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Faster broadband for Wildmoor

Earlier this year, Openreach announced that (almost) all of Bromsgrove will be cabled with Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), as part of the national plan to phase out copper wiring for landline telephones and internet connectivity. 

Fibre brings substantially higher speeds, better reliability, and future-proofs the properties.  (Apparently, the second most popular question that house buyers ask is – how fast is the internet).

As part of the roll-out, most of Fairfield village has been cabled.  Catshill is also being connected, including the properties immediately past the motorway bridge on Wildmoor Lane. 

Sadly, most of Wildmoor was NOT included in the Openreach plan for Bromsgrove.   

At the Sandy Lane end of Wildmoor, a Community Fibre Project (CFP) proposal was put forward last year, in conjunction with Superfast Worcestershire (part of the county council).   This proposal, which was successful, means that grants are being made available from central government and the county council, to fund the costs for Openreach to install FTTP to the properties connected to the Rubery telephone exchange. 

This leaves approximately 70 premises – a mix of commercial and residential – in Third Road, Mill Lane, Swan Lane and Wildmoor Lane, excluded from any scheme.  A CFP proposal for these ‘forgotten’ premises was submitted to Openreach in March, supported by Superfast Worcestershire and by Councillor Shirley Webb. 

The outline costing has now been received from Openreach, and it is now down to the occupiers of the premises to decide if they want FTTP.  This requires a simple commitment to take an FTTP Internet package from ANY Internet Service Provider which offers FTTP, for a 12 month period.  The additional costs (i.e. for FTTP rather than copper-based internet) could be as little as £10 per month.

To obtain the grants, and therefore incur no individual installation costs, requires a certain level of uptake to succeed.  This is the best opportunity for Wildmoor to avoid being left behind as technology evolves!

If you are one of the residents in this group, or have a commercial unit in Wildmoor Farm business park, or on Wildmoor Lane, please contact Peter Hunt (, or 07970745487) for more information.