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Fairfield Village Clock Restored

Smith of Derby Clockmakers Proudly Restores Copper Dial for St. Mark’s Church, Fairfield

Smith of Derby is pleased to announce the successful restoration of the copper dial at St. Mark’s Church in Fairfield. The project was led by our Complex Projects Manager, Martin Butchers, who oversaw the refurbishment.

During the initial inspection we discovered that the copper dial had been dislodged by the wind. Traditional wooden plugs and slotted screws were found to have been used originally to attach the dial to the wall, and with weathering over many years these had become loose.

The restoration process involved: a faithful restoration of the dial to its original black colour, with gold leaf and hands; the provision and installation of one of our clock movements, replacing the previous one; and significant improvement to the attachment method of the dial to St. Mark’s Church, ensuring the dial’s stability and safeguarding it against future dislodgment. In response to the desire of the Church’s representatives to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III, as well as the life of service given by our late Queen, Elizabeth II, the Royal cyphers of both monarchs have been painted onto the dial.

“We take great pride in the work we do at Smith of Derby and it has been a privilege to work on the dial at St Mark’s Church” said Martin Butchers. “This project ensures the dial’s longevity and functionality for the future.”

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About Smith of Derby Clockmakers:

Smith of Derby specialises in the restoration and preservation of historic timepieces. Founded in 1856, our team of horologists is dedicated to safeguarding iconic clocks around the UK and the world.

About the Fairfield Clock

The clock was first installed in 1953, in the coronation year of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with the present reinstallation in the year of His Majesty’s Coronation.  To mark these historical events Royal cyphers have been added to the restored clock.

The restoration work was required as the clock had stopped working and had fallen from its position at the west end of the church.

Often incorrectly assumed to be the Church’s Clock, it is a Public Clock that, like in many communities across the country, is attached to the tallest building, which at the time was often a church.

According to a Bromsgrove Messenger report in 1953 “The Coronation Committee decided that a clock costing £10 be put in the wall of the Church where all could see it”.  A plaque attached to the wall below the clock (below) reads “The clock in this church was installed by the people of Fairfield and District to commemorate the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II June 2nd 1953”.

The cost of the clock refurbishment is over £8000 and has partly been funded by Mrs. Margaret Must in memory of her husband, Chris, however, more money is needed to pay the balance of the refurbishment bill. (above photo, Mrs. Must with Rev. Canon Wyn Beynon at the service of rededication)

Wyn Beynon, Priest in Charge at St. Mark’s, said  “The clock face looking out on to the village is a shared community asset. It may be on the church building, but it was put there by the village for everyone, and indeed was originally paid for by public subscription. We hope you will appreciate the skill of the makers, and those who have beautifully restored the face. It has still got an electric mechanism (it was never clockwork) and this new one is exactly the same type as is installed in clocks in Middle Eastern deserts and Siberian snows… but we hope it’s up to British weather! If you are interested in contributing to the cost – please contact one of the church members or me at”.