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Littering Is No Pooh Joke

Please share, verbally and through social media, and ask your friends to share this message far and wide to all dog walkers:

“If you Bag It, Bin It, Don’t leave It”.

Once again, dog pooh bags have been left on the ground in Pepper Wood; on Monday 15th February 4 bags were picked up from the bottom of the “welcome” sign at the Wood Lane entrance plus a purple bag left adjacent to the bridle path.

Some people say that they leave a bag to pick up later, the purple bag had been left for over two weeks.

It is NOT acceptable that volunteers have to clear up other peoples’ laziness.

We are fortunate that in Fairfield village you are no more than 1/2 mile from a dog waste bin. Also, if your dog does a mess in Pepper Wood off the path you can leave it, Mother Nature will work her magic and in a few days it is gone.