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20mph Advisory Speed Limit Warning Lights

Over the past 18 months, the Community Association has tried, without success, to get the 20mph Advisory Speed Limit Warning Lights fixed.

The issue of the lights not working is often mentioned by residents & parents of young children.

Below, copy of our email sent 14th September 2022 to our Divisional County Councillor, Shirley Webb, and the response received 14th September.

We hope that you will see from the contents of this email that we have tried to get the lights repaired, and that we have not provided a “lip service” response.

From: Webb, Shirley (Councillor) <>
Sent: 14 September 2022 15:30
To:; ‘Belbroughton&Fairfield Parish Council’ <>;; Margaret Sherrey <>
Subject: 20mph signs

Good afternoon Conrad 

Please see update from officers

As discussed, Prysmian got the new GPRS timers and aerials fitted last Thursday 8th and I uploaded the new calendars. The more Southerly one which is F085 was coming up as working but F084 was not. So I got my colleague Andy to take a look on the Friday morning and he said they were both not working despite my computer saying F085 was!

Anyway after speaking to Prysmian this Tuesday we are going to try and get it reset and see if it works so I will get back to you as soon as I know any more. If this doesn’t work we will have to get Simmon signs the manufacturers out to have a look.

I will keep you advised of the progress. 

Best regards 


From: Chair – FVCA <>
Sent: 14 September 2022 10:27
To: ‘Webb, Shirley (Councillor)’ <>; ‘Belbroughton&Fairfield Parish Council’ <>
Cc: ‘May, Karen (Councillor)’ <>; ‘Margaret Sherrey’ <>
Subject: RE: 20mph Advisory Warning Lights

Dear Shirley,

The new school year started last week, and the Advisory Warning Lights are still not working. 

The lights have not worked for 18 months, they are there are for a purpose, to highlight the Advisory 20mph Speed Limit as there is a First School & Preschool nearby, and that there will be young children in the area.  As you know, Stourbridge Road is busy and potentially dangerous, a collision with a person could be fatal.

Since reporting the issue on 29th March 2021 (Ref:  1022858), we have followed up on several occasions (Refs:  1052612, 1111388, 1231995 & 1231996, 1277844 & 1277845, 1277844 & 1277845).

On the 28th May, I provided you with a transcript of all our reports, and on the 30th July you provide the response that can be read in the below email.

I do believe that we have waited for far too long to get this issue remedied, and if not fixed soon, we may have to consider lodging a formal complaint with Worcestershire Council regarding the way they have handled the issue.

It would be appreciated if you could convey to the necessary people our displeasure and the urgency of the matter.

To show to residents & parents of children attending the First School & Preschool that the Community Association has taken the matter seriously, and that we have taken the required reporting steps, the contents of this email will be shared.

Kind regards,


Conrad Palmer


Fairfield Village Community Association, Fairfield Flicks & Fairfield Neighbourhood Watch Group

From: Webb, Shirley (Councillor) <>
Sent: 30 July 2022 07:32
To: Belbroughton&Fairfield Parish Council <>; Chair – FVCA <>
Cc: May, Karen (Councillor) <>; ‘Margaret Sherrey’ <>
Subject: school signs

Good Morning All

Please be advised update regarding the school signs, I can only apologise for the length of time this has taken.

I have spoken to our contractor this morning and reinforced the urgency in completing this work on the two school flashing signs on Stourbridge Road in Fairfield.

Prysmian have assured me that an electrician will attend site in week commencing 01/08/2022 to modify the base of the sign columns so that they can install and connect the new GPRS timers.

Aerials will also be fitted to boost the signal strength to ensure that there is reliable wireless connection.

We will update you again once we receive confirmation that the work has been completed and the signs are working.

Thanks and regards