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Fly Tipping

Over the past few weeks there has been a significant increase in fly tipping across our Parish Ward and in the surrounding area; Madeley Road, Chadwich Lane, Mearse Lane, New Road, Claypit Lane, Shut Mill Lane and, in the past 24 hours, Swan Lane.

Rubbish dumped has included a bucket of dog excrement, rabbit hutch waste, furniture, tins of paint, asbestos and general household waste. Rubbish can be harmful to the environment and can kill wildlife & livestock.

Fly tipping left on the side of the road is cleared by Bromsgrove District Council, at a cost to the Council Taxpayer, whereas the cost to clear rubbish left on private land (dumped over the fence or gate) is borne by the farmer/landowner.

The recent incidents of fly tipping are not the odd bag of waste.  Some may have been transported by a small van, most has been transported by a much larger vehicle.

If you witness or have information relating to fly tipping:

  • To report large-scale illegal dumping (such as lorries dumping rubbish) and hazardous waste, you CAN contact CrimeStoppers anonymously, tel. 0800 555 111, the Rural Crime Hotline tel. 0800 783 0137 or online at (select ‘Large-scale, industrial fly-tipping’ from the drop-down box.