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A Simple Act Can Help Protect Your Elderly Neighbours

Your elderly neighbours are vulnerable and can easily become a victim of a scam, please help them by making them aware of the different types of scams and what they should do if they receive a scam call, letter or visit.

Recently the Community Association has been contacted by several older residents regarding scam telephone calls, which they have found frightening as the automated message is threatening legal action.

The Community Association have acquired some literature that you can give to or post through the letter boxes of elderly neighbours.  The booklet, “Scamwise”, which has been produced by Independent Age, explains in simple language how to spot a scam, how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud and action to be taken if you think you have been scammed.  The booklet can be picked up from Fairfield Cafe.

Be Winter Wise
When delivering the “Scamwise” booklet to your neighbours, please also drop off a copy of the booklet “Winter Wise”, useful tips that help the elderly look after themselves during winter months.