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Police and Village Hall Need YOUR Assistance

On Sunday 21st April the Village Hall entrance gate was unlocked so that the car park could be used for the Easter Sunday morning service at St. Mark’s church.  Unfortunately the padlock was hooked over the open the catch post and when the gate was checked later in the day the padlock was found to be missing.

The gate was then locked using the “twin padlock”

Two days later, Tuesday 23rd April, the regular Tuesday evening hirer unlocked the entrance gate and when they went to lock up found the padlock missing.  They usually clasp the lock, but on this occasion they did not.

Today, the elderly Welcome Club arrived at the Village Hall to find the entrance gate padlocked, someone had replaced the stolen padlock with another padlock lock prevent Hall users from having access to the car park.  Bolt cutters were used to remove the padlock.  The elderly ladies are, understandable, worried and anxious (youngest member is 82 yrs, oldest will 93 yrs next month).

These incidents have been reported to the police and the Village Hall’s solicitor. 

If you know who is committing these acts or you have seen suspicious activity please telephone the police 101, crime ref:  289S240419