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Pepper Wood Extension Update

Paul Jarczewski, Woodland Trust Site Manger (Central England) has provided the Community Association with the following update:

The online consultation was very successful.  We had 79 responses, which indicated very obvious support for our plans to establish the new wood.  I’m sure this interest was in no small part due to the Community Association championing the project locally, so many thanks for that.

We are just about to submit our final design plans to The Forestry Commission for their approval.  The consultation response is an important appendix to this, as it provides evidence to the Commission that the new wood is something that local people will value.

One of the things we wish to do is set up some monitoring as the new land develops (hoping of course that our fundraising is successful and we acquire the land).  The monitoring will look at how well trees establish on different areas of the site, but also look at how the biodiversity changes/improves with time.  It is very interesting to know we already have some potentially rare species.

We are still fundraising to buy the land, so any opportunity you have to let people know would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to know more about the proposed Pepper Wood Expansion visit