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Village Hall

Village Hall AGM 2022

Management Committee Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 6th July 2022, 7.30pm, Fairfield Village Hall


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Approval of minutes of last Annual General Meeting
  4. Chair’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Receive Examined Annual Accounts
  6. 200 Club Administrator’s Report
  7. Questions from the floor
  8. Election of Ordinary Members (six)
  9. Noting Representative Members (one per listed user group)
    • Pre-school
    • Welcome Club
    • Sequence Dancing
    • Women’s Institute
    • St. Mark’s Church
    • Fairfield Village Community Association
    • National Vegetable Society
    • Fairfield Dazzlers – Line Dancing
    • Verve Marshal Arts

Village Hall News – February 2022

Message to Hall Users

In March, after more than 2 years, the monthly evening Bingo sessions resume at the Village Hall, providing a much-enjoyed activity for some of the elderly in our community, and later this month we welcome back WMGA for their committee meetings. We look forward to seeing some bird shows at the hall later in the year.

We really do appreciate the many adjustments you have had to make over the past two years – and continue to make – to help deliver safe activities at Fairfield Village Hall.

Keeping the hall clean and tidy is a chore, especially after delivering an exhausting activity (I know, sometimes I just want to go home). Occasionally we receive comments from hall users regarding the state of the hall when they arrive, usually the floor has not been properly swept. PLEASE sweep and tidy the hall, as well as empty bins, when your session has ended. Please use the large scissor-brook to sweep the hall, then use a dustpan & brush to sweep up the bits.

Towards the end of last year, our gas contract came to an end and as the hall is classed as a business for energy supply, we had no choice but to agree to a three-year fixed contract at a much higher price. Our Treasurer has calculated, over the next three years, our gas bill will increase by £3000, based upon our current consumption. When we review hall hire charges in June/July is it very likely that rates will rise in January 2023. As always, we will do our best to keep our rates affordable and offer good value.

In 2019, it was our intention to refurbish the toilets and cloakroom, and due to the pandemic, work was postponed to 2021, then to 2022. Material prices are currently very high and so work will, once again, be postponed until 2023 (fingers crossed) when, hopefully, the price of materials will have started to come down and be less volatile.

We will still do some minor works & improvements this year, and it is our intention to replace all the radiator fire guards and the broken parking posts in the service road. Other works for the year include replacing the Barton Room fire exit & decluttering the Boiler Room.

We are changing our internet contract to a cheaper and improved package offering ultra-fast broadband speeds, and so a new hub will be needed, with a new password, which I will post on the noticeboard.

Managing the Village Hall is not always easy, and there are many rules & regulations that we have to abide by, some of our policies that we have adopted are on the internal noticeboard, and all are on our website Another policy that we must have – and we are currently drafting – is an Environmental Policy, which will require your support to make it work, Further details will be shared with you in due course.

And finally, thank you for using Fairfield Village Hall, creating a vibrant, multi-use venue that brings people together, provides purposeful activities that reduces social isolation, loneliness and improves mental & physical well-being.


Chairman – Fairfield Village Hall

Fairfield Village Hall COVID-19 update

On Wednesday 8th December, Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press briefing announcing that England will be moving to plan B.  The measures announced include:

  • From Friday 10 December, face coverings will become compulsory in most public indoor venues, such as cinemas, theatres and places of worship. There will be exemptions in venues where it is not practical to wear one, such as when you are eating, drinking or exercising.

As has been done over the past 19 months, the trustees will continue to put the safety of all hall users first.

With immediate effect at Fairfield Village Hall, please review and enforce your Covid Risk Assessment & Village Hall Covid Protocols, ensure all your users are using hand sanitiser, scan the QR code (or use a manual register) and maintain the required social distancing.  Unless persons in your group are actively taking part in an exempt activity, e.g. they are dancing, masks are to be worn.  If further measures are to be adopted, hall users will be notified.

Fortunately, Christmas will soon be here, a period when many of your activities do not take place.  Unless you hear from the Village Hall to do otherwise, the measures outlined above will continue in the new year.

If you feel, as a matter of safety for your users, that you wish to take a break from using the hall, the Hall trustees fully understand. 

The trustees of Fairfield Village Hall wish to thank all Hall Users for all that they are doing to help make our Hall safe for all users.  Let’s put on our Christmas lists to Santa, a return to the “new norm” that we have recently been getting used to.

New Website & Email Addresses for Village Hall

The new Village Hall website is live, to view visit

Contact Email addresses are:




Booking Secretary  


Fairfield Flicks is Back

After months of darkness, it’s Lights, Camera, Action as Fairfield Flicks, Bromsgrove’s Community Cinema, resumes screening movies, and a brilliant September schedule has been planned.

Starting Wednesday 15th September 7.30 pm, the feel-good movie of 2020, Military Wives, starring Kristin Scott Thomas, a comedy drama about a group of women who form a choir whilst their partners are away serving in Afghanistan, they quickly find themselves at the centre of a media sensation and global movement.

Next up is a Golden Oldie, Citizen Kane, on Wednesday 22nd September at 2.15pm, the 1941 film debut of a 25-year-old Orson Welles who created this enduring masterpiece, considered by many critics and filmmakers to be the greatest film ever made.  The drama centres on the rise and fall of a publishing magnate, Charles Foster Kane.

To end the month, Wednesday 29th September 7.30pm, a film released in June this year, Supernova, starring Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci.  Sam (Firth) and Tusker (Tucci) travel across England in their old campervan visiting friends, family and places from their past, following Tusker being diagnosed with young-onset dementia.

Fairfield Flicks movies are screened at Fairfield Village Hall (B61 9LZ), tickets £5.00 evening screenings and £4.00 afternoon screenings.  For further information and advance tickets sales visit

About Fairfield Flicks

Fairfield Flicks is a voluntary run Bromsgrove cinema experience showing top films for people to enjoy.  Our goal is to bring people together, to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Fairfield Flicks is a member of Cinema For All, Film Hub Midlands and registered with the Independent Cinema Office.

Fairfield Flicks is delivered by Fairfield Village Community Association ( with the support of Fairfield Village Hall.

Village Hall Covid-19 Update – 20th July

The Village Hall has received a letter from Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) regarding the removal of business restrictions that took place on 19th July.

The contents of their letter we must take seriously and it is strongly advisable that their instructions are followed, extracts are below:

  • “case rates in Worcestershire continue to climb with levels not seen since earlier this year, [WRS] expect to see businesses taking reasonable steps to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 infections.”
  • “you are required to risk assess your business activities, and introduce robust controls to prevent risks to health of your employees and your customers, including infection control.”
  • “you may wish to continue with social distancing and the appropriate use of face coverings within your business, as these are proven mechanisms to reduce the likelihood of onward transmission.”
  • “increasing ventilation within your venue, and consideration of applying the Government’s Vaccine Passport scheme as a means for accepting customers who are double vaccinated into your premises, are further appropriate controls that will limit the risk of transmission of the virus.”
  • “the health of the public continues to be of paramount importance and none of us would wish to see a repeat of hospitalisation and mortality levels over the past 18 months, or a return to further restrictions.”

As a Village Hall we take the safety of all users very seriously, and we adopt best practice to protect everyone that uses our facilities.

As users of the Village Hall, we strongly request that you adopt the advice that we have received.  We understand that further advice is due from ACRE to support Village Halls and Community Centres.

Even though the capacity for using the Hall is lifted, please continue to Covid-risk assess your activity/event, it may be that a responsible cap’ should be adopted for the event/activity that is taking place.  Please encourage people who are attending your event/activity to:

  • not enter the Village Hall if they have or display Covid-19 symptoms or when they should be isolating,
  • wear face coverings,
  • use the hand sanitiser,
  • “check in” with NHS Test and Trace Update (or use a register),
  • ventilate the building,
  • wipe down touched surfaces,
  • etc.

Should someone become infected with Covid-19 by attending an event/activity at Hall where the event/activity organisers has not taken reasonable steps to control the spread of a communicable infection, it is possible that the event/activity organiser could be held liable.

The trustees will continue to review our protocols and, should it be required, are not afraid to impose local restrictions for using the Village Hall.  We call on all Hall users to do their part for keeping our Hall safe for all the people that use it.

Village Hall Update – 7th July 2021

On the 5th July, The prime minister set out government plans to lift the remaining Covid restrictions in England.  He said that most legal restrictions and guidance in England should be removed from 19 July.

At a meeting of the Village Hall Committee that was held on Wednesday 7th July the trustees discussed their response to this announcement.

Subject to confirmation that Covid restrictions are lifted or amended the trustees have agreed that from 19th July the capacity restrictions at the Hall will be lifted.

Even though restriction may be lifted or eased, Covid-19 has not gone.  Hirers are asked to consider mitigating the potential spread of Covid, by delivering safe activities, which may include keeping windows open and restricting numbers.  The hand sanitiser station & anti-viral wipes in the foyer will remain available to all users of our facility.

The Trustees will continue to monitor local infection.  If we feel that we need to readopt measures that keeps our community facility Covid free the trustees will take the appropriate steps.


Members of the 200 club buy one or more numbers which go into a monthly draw. There are 200 numbers in total. The subscription is only £1 per month for each number. Over the course of the year £1500 is given out as prizes and the remainder (up to £900) goes into Fairfield Village Hall funds. Twice per year the top monthly prize is £200.

You may have been resident in the Fairfield area for a number of years and never got around to joining or you may be new to the village.

Either way, please consider giving your support by joining the 200 Club. Most members pay £12 annually for each number.

Further details and application forms can be found on the website  Alternatively, please contact the Administrator (details below).

If you wish to join the 200 Club, please take the completed form(s) and subscriptions to the Administrator or contact her and she will collect them.

The 200 Club Administrator is

Linda Garvin

83 Brook Road


01527 834935

Village Hall Repairs

As previously reported, subsidence was identified at the Village Hall in September 2018 and since then there has a been a period of monitoring by contactors appointed by the Village hall insurers.

Movement since 2018 has been very minor and repairs to the cracks in the Hall walls (the area where the tables and chairs are stored) is about to commence.

The Village Hall Committee have been notified that Messenger Construction have now been booked to repair the cracked walls, work commencing on 26th July 2021 and expected to be completed by 30th July 2021.

Work should not impact those hirers who will be using the Hall that week. Contractors have been informed, and will be reminded, that main hall, kitchen, toilets must be left clean, tidy and safe.

Fairfield 200 Club Update

Provided that there is no change in the roadmap out of lockdown, the monthly 200 Club draws will resume in May 2021.

Subscriptions already received have been brought forward.

The details of the time and location of the draw will be announced on the village community website ( nearer the time.

Linda Garvin, 200 Club Administrator (01527 834935)

Do you like movies? Help us deliver the Fairfield Flicks experience

To help take Fairfield Flicks forward, Fairfield Village Community Association (FVCA) are seeking someone to join the team as Fairfield Flicks coordinator, to help deliver our cinema programme that brings people together and helps reduce loneliness and social isolation.

Fairfield Flicks started in September 2019, at Fairfield Village Hall, and our audience feedback has been extremely positive, with many comments about the high-definition imagery and welcoming atmosphere.  One complaint – which was very complementary – was that the one film screening was too loud, it is what they would have expected at the cinema but not at a village hall.  Fairfield Flicks offers a cinematic experience.

The Fairfield Flicks programme includes Hollywood blockbusters, subtitled films for the elderly and for people with hearing impairments, children’s and autism friendly screenings and funding has been secured to start delivering golden oldie movies.

Supported by the FVCA Committee, the Fairfield Flicks co-ordinator will help schedule films and volunteer teams, keep up to date with film society news, develop our cinematic programme & market and help source grant funding. 

Our amazing team of volunteers set up the Hall for movie screenings, deliver front of house services and sell refreshments.  A licence has been obtained that will allow Fairfield Flicks to serve alcohol, which will enhance our audience experience. 

Would you like to help take Fairfield Flicks forward or do you know a movie enthusiast that would like to help deliver cinematic arts in the community?  To take on this role you do not have to live in Fairfield.

Like all members of FVCA and Fairfield Flicks team, the coordinator will be a volunteer with a love of community togetherness.


Interested in helping us, please email

Village Hall Unlock Update

Subject to their being no change to the Government’s Unlock Road Map, our own local assessment and full compliance with advice that is being issued, the trustees will resume the phased reopening of the Village Hall from 17th May, with Zumba & Taekwondo as part of Phase One (same as before).
Other regular hirers (e.g. Line Dancing) can be considered as part of our Stage Two phased reopening, which is expected to take place from 1st July, subject to their being a minimum of 1 hour between each Hall user to enable any overrun arising from Hall users cleaning the Hall.
With regard ad-hoc hires (Stage Three), provisional bookings will be accepted for non-Private parties and events/activities for no more than 40 people from the 1st August, with the caveat that bookings may be cancelled.
Trustees will regularly review the Village Hall unlock, and when it feels safe the Phase Four unlock will allow full use of the Hall. The requirement for a Covid Safe Risk Assessment remains unchanged, and strict adherence of Village Hall’s Covid Safe Protocols.

YOUR Village Hall is under THREAT

Without YOUR HELP the Hall may have to close

Welcome to Fairfield Village Hall

Opened in 1979, the current building replaced the wooden Church Hall that was built in 1926.

The Village Hall continues to serve the community as a place of recreation, education, and community gatherings. Regular activities that take place include:

  • Fairfield Flicks
  • Zumba
  • Taekwondo
  • Women’s Institute
  • Preschool
  • Fuchsia Roadshow
  • National Vegetable Society
  • Spring Lunch and Harvest Supper
  • Carols Around the Christmas Tree
  • Bingo
  • Line Dancing
  • Sequence Dancing
  • Charity Coffee Morning
  • Social Drop-ins & Interesting Speakers
  • Touring Theatre & Live Music
  • Produce & Flower Show
  • Community Gatherings
  • New Year’s Party

Managed by a team of volunteers, the Hall is in urgent need of more people to join the Committee of Management and to serve as a trustee.  Due to age or moving out the village, the current committee consist of 4 residents and 1 hirer. 

Over recent years, the Village Hall committee have overseen many projects that have enhanced our community building, including installation of HD projector & media system, replacement of the Hearing Loop, converting light fittings to LED, investment in a Heating Management system, refurbishment of the Oak Floor, resurfacing of car park entrance and installation of CCTV.

The Hall is in urgent need of volunteers to join the committee, to help manage and maintain our fantastic community asset.  Without your help the future of the Hall and its vibrancy is in doubt. Your time commitment is one meeting a month, plus whatever task you volunteer to assist with.

If you would like to help YOUR Village Hall, please email

Did you know it’s Village Halls Week 2021?

Fairfield Village Hall is managed by volunteers with activities that help enhance community cohesion and reduce loneliness & social isolation.
When restrictions are eased and it is deemed safe, we look forward to resuming user group activities and village events.
What activities and event have you missed over the past 12 months and which one community event are looking forward to?
If you would like to become a trustee and help manage our fantastic community asset email

Village Hall Update – 26th November 2020

Zumba & Taekwondo resumes at the Hall from Thursday 3rd December; along with Preschool, they will be the only users of the Village Hall. Trustees will review Hall usage in early 2021.

Trustees are following Government guidance, advice from ACRE & Insurers and are monitoring local infection rates.

This morning, Fairfield Village Hall received a visit from the Local Authority Covid Inspector.

At the time of his visit, the Hall was being used by Fairfield Preschool.

The Hall and Fairfield Preschool passed the inspection, our thanks to everybody that has helped delivered a Covid Safe facility.

200 Club Update

It is with regret that the temporary suspension of the monthly 200 Club draws has had to be extended. 

It had been planned to restart the draw in November but in view of the recently announced lockdown it has been decided to suspend the draws until the environment is more suitable. 

All subscriptions already received will be carried forward. The draws will start again as soon as it is reasonably practicable and safe to do so.

Linda Garvin, 200 Club Administrator (01527 834935)

Temporary Arrangement for 200 Club Draws

November sees the recommencement of 200 Club draws, giving members the opportunity to win up to £200.00.

As a temporary arrangement, whilst trustees meeting are being held remotely via Zoom, the monthly draw will take place during the first seven days of each month at Fairfield Café, with a member of the public witnessing each draw. 

We’re Good To Go

The strict Covid Safge protocols adopted by Fairfield Village Hall comply with the nationally recognised “We’re Good To Go” scheme, and the Hall has been accredited with the “We’re Good To Go” mark.

“We’re Good To Go” is the official UK mark to signal that a tourism and hospitality business has worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and has a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

The “We’re Good To Go” recognition will provide some reassurance for people wishing to attend activities at the Village Hall

Spot checks may take place to ensure compliance, so it is important that all Hall Users maintain the standards detailed within the Special Conditions of Hire and in the Hall & User Risk Assessments.   

Hirers that do not have a FVH approved Covid Risk Assessment and/or can demonstrate the delivery of a Covid Safe activity will not be allowed to use the Hall.

Funeral – Jack Eades

A private funeral for Jack Eades will take place at St. Mark’s on Friday 21st August, 11.30am

To comply with government guidelines only the family can enter Church Grounds during the service.

General Public are asked to remain on the footpath away from the gate, Socially Distanced.

The Village Hall car park will be open for people attending the service.

Would you like to give something back to your Community, but are busy?

Fairfield Village Hall is looking for people to become trustees.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday evening of each month, but it is not expected that you should attend every single one.  Currently, due to Covid-19, meetings are held via Zoom.

As part of a team, your role will be to manage the Village Hall; scrutinising business operations, ensuring that the Hall is safe and financially sound and to give direction. 

You will not be expected to know everything, we are all learning.  What is important is having an enquiring mind.

The only condition – You must live in Fairfield, Wildmoor or Stoneybridge.


For an informal chat, give Conrad a call, Email or telephone 01527 833583 (evenings best).

Could you knock on your neighbours doors?

Volunteers are needed to help collect 200 Club subscriptions.

We are short of volunteers and urgently need helpers to visit 200 Club subscribers. 

This is a flexible opportunity, get to know your neighbours and visit them once a month, quarter or annually.

For further information, please contact Linda Garvin (200 Club Administrator), 83 Brook Road, or email

200 Club Update

It is hoped, later in the Autumn, that the 200 Club draws will recommence.

The Village Hall committee will be considering resuming the 200 Club at their September trustees’ meeting.

A decision will be based on several factors, including whether it is safe for volunteers to visit properties to collect subscriptions; some people pay monthly, some quarterly, some annually. 

Any subscriptions that have been paid in advance of the last draw will be carried forward. Our Collectors will be calling to other subscribers, to enable them to pay their subscriptions for future draws.

Not a Member

Why not join?

There is a monthly draw with top prizes ranging from £25.00 to £200.00.

It’s only £1.00 a month, maximum 200 members and you will be helping the Village Hall.

Interested?  Download an application form from or contact Linda Garvin (200 Club Coordinator), 83 Brook Road.

Village Hall Subsidence

In late Summer 2018 cracks were spotted in the wall (front right hand side) at the Village Hall, and the Hall insurers were notified.  They arranged for a Structural Engineer to visit the Hall who confirmed that the cracks were the result of subsidence.  After some investigation, which involved soil samples being taken and analysed, the conclusion was reached by the Insurers that the cause was soil shrinkage due to roots of the nearby trees.  Over the past 18 months, monthly monitoring of the cracks has taken place by appointed specialists and further movement has been observed.

The Village Hall trustees understand that discussions are now taking place between the Insurers, Bromsgrove District Council and the owner of the adjacent land as to what tree works maybe necessary to prevent further damage to property. 

At this point in time, we have been given no indication as to when the repairs to the Hall will commence.

Fairfield Village Hall Covid-19 Update (15th July)

This notice is to share with you details on how we intend to deliver a safe Village Hall for all our users.

Fairfield Village Hall is a multi-purpose use facility and we have adopted protocols that will help ensure that our venue is safe for you and for all our Hall users.

We have adopted protocols that comply with the letter and spirit of Government guidelines and we have taken advice from ACRE (who provide national village hall support) and our insurers.  Some of our Hall Users may hire other venue as well as ours.  Some venues may have interpreted Government guidance differently.  The notice details protocols and documents that we have adopted; written by ACRE, adapted to reflect our Hall.

As you know, the Government guidance does change. The local and national infection (R) rate will determine local and national response to contain Covid-19.  Therefore, our protocols and conditions of use are subject to change.  This notice was correct as at 15th July 2020.

There are 5 key points to help stop the spread of Covid-19:

  • Minimise contact with individuals who are unwell: Nobody should attend the premises if they have symptoms or are self-isolating due to symptoms in their household.
  • Clean your hands often: Sanitiser can be found in the foyer and soap, running water and paper towels in the toilets kitchen.
  • Respiratory hygiene: Everyone needs to be encouraged to avoid touching their mouth, eyes, and nose. Tissues need to be disposed of into a bin, then hands cleaned. “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” .
  • Regular cleaning of surfaces that are touched frequently: including door handles, handrails, tabletops, sinks, toilet areas, kitchen surfaces. Cleaning products are provided and can be found in the Cleaning Cupboard.  Disinfectant spray and wipes can be found in the foyer.
  • Maintain social distancing where possible: Social distancing guidelines currently require at least 2 metres (3 steps) to be maintained between individuals and groups of up to 2 households where possible and, where not possible, 1metre plus other mitigation measures.

Use of Hall Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  The Village Hall chairs have upholstered backs and seats, are they safe to use?

A:  It is all a matter of risk assessment. The emphasis is on cleaning frequently touched surfaces and cleaning hands regularly. The chairs tend to be touched less frequently than, for example, tabletops, door, and toilet handles.  Ask your volunteers/users to be extra vigilant about regular use of hand sanitiser, especially before getting out and stowing these chairs.  They may wish to use gloves when handling chairs.


All documents relating to the Use of Hall Instructions must be read and understood before we will consider permitting any use of the Village Hall.  Any Group that does not comply with instructions given will be told to leave the Hall.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Village Hall Chair of Trustees (Conrad Palmer)

Fairfield Village Hall Covid-19 Update (2nd July)

Even though the Prime Minister has said that Community Centres (Village Halls) could open from 4th July there are, at the time of writing this piece, many caveats, including but not exclusively the restriction on physical activities, maximum occupancy of 30, music at a level that does not encourage people to raise their voices or dance, etc.  These restrictions currently prevent many activities & events taking place at our Village Hall.
The trustees of Fairfield Village Hall are following the guidance given by the Government and the advice issued by our insurers and advisors.  Use of the Hall will only be allowed if the activity/event is permitted, risk assessed and can be delivered adhering to the Hall’s Covid Secure protocols, Special Conditions of Use, Hall Risk Assessment and an approved Hirer Risk Assessment.  We are in an uncertain times where guidance and advice is changing, therefore, Village Hall protocols and documents are subject to change and organisers of events/activities must be prepared that bookings may be cancelled if guidance and advice from Government, Acre, Insurers, Public Health England and other bodies changes or if the trustees feel that delivery of the activity/event is not compliant with Village Hall protocols and Risk Assessments.
The Hall Trustees are taking a cautious, phased approach to reopening our hall to permitted activities, to ensure that we have a safe venue for all our users & volunteers. 
If you have any questions, please get in touch with Hall Chairman

Village Hall Covid-19 Update (24th June 2020)

The latest Government guidance on the further easing of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions from 4 July 2020 gives more details than yesterday lunchtime’s announcement from the Prime Minister.  It would appear that “The government strongly advises against community centres opening for indoor fitness and sport activity.  Further guidance coming soon.”

The Government has announced that Nightclubs are to remain closed and have issued guidance to pubs & social clubs regarding playing of music:

“All venues should ensure that steps are taken to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other. This includes, but is not limited to, refraining from playing music or broadcasts that may encourage shouting, including if played at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult. This is because of the potential for increased risk of transmission, particularly from aerosol transmission. We will develop further guidance, based on scientific evidence, to enable these activities as soon as possible. You should take similar steps to prevent other close contact activities, such as communal dancing.”

The Village Hall would not be surprised if this guidance appears in the guidance for Community Centres, which hopefully will soon be issued by the Government.

Village Hall Covid-19 Update (23rd June 2020)

The Prime Minister has announced (Tuesday 23rd June) that Community Centres may reopen from 4th July.
The trustees at Fairfield Village Hall are currently considering guidance that they have recently received from their  Village Hall Advisors and they are expecting further guidance from the Government.
As a responsible Village Hall, the Hall trustees want a safe venue for all, which will require strict management protocols that they will have to follow and rules that users and visitors will have to abide by.
Some regular users have indicated their desire to restart using the Village Hall.  For now, no one can use the Hall without the trustees’ approval.  Approval will be given based on a risk assessment of the activity, vulnerability of users and that control measures are in place to reduce the likelihood of Coronavirus transmission.  
As soon as is possible, a further update will be provided.  It could be that the Village Hall will operate a phased return, with some groups being able to use the group from 4th July and others at a later date.  If the trustees do adopt a phased return, this will help monitor and evaluate delivery in ensuring that they have the control measures to deliver a safe Village Hall for all.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Hall Chairman

Coronavirus: 200 Club

Whilst there are restrictions and to protect volunteer collectors and you our supporters, especially the elderly and vulnerable, the 200 Club will be suspended.

There will be no monthly draws and any advanced payments received will be carried over.

As soon as contact restrictions are relaxed, we will be back collecting subscriptions and drawing some winning numbers.

Charity Coffee Morning & Posh Cake Competition

On Saturday 5th October, there will be a Charity Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support & YANA (You Are Not Alone Mental Health Charity), between 10am- 12pm at Fairfield Village Hall.

At the coffee morning we will be holding a ‘posh cake’ competition (the equivalent of the Great British Bake Off ‘showstopper’). After the judging, the entries will be sold for a small donation.  Entries for this competition will be taken in between 10am -10.30am.

During the morning we will also be holding a raffle. Any items that you are willing to donate will be greatly received.

This event has been organized by Fairfield Village Community Association and Halesowen & Hagley Farmers’ Club with the support of Fairfield Village Hall.

Please come and support this great event.

The Movies Come to Fairfield

A partnership of Fairfield Village Hall and Fairfield Village Community Association have launched Fairfield Flicks, a voluntary run cinema experience showing top films for the community to enjoy.

During August, at a cost of over £7000, a high-quality High Definition projector, media player and sound system has been installed at Fairfield Village Hall; funded by the village Hall and Belbroughton & Fairfield Village Parish Council.  Films will be shown on the Hall’s existing 5 metre wide screen.

To mark the Village Hall’s 40th Anniversary, Fairfield Flicks was launched on the 18th September with a special screening of Fisherman’s Friends. 

The schedule for October and November:

23rd October                    2.00pm                The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (12A)

30th October                    11.00am              Harvey and the Magic Museum (U)

30th October                    7.30pm                Five Feet Apart (12A)

20th November                7.30pm                The Hustle (12A)

27th November                2.00pm                Hidden Figures (PG)

Ticket prices are affordable, all daytime tickets are £3.00 each and for evening shows the price is £5.00 each.   Refreshments will be available, at for a nominal charge.  Doors open 30 minutes before each film showing.

Spokesperson for Fairfield Flicks, Conrad Palmer, said “This collaborative venture to bring the big screen to the village hall will enhance community cohesiveness and reduce social isolation amongst people living within our local and wider community.  We are all excited and we hope the people of Bromsgrove and the surrounding area enjoy our cinema experience.”

Fairfield Village Hall is located on Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, postcode B61 9LZ.  There is free parking behind the Village Hall and at the village Recreation Ground.  Further details can be found on the Community association’s website,

Fairfield Flicks coming soon

With the help of Cinema for All and Film Bank we will bring some fantastic films to the Village Hall, including some recent releases.

The aim is for two films to be shown each month; third Wednesday at 7.30pm and fourth Wednesday at 2pm. There will be a children’s film during the Autumn half-term break, 11am.

Ticket prices per person: Evenings £5.00; Afternoons & Children’s £3.00 – cheaper than Empire Cinema (Rubery) and the Artrix (Bromsgrove).

Autumn’s films are being finalised with Film Bank and we should be revealing the Autumn schedule in the next few days.

The projector & speakers that are being installed at the Hall are of excellent quality.

Please support Fairfield Flicks.

Village Hall Gates

In response to anti-social behaviour and illegal activities, which has involved the police, the Village Hall trustees will be installing gates at the entrance & exit to the car park and parking post in the service road.

Gates will only to be opened for the duration of the hire period and will be locked at the end of each hire. This will prevent unauthorised vehicles accessing the car park and deter anti-social & illegal activities, which have included drug dealing.

To restrict vehicle movements during a hire period, hirers will be allowed to shut the gates.

With several users reporting near misses of vehicles using the service road to do a “u-turn” and an intervention by the local police, posts will be installed prohibiting vehicle access. The posts will only be retracted for emergency vehicles or with the authorisation of the trustees.

The Village Hall trustees appreciate that the gates may inconvenience some motorists, however, our duty is to provide a safe venue for Hall users.