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Fairfield Flicks Screenings Halted

Last week Fairfield Flicks, which is operated by Fairfield Village Community Association, had their first film screening since lockdown, numbers  attending  Knives Out were low and the Community Association made a loss.
Yesterday, Fairfield Flicks screened their second film, Mrs Lowry & Son, which was well received.  Unfortunately numbers were once again low, 9 people including volunteers in the audience, and againthe Community Association made a loss.
The low numbers could be that people do not feel confident to support local community cinema, understandably worried about Covid-19.
Losses are not something that the Community Association can afford, with available funds very low. 
Until the Community Association  committee feels that there is confidence to support local community cinema, and risk to finances changes for the better, Fairfield Flicks will be suspended until 2021.
The Community Association  appreciate that there will be some disappointed people, hopefully when confidence grows and infection rates are lower the Association can relaunch their community initiative.