Another Man’s Shoes

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Fairfield W.I. Open Evening with Guest Speaker ELLIE SOMME. £3 inc. refreshments. 

Another Man’s Shoes

Written using her maiden name of Somme, Ellie Targett travels on an emotional journey following the route taken by her father 60 years before her, fleeing to freedom from the Nazis…

‘Another Man’s Shoes’ is a gripping first-hand account of a Norwegian scientists’ escape from German custody, during the Second World war, after his arrest for spying.

In his story, written just after the war, Sven Somme vividly describes his 200-mile trek across the mountains, pursued by German soldiers, in a bid to reach Sweden, and freedom, in 1944.

Sixty years later, his daughter, Ellie, set out on foot with her sister to retrace their father’s flight from Nazi-occupied Norway, meeting some of the people who helped him along the way.

She recounts the emotional moment when a pair of her father’s shoes, exchanged for mountain boots, were returned to her by one family who sheltered him along the way.

She also pays tribute to her uncle Iacob, who was also arrested and later executed.

‘Another Man’s Shoes’ has a forward written by Ray Mears – a well-known TV presenter who also runs his own company teaching bushcraft and survival skills.

He says “Another Man’s Shoes vividly captures the atmosphere of life in occupied Norway during WW2.

“Lovers of nature and the free outdoors life, Norwegians were never going to be willingly oppressed.

“In this moving account of the courage, determination and self-sacrifice exhibited by the Norwegian resistance movement, I found a timely reminder of how important it remains to oppose tyranny and dictatorship.” f