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Be kind and thoughtful this St. Mark’s Day and Eve

Our village church was named to honour St. Mark the Evangelist, whose feast day is on 25th April.

Mark was an Evangelist—one of the four men who wrote the Gospels found in the New Testament.

It was tradition in many English villages between the 17th and late 19th Centuries for people to sit in the church porch on the night of St Mark’s Eve and stay silent between the bell tolling at 11pm until the bell struck 1am. During this time, the ghosts of those who were to die in the year ahead would be observed entering the church.

In our community we don’t want ghosts, and on this St. Mark’s Eve (Saturday 24th April), we invite you to light a candle, pause and think of those people suffering in body, mind or spirit and ask that they receive strength and healing.

And, on St. Mark’s Day (Sunday 25th April) let’s show our loving, caring nature with a Random Act of Kindness with someone else who also lives in our community.

Share your candlelight photos and tell us about your Random Act of Kindness (whether what you have done or what you have received) by emailing or message our Facebook page.