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Properties Taking Part In Festive Fairfield’s Advent Calendar

On the 24 days leading up to Christmas Day a different property in the village will “unveil” a festive display.

As part of your daily exercise, visit the properties and see if you can spot our Advent Calendar window; displays are of various sizes, some in the windows, some on the ground or on the roof. Take photos and share on Twitter @fairfield_info message to or email

Download our Advent Calendar Map

DateProperty Address 
1st December 10 Pepperwood Close
Barn Owl Cottage, Stourbridge Road
2nd December Village Hall 
3rd December32 Stourbridge Road  
4th December 5 Wood Lane
77 Stourbridge Road
142 Stourbridge Road
5th December Fairfield Cafe 
6th DecemberThe Police House, Stourbridge Rd  
7th December 186 Stourbridge Road 
8th December Fairfield Dental Surgery
334 Stourbridge Road
9th December 7A Stourbridge Road 
10th December 28 Stourbridge Road 
11th December Fairfield First School 
12th December 153 Stourbridge Road 
13th December 57 Stourbridge Road 
14th December 112 Stourbridge Road 
15th December1 High House (188 Stourbridge Rd)  
16th December 55 Brook Road 
17th December 55 Stourbridge Road 
18th December 2 Yew Tree Lane 
19th December 9 Stourbridge Road 
20th December 24 Yew Tree Lane
59 Stourbridge Road
21st December83 Brook Road  
22nd December 111 Stourbridge Road 
23rd December 20 Yew Tree Lane 
24th December Top of Swan Lane