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Licenced Pedlars

On Thursday 9th November, we reported a suspected unlicenced doorstep pedlar in the community, the person claiming to be part of rehabilitation scheme, his behaviour, mannerism and value of goods he was trying to sell aligned with what is commonly known as a Nottingham Knocker, i.e.

Until last Friday (10th November), we were under the impression that West Mercia Police did not issue pedlar licences, and we have previously been encouraged to report visits by people claiming to be licenced pedlars.  We now understand from our Safer Neighbourhood Team that the person of interest was genuine, and he had a Pedlar’s Licence signed off by West Mercia Police.

To enable residents to identify between a genuine licenced pedlar and someone who is not, and to give the community peace of mind, we have obtained a copy of a Pedlar’s Licence, see below.  This will, hopefully, enable residents to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to assist someone, e.g. someone who is on a programme.

Should you receive a visit from an unlicenced pedlar, please continue to report to the police, and if the individual is licenced, do not be pressurised into buying any items.