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Pepper Wood Appeal Update

Philip Shipway, Appeals Manager at the Woodland Trust, has provide FVCA with a Pepper Wood appeal update.

In his email, Philip said how pleased the Woodland Trust are to have the support of residents and Fairfield Village Community Association and that it is wonderful that local residents have been contributing to the appeal.  

Public support for the appeal has been phenomenal, and with money from other funding sources the Woodland Trust are confident they will raise the money needed to acquire the extension which will allow them to double the size of the wonderful Pepper Wood. However, they do still need donations to take them over the line, so please keep spreading the word.

For further information about the appeal and to make a donation CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Philip has provided some answers to some frequently asked questions, plus an aerial photograph from which you will be able to see the area of land we are hoping to purchase to extend the existing Pepper Wood.

“We aim to establish a lot of the new trees on the extension via natural regeneration but there will still be a need to prepare the ground, and protect areas from deer etc so any young trees can flourish.   We will carry out some tree planting and this will give us the opportunity to run several low-key tree planting events with, for example, local schools. This is very much a conservation-driven project.  We are not necessarily aiming to attract lots of new visitors to the site and put extra pressure on the already limited parking facilities at Pepper Wood.  There will be a footpath network across the new land linking to Pepper Wood but on the whole facilities and any public events will be relatively low-key.“