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Anonymous Letter Received

The Community Association has received another anonymous letter.  If residents wish to raise issues within the community, it would be appreciated if they do not make the letter anonymous.

In a letter received in February, the sender raises issues with parking and wreaths at the War Memorial.

The Community Association continues to ask for considerate parking.  The Community Association can only encourage and not enforce.  Any illegal parking or obstructions to the footpath (at the time when you are using the footpath) is a policing matter.  Parking in general, relating to the highway, is a County Council responsibility, and should be addressed to the local Divisional County Councillor, who for Fairfield, Widmoor & Stoneybridge, who is Cllr. Shirley Webb.

For approximately 7 years, wreaths at the War Memorial have been removed on 1st January of each year.  Previously, there was uncertainty when wreaths should be removed, and some residents had noted that the wreaths were starting to look weathered and dirty, which some people found disrespectful.

At that time, in response to the comments received, consultations took place at residents meetings, with St. Mark’s church and with the Parish Council.  The Royal British Legion was also consulted, they said:

“There is no guidance as to how long wreaths should remain at memorials after Remembrance Sunday. In some places they are removed after weeks, in others after months.”

A further enquiry with the Royal British Legion suggested removing wreaths after Christmas.

At the base of the War Memorial daffodils grow, to reduce the likelihood of treading on the emerging daffodils, it was agreed by all parties that wreaths should be removed on New Years Day.

It is appreciated that other communities may have adopted other protocols.

The Community Association has a history of respecting and remembering those people who have served this country and all people who have died in armed conflicts.  The Association, in partnership with St. Mark’s, coordinates the Remembrance Sunday service, has cleaned & registered the War Memorial and supports the Commonwealth War Graves Commission when their volunteers visit the village.  The Association also pegs down the wreaths that have been laid; prior to this, wreaths used to blow into the road, and get run over and damaged by passing vehicles.

If the person who has written to us wishes to discuss, or change, local protocols we are willing to listen, any changes would need consultation and agreement with residents and stakeholders.

It would be nice to regularly clean the War Memorial, to stop the buildup of dirt, etc.  If the sender of the letter is willing to assist with this, your help will be appreciated.