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All Smiles at a Challenging AGM

18 residents attended this year’s Community Association AGM & inaugural Community Challenge on 20th March. 

On arrival, residents were given a complementary glass of wine or a glass of beer. The Community Challenge testing their knowledge about Fairfield, Wildmoor & Stoneybridge, and observation skills with a Screen Test round(films/tv programme clips were Lady & the Tramp, Allo Allo and Blackadder Goes Fourth).

In between the two rounds there was alight supper of cheese and nibbles.

After a very brief AGM, which saw the committee elected for the year ahead, everyone enjoyed a game of Rock n Roll Bingo, the category TV theme tunes.

Thank you to those residents who came, supporting the community where they live.

The Committee elected for the year:

The committee shall consist of a chairman, treasurer and secretary and up to three other members with power toco-opt up to three other members to the committee as and when it sees fit.”

Chairperson:  Conrad Palmer

Secretary: Carole Morris

Treasurer: Yvonne Watton      

Officers: Mary Gibbs, Sue Wilkes, Geoff Cotterill

Co-option: Carol Brogan

There is space on the committee to a co-opt a further two people, if you would like to join us, do speak to us or email  There are 4 committee meetings a year.

To view the minutes, and the 2023 annual report & accounts visit