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Another Ewe Stolen, this time killed on site

An ewe has today been stolen from the corner field on A4491 and Harbours Hill, Wildmoor.  They perpetrator(s) have accessed from a gateway in Harbours Hill, Wildmoor.

The ewe had been hand-reared and was easy to get hold of.  It appears that the perpetrator(s) have slit the ewe’s throat on site,  due to the amount of blood in the gateway.

Police are looking for owner of a Renault Megane that was in the area, even if to rule out of enquiries.

If you saw any suspicious activity today or over the past few days, something looking out of place, a car hanging around, please contact the police.

Please be vigilant.  Report all suspicious activity to the police.

Crime Reference Number is 22/32104/20