Long Shot

Long Shot

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1 athletic and engaging master-juggler versus lots of wacky contraptions firing balls at him – he’s going to need help from his audience! Surprises galore in this clever family show that guarantees big smiles.

“The show is one of the most intricate forms of circus entertainment I have ever encountered ….I left the theatre smiling from ear to ear” What’s On Stage (previous show)

“So funny it made my face ache” Audience

This is a chance to book an internationally award-winning circus / physical theatre company who are often to be seen in street theatre festivals but also do a great line in theatre shows. This impressive one-man show has been developed especially for rural touring (and the company have toured to rural venues in the past). It’s especially suitable for a mixed age family audience to enjoy.

What marks this company as different from a standard ‘juggling act’ are their terrific bespoke contraptions which look like things created for TV’s The Crystal Maze or QI. You can get a really good idea of these Heath Robinson goodies in the video trailer for the show.

In a nutshell, it’s a skilfully and engagingly performed stripped-back circus show involving these handmade remote-controlled contraptions, comedy and juggling. The first half is all about Matt the performer interacting with these machines – a sort of twangy device like a giant Mouse Trap game which catapults balls he must catch and keep juggling, a blowy machine that lets the balls hover and many more. Matt doesn’t speak, but his enthusiasm is infectious and there’s a great soundtrack to the action.

In the second half you get a behind the scenes look at this low-tech wizardry as Matt takes you on a tour of how the show and the props were designed and created with springs, wood, elastic bands and more. This part of the show will delight anyone who’s into inventive DIY and may inspire your audience to go home and have a go themselves.

Tickets on sale early February 2019.