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Fireworks and Livestock

Farmers care deeply about the welfare of their animals, and are rightly concerned about anything that could jeopardise their wellbeing. Fireworks have the possibility to frighten livestock, which can lead to lower production and even stock loss. Poultry especially are at risk of a “smother,” where birds huddle together which can result in some birds dying. In addition fireworks can pose a fire risk if hot embers land on barns or in fields of standing crops. 

If you are thinking of marking the 5th of November (or any other event/date) with fireworks, we ask that you consider the safety and wellbeing of neighbours and neighbours animals. It is important to let farmers know beforehand that you are planning on letting off fireworks so they can take necessary precautions to protect their animals. Fireworks should always be used safely, and pointed away from buildings, standing crops, and fields with animals in them.

Always check the government advice before using fireworks: