution such as Smartwater. When marking your bicycle use your initials, postcode or another mark that is unique to you.

When possible lock your bike at recognised secure cycle parking area. Wherever you leave your bike unattended please ensure that the area is well covered by good lighting and CCTV, ensure both the wheel and the bike frame is secured to an immovable object.

If your bike is kept in a shed, keep the shed secure with good quality locks and ensure the windows are covered and an alarm is fitted. Remember, even if your bike is stored in a shed or garage, be sure to still use a bike lock in order to prevent anyone from riding off with it should they manage to break in and gain access.

Remember to Insure your bike either on your homes contents insurance or on a separate insurance policy. Double check with your insurance company that your insurance policy does also cover your bike.