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Life has changed

Life  has changed by Fairfield resident, Sheridan Bryson (written during the Coronavirus lockdown)

What happened on the 23rd of March 2020? 

Our lives as we know it changed completely 

We were told to wash our hands whilst singing Happy Birthday, 

But this was not quite enough to keep the nasty virus away 

Boris told us to stay at home, to protect the NHS and save lives,

This had to be done so that humanity survives

Unprecedented times the news overwhelmingly reported,

We must socially distance they said to get this crisis sorted

In the darkness a glimmer of hope began to shine through,

A workforce of super heroes came forward, with badges of blue 

We cheer them from our doorsteps to show our gratitude for what they do,

And remember all the volunteers, and key workers at this time too 

Everyone is working together to fight this invisible threat, 

And when this is all over there will be time to reflect 

We will be grateful for the little things our friends, and family,

Fast Cars, designer clothes and holidays won’t mean as much to neither you, nor me 

We will Remember what really matters in our lives, including love and laughter,

These basic things are all we need for years to come, and Thereafter