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Fairfield Cafe for Sale

Sad news – The Fairfield Cafe is up for sale.

Since Kelly & Lydia arrived in our village they have worked hard to deliver a Cafe experience that many have enjoyed, and when they finally do move on will be missed.
A message from Kelly:”As some of you have probably heard I have decided that the time has now come to sell my cafe As you can imagine the last 2 years I’ve been in business have been one hell of a ride, but we came through the other side.We simply haven’t given up, amongst other things my lovely mom is soon to retire and the adventure of the cafe was for both of us and to be honest I can’t see me continuing with anyone else.We have been welcomed into the village since day one, we have the best customers and we want to thank those of you who have continued to support us through the good & difficult times.We have enjoyed our time in Fairfield and that’s down to you, our customers.Please continue to support us until our time in Fairfield comes to an end. I’m sure whoever takes on the business will be as welcomed as were. “