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Festive Fairfield’s Advent Calendar

This year, Christmas in the village will be very different, with many of our annual activities not taking place.

A suggestion has been received to create a Village Advent Calendar. 

What is a Village Advent Calendar?

On a given date, something festive is placed in the window (or garden) of a property in Fairfield, that can be viewed by people passing by.  The display staying in place until the end of Christmas day.  Examples of displays are:

  • Christmas wreaths
  • The whole Nativity Scene
  • Candles
  • Santa & Rudolf in the snow
  • Winter tree wonderland

How can I take part?

Below are listed the 24 days preceding Christmas Day and the addresses of the properties that are taking place.  Email with your address details, the date when you will “unveil” your display and an outline of your display (to reduce likelihood of duplication).  We will then update the webpage.

Then, during December, wander around the village, enjoying the festive displays. 

DateProperty AddressOutline Display
1st December 10 Pepperwood Close Partridge in Conifer
2nd December Village Hall Christmas Tree
3rd December32 Stourbridge Road  Father Christmas
4th December 5 Wood Lane
77 Stourbridge Road
142 Stourbridge Road
Lighted Snowmen
Icicle House
5th December Fairfield Cafe Christmas Presents
6th DecemberThe Police House, Stourbridge Rd Candy Land 
7th December 186 Stourbridge Road Reindeer & Homemade Crafts
8th December Fairfield Dental Surgery
334 Stourbridge Road
 Festive Window
9th December 7A Stourbridge Road Reindeer
10th December 28 Stourbridge Road Illuminated Wreath
11th December Fairfield First School The Jolly Postman
12th December 153 Stourbridge Road Snowmen
13th December 57 Stourbridge Road Christmas Bears in Snow
14th December 112 Stourbridge Road Christmas Roof Tops
15th December1 High House (188 Stourbridge Rd)  
16th December 55 Brook Road Santa, Sleight & Reindeer
17th December 55 Stourbridge Road 6 Little Elves
18th December 2 Yew Tree Lane 
19th December 9 Stourbridge Road 
20th December 24 Yew Tree Lane
59 Stourbridge Road
The Nutcracker at Pepper wood
21st December83 Brook Road  Five Gold Rings
22nd December 111 Stourbridge Road I Saw Three Ships
23rd December 20 Yew Tree Lane 
24th December Top of Swan Lane Nativity Scene