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Community Meeting: Wildmoor Quarry Expansion

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday evening’s Community Meeting (1st November), we hope you found the information informative.  

The village website’s STOP THE QUARRY webpage has been updated, and now includes a copy of the slides, please make sure your neighbours are aware of what could be happening, and start thinking of your consultation response.

Once the planning application has been published we will make the community aware via our online communication channels.

At the meeting, Residents enquired about the Parish Council and whether the Council will reaffirm its 2018 decision (which is not legally binding) to not sell or permit mineral extraction on Parish Council owned land, something that FVCA has asked for, so far this request has been declined.
An extract from the 2018 minutes is below.  The approved motion is not legally binding and can be revisited after a period of time, i.e. now.
If you want the Parish Council to reaffirm it 2018 decision, please lobby the Parish Council by emailing the Parish Clerk

Belbroughton & Fairfield Parish CouncilMinutes 3rd September2018
244/18 Emerging Minerals Local Plan (4th County Council call for sites)

Council considered the proposals from the owner of Wildmoor Quarry for inclusion of parish council land in order to extend minerals extraction in the locality which had been presented to council in July 2018 and, local quarrying in general and the effects on the local community.

A motion was proposed: ‘’This council refuses to give its consent to quarrying of its land located near to Wildmoor quarry, without any further consideration of the financial and environmental implications of this decision.”

The motion was approved by seven votes in favour and one vote against.The Council further agreed that no further action would be taken on the matter.