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Delivery text messages and emails

There have been several reports of scam text messages and emails claiming to be from a well-known delivery service such as Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, Yodel and Hermes.
Messages state that a delivery has been missed and that the recipient will need to rearrange a delivery or that it has a shipping fee associated with the package. It will contain a link which will direct the consumer to a phishing website designed to look like the official website where consumers can make payment.
If in doubt, don’t click the link. Take Five and think about what is being asked; are you expecting a delivery? Would it require a shipping fee if you have?
Royal Mail will only send email and SMS notifications to customers where the sender has requested this when using their trackable products that offer this service
The only time Royal Mail would ask customers to make a payment in an email or SMS is if a customs fee is due. In this case, they will also leave a grey card telling them there’s a fee to pay, either for the international customs fee or a surcharge for an underpaid item before they can release the item.
You can forward suspicious text messages to 7726 and suspicious emails on to