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Poems for Valentine’s

Members of the community put pen to paper and shared their love poems to mark Valentine’s Day 2021.

Love Through the Ages

By Arthur Wilson

In Shakespeare’s time

Love poems would rhyme

With “hast” and “thee”

And “thou” and “me”.

As time progressed

The rhyme grew less

The words less formal

The tone more normal.

So, in love poems now

We will allow

Love to be shown

In any way known.

Just say




Mum to Son:  A Silly Poem

by A Bournheath Resident

I loved you as a baby

Even when changing your nappy.

Your wonderful beautiful smile

Would always make me happy.

I loved you as a child

Thriving at Fairfield First School.

Your imaginative stories

Always seemed so cool.

I loved you as a teenager

When you communicated in grunts,

Even though sometimes

You barely spoke for months.

I loved you as a student

Despite the vast expense,

The late nights and the alcohol.

My love must be immense!

Now you’re living miles away

With one job, then another.

But wherever you are, my love is still there.

From your embarrassing mother.

Lasting Love

By Becky Wood

Every day

Regardless of the weather,

An elderly couple

Walks past my house.

She walks with a stick;

He walks at her pace.

Every day

They smile and chat.

Every day

They are synchronised.

Their paces match.

Their hats match.

Is this perfect love?

Infinite Love

by A Bournheath Resident

“The capacity

To love

Is infinite.”

So said

The mother

Giving birth

To her fourteenth child

And loving him

Just as much

As numbers

One to thirteen.

Love at First Sight

By Nalgar

I was young,

On my own,

Minding my own business,

When he walked in.

What would have been

Had he not been there,

Where would my life have taken me,

Had our eyes not met?

Was it love at first sight?

I do not know.

He held me in his arms,

I felt warm and secure.

At times he was commanding,

Always gentle and kind,

But I pulled the strings,

A relationship was born.

We’ve been together

Four years and more,

He lies down beside me,

And I give him a doggy yawn.