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News from Pepper Wood

The fundraising campaign to double Pepper Wood is progressing well, if you would like to make a donation to the appeal CLICK HERE
Littering around our beautiful woodland remains at a low level, however, the Pepper Wood volunteers are making an appeal on two items:

1: If you are not prepared to take bags of dog waste to the bins, then please do not bag the stuff – use a stick to flick it into the undergrowth, otherwise it simply becomes a particularly unpleasant item of litter. Pepper Wood and Community volunteers are not there to clear up the mess left.

2: Please do not discard tissues. Their delicacy made persuade you that they are easily biodegradable. In fact, they remain visible for weeks, and some do not degrade at all.

The muddy state of the footpaths around the wood are worse than any of us can remember, and every time we think it cannot get worse it does. Footpath improvements will be high up the agenda when the volunteer teams get going again.

In normal times, volunteer teams work every Sunday and Wednesday from about 10 am until 1:30 pm. You are welcome to join any of the work parties, all tools are provided at work parties, and all you will need are: Clothes to protect you from the elements and rogue plants such bramble and dog rose, strong shoes or boots, something to drink, and a sense of humour.

An essential ritual of all work parties is the cake and coffee break. In colder months this is held around a brazier on which coffee is roasted and brewed.

No experience or specific skills are assumed; a lot of the work is scaled-up gardening.