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Lent 2021


For the people of Belbroughton, Blakedown, Broome, Churchill and Fairfield

On Zoom

on The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis

Starting Wednesday 24th February 2pm, lasting till 3.15/30 pm 

For 6 sessions

The only thing you will need is a Bible.

Session 1:  Following Jesus.   Matthew 4: 18-22; 8: 18-27

Session 2:  The Path of Grace.  Mathew 5: 1-12

Session 3:  The Path of Humility. John 13: 1-17

Session 4: The Path of Suffering: Matthew 10: 1-33

Session 5: The Path of Peace. Matthew 7: 1-12

Session 6:  Following to the End.  John 11:1-44

Not everyone agrees, but the majority think that Thomas a Kempis, an Augustinian monk of the 1400’s, is the author of a book that for years was second only to the Bible in sales. The Imitation of Christ has never been out of print and copies have been in circulation since 1418.

Revered by Protestants and Catholics alike, you might like to get your own copy. You can get the Penguin Classics translation by Robert Jeffery, the Dean of Worcester Cathedral before the present one, for under £10. But you do not need to have your own copy. You might already have one!

If you indicate you want to join this Zoom Group, along with the Zoom details, each week you will get a “Handout” with some text from the Imitation and the questions we shall discuss/think about.

Do join us!   


Canon Sue