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Competitions for the next two weeks

Competitions for the next two weeks.

After the sheer brilliance of the entries for the poetry and mini-saga competitions, our friends at Bournheath Village Community Centre are pleased to announce the next two weeks’ worth of competitions:

Closing Date of 9th May

Sketching (for both adults and children)

All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper.

For our next competition, we are asking you to sketch something that you can see from your window.  It can be anything at all:  bird, flower, car, tree, wall, lamp-post, bike, garden tool, outdoor toy…….the list goes on.

Simply sketch your item then take a photo of your creation and email it to by the closing date of 9th May.  Please include a contact number and indicate whether it is for the Under 16 or Over 16 category.  Feel free to let family and friends have a go as well – you don’t have to live in Bournheath to enter.

Closing Date of 16th May

Children’s Competition

Design a new Super-hero
.  You can do this in whatever way you prefer:  describe him/her in writing, make a model out of Lego or playdough, draw and label him/her……or anything else you choose.  The important thing is that we can see what the new super-power will be.

Adults’ Competition:

Fake News

Write a newspaper report of a trivial event in your house, pretending that it is a major event. (Eg. Bedroom Tidied for First Time in Ten Years!   Man Eats Own Bodyweight in Crisps! )  Feel free to use your imagination to create something entertaining – there is no need to let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Send your entre to by 16th May, including your name and a contact number.  As with the other competitions, please let family and friends have a go as well.