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Care Home visits in Bromsgrove to be halted

Care Home visits in Bromsgrove to be halted

Families in Bromsgrove are being asked not to visit loved ones in care homes, after a rise in Coronavirus numbers in the town

Worcestershire County Council Public Health teams have taken the precautionary decision to close visits to care homes with immediate effect. Only essential visits will be allowed.

In the past week Bromsgrove has seen a rise in positive Coronavirus cases from 6 to 22.

As part of the outbreak control plan, the county has a multitude of measures and support available to help prevent an outbreak and reduce the spread of the virus. The decision to restrict care home visits is one of those options. It’s considered a necessary precaution in Bromsgrove as the numbers have increased. The need to protect our elderly and vulnerable residents is paramount.

Dr. Kathryn Cobain, Director for Public Health for Worcestershire said: “We realise lockdown separated many families and how important care home visits have been. Sadly, stopping visits to care homes is a necessary measure to protect our most vulnerable in Bromsgrove. We have not taken this decision lightly. I am concerned about the rising numbers of Covid cases in Bromsgrove and have a duty to protect our most vulnerable. The measure is a sensible, precautionary move while we assess the cases and look at how we can reduce the figures.

 Our priority remains keeping our residents safe and our care homes free of Covid. Public Health teams will continue to work with our care homes to establish when it will be safe again for the re-opening for visits. This is a reminder to us all that Covid remains in our communities and the places we visit. It is vitally important that we wash our hands, use face coverings where necessary and keep our distance. We must not be complacent, the virus has not gone away. ”

County Councillor and Leader of Bromsgrove District Council, Karen May said; “It is essential that we take the necessary action to stop Covid spreading. Our most vulnerable residents must be protected from the virus and the decision to stop all but essential visits to care homes, is a sensible course of action.

This is a stark warning to the people of Bromsgrove that we are all still living with Covid in our community and we must not think it is someone else’s job to prevent outbreaks. We all have our part to play to keep everyone safe. Please keep your distance, wash your hands and wear face coverings. It really is simple to do and you will be saving lives.”

Visits to care homes outside of Bromsgrove, remain unaffected.

To read the latest guidance, please visit the Council’s dedicated Coronavirus page.