Swan Lane Road Closure

Due to water leak/burst mains, Swan Lane is currently closed to traffic.

It is expected that repairs will take up to 5 days.

Police and Village Hall Need YOUR Assistance

On Sunday 21st April the Village Hall entrance gate was unlocked so that the car park could be used for the Easter Sunday morning service at St. Mark’s church.  Unfortunately the padlock was hooked over the open the catch post and when the gate was checked later in the day the padlock was found to be missing.

The gate was then locked using the “twin padlock”

Two days later, Tuesday 23rd April, the regular Tuesday evening hirer unlocked the entrance gate and when they went to lock up found the padlock missing.  They usually clasp the lock, but on this occasion they did not.

Today, the elderly Welcome Club arrived at the Village Hall to find the entrance gate padlocked, someone had replaced the stolen padlock with another padlock lock prevent Hall users from having access to the car park.  Bolt cutters were used to remove the padlock.  The elderly ladies are, understandable, worried and anxious (youngest member is 82 yrs, oldest will 93 yrs next month).

These incidents have been reported to the police and the Village Hall’s solicitor. 

If you know who is committing these acts or you have seen suspicious activity please telephone the police 101, crime ref:  289S240419

Planning Application – Westside Forestry Ltd, Harbours Hill

The following planning applications are available to view and comment on. Please use this
link to take you to the home page of Public Access which is the tool for
viewing applications and making comment electronically.

• Click on the link above
• Type in the application number and click, this will take you to the summary page of Public
• When at the summary page
• To view the documents you will need to click on the tab, then
the .
• To make a comment click on the tab,
• Fill out your details and make your comment and press submit, this will go straight to the
relevant planning officer and be immediately viewable in the comments tab.
• If you have provided an email you can request a confirmation email.

DATE ACCEPTED: 08.04.2019
LOCATION: Westside Forestry Ltd, Harbours Hill Madeley Heath
Worcestershire DY9 9XE
PROPOSAL: Notification for Prior Approval (Class P) for a Change of use from storage and distribution buildings (Class B8) and any land within its curtilage to dwellinghouse (Class C3)
PARISH COUNCIL: Belbroughton Parish
WARD: Belbroughton And Romsley Ward
CASE OFFICER: Claire Gilbert
TELEPHONE: 01527 881655

Website Satisfaction Survey

Our current website is nearly a year old and we would like your feedback, whether you regularly visit the website or occasionally.

The survey should only take a couple of minutes, your responses will help ensure that we have a website that meets the needs of our visitors.

To complete the survey CLICK HERE

Wildmoor News

Download the latest newsletter from Wildmoor Residents’ Association .

The first page promotes the Association’s AGM and invited speaker.

The next two pages are an update on pending and proposed quarry planning applications and an invitation to the annual WRA garden party. 

Location of Existing and Proposed Quarry Sites

Volunteers Needed To Serve On Parish Council

Every four years there are Parish Council elections; volunteers are sought to representative the residents of the Parish.

In our Parish there are two Wards, Fairfield and Belbroughton. The Fairfield Ward area includes Wildmoor, Stoneybridge, parts of Chadwich and a few houses in Dodford.

At the Parish Council there are six residents representing the Fairfield Ward and 8 residents representing the Belbroughton Ward. Last month messages were shared seeking volunteers to representative the Fairfield Ward. As there have only been two residents putting their names forward there will not be a Parish Council election in the Fairfield Ward, the volunteers will be elected uncontested.

There are four vacancies to represent the Fairfeld Ward. Volunteers can be co-opted by the convened Parish Council to serve on the Parish Council.

If you would like to represent the Fairfield Ward please contact the Parish Clerk

A Plea to an Unknown Dog Walker

In February, we reported that the brambles on Stourbridge Road, near the junction of Yew Tree Lane, had been cleared of dog waste bags.  All bags were of the same kind, semi-opaque blue.

Yesterday, volunteers were at work again in the same brambles clearing over 15 dog waste bags, all were semi-opaque clear.

Across the road from the brambles is a dog waste bin.  Could the person that is throwing their dog waste bags in to the brambles please use this facility?

The bags that are being thrown into the brambles are not decomposing and are ripping in the wind, blowing in to nearby fields that could be fatal to livestock should they eat the plastic when chomping on some grass.

If you know who this anti-social person is please contact the Community Association, we would like to pop a courtesy note through their letter box.